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Three years later, or in the distant future, when people recall the glory of the 1990’s rock music, Hollywood film brilliant, whether it will mention such a name, “Hugo – Lancaster”, and whether Sigh again and again,

“I think that year, I experienced Hugo creating a miracle of that era.” On January 14, 1992, Hugo – Lancaster in the twelfth Golden Raspberry Award was in tears while receiving his first worst actor award. From there on,he became the first person to receive the Golden Raspberry Award on the scene for his character,leaving an indelible mark on the annals of history.

However, since then, Hugo has embarked on a very different path, opened his enough to be included in the annals of life. His name is destined to become music history and film history, the most shining of a sign. Rock and roll in 1993, the film masterpiece gathered in 1994, Hugo – Lancaster’s name, impressively became one of the members can not be ignored.

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WhiteMamba rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I read the MTL, and if possible want to translate it if somebody knew how to do it.

Really love it, but too much explanation and slow development, lot of unnecesary plot that can be skipped. But overall love the detailed character relationship.

One more, I really love the heroine. They are lover at first but became ambigue friend and now ready for further relationship but the novel ended. The trajectory of heroine is drasticly changed from the real world and the "South African Iceberg" become "South African Sunshine" in this novel

Lol... more>> adios konichiwa <<less
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madghost rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: C1157
[Edit:- it's a shame of literature to even call this thing a novel. It's not the the story of Hugo Lancaster, Its a professors class dairy for the Hugo Lancaster story. It's a f*cking report book.]

When I first started to read this I questioned why no one is translating this novel.

But after reading this far I got the answer.

The author has a thing for explaining stuff, so much that it gets side tracked for 2-10 chapters everytime this happens. At first couple hundred chapter it feels ok because it deepens... more>> the caracter.

But as I continue to read it becomes a torture for me. Of the 800chapter I read at least 150 chapters are completely explanations. There is no relation with the story with these chapters.

I dont know why but there are some point where we are told about some song, person or a company and the author felt the need to explain about it for 10 chapter. Mind you those 10 straight chapter has no relation with caracter development or the plot whatsoever.

Then there maybe around 100 or more chapters where the author feels we need to know what newspapers wrote for 10 chapters straight.

Then there are chapters where characters are talks one or two sentence and the rest are explanations that continues for 2-3 chapter.

Honestly the main reason I was reading this novel was because the caracter details and the interactions between them are really great in this one. The author has the talent for this. The overall plot and story of this novel is a plus too.

But the author ditched the both good quality's of this novel around 750 chapter. At least there were some plot and dialogue between characters before that and the exposition chapters were skippable.

After chapter 750s the author just gave up trying. It's just straight exposition chapters.

For convenience this chart

For ch1 - ch700 = 40%plot + character development, 40%complete explanation chapter, 20% both with explanation majority.

After ch700 = 1%plot +character development, 99% utter bullsh*t explanation in every chapter.

I have confidence that once those useless explanations are reduced this over 2000 chapter novel will not get over 500 chapter.

I haven't read a novel that wanted me to question what the author is thinking as much as this novel after skipping 10 straight chapters of bullsh*t explanation multiple time.

But nonetheless this one will be a torture for the readers. <<less
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