Superstar and Ordinary People


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This was a story of a bunny rabbit who wanted to earn a fortune. He accidentally entered the entertainment industry and met a big wolf who was eager to eat rabbit meat. In addition to the wolf and the rabbit, there was a pair of planned CPs and also a pair of unplanned CPs.

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02/14/19 Crescent Moon c10
01/17/19 Crescent Moon c9
12/13/18 Crescent Moon c8
11/15/18 Crescent Moon c7
08/30/18 Crescent Moon c6
08/17/18 Crescent Moon c5
07/31/18 Crescent Moon c4
07/29/18 Crescent Moon c3
07/18/18 Crescent Moon c2
07/11/18 Crescent Moon c1
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New Scaranpannoir rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: c9
AHAHAHAH OMG I'm like 9 chapters in and my stomach already hurts from trying to keep back my laughter; this is hilarious.

Not sure why the MC is like that, as in, sort of retarded, I apologise for those who feel offended by my choice of words, but it's true. It's only because of his retardedness that I'm saying that this is pure comedy XD (tho idk about the rest of the story, not yet at least.)

This type of story might annoy some people, as it's not one of those... more>> types of stories where the MC is pure and naive and literally does not understand what lyfe truly is (like I swear), it's not the showbiz novel where the MC is acting stupid while in his head he'll be calculating so many things at once, the MC is just... Yeah.

If you're a fan of comedy and love all sorts of comedy, do give this a try. It is hilarious. :3 <<less
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January 8, 2019
Status: c8
I'm wavering between a three and a four right now because I can't tell if the MC is 1. As naive and stupid as he seems, or if 2. He just marches to the beat of a different drummer. I can't really tell at this point and it's way too early to rate it anyways. I really hope its number 2 and not number 1.
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