Superficial Brothers


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“Don’t talk nonsense, our relationship is great.”

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    03/03/23 Title In Progress c7-8 (end)
    03/03/23 Title In Progress c5-6
    02/28/23 Title In Progress c3-4
    02/24/23 Title In Progress c1-2
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    JaiXie rated it
    March 4, 2023
    Status: Completed
    I don't know if this can still be called shounen ai. There wasn't even a hint of romance between them. They are just like regular friends who care for each other. One sees the other as a competitor, while the other just sees him as a friend. Maybe it is because of his inferiority complex, but even so, they still care for each other, as it shows in the last part.

    I really like the translation quality, it's easy to understand and the translator put footnotes to make it more understandable... more>> since there are some Chinese slang I'm not familiar with. Kudos to the translator for doing a great job!

    PS. This was supposed to be a five-star review but I can't edit the stars tsk tsk. <<less
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    twobada rated it
    March 4, 2023
    Status: --
    I don't know how to rate this because their romance and even friendship, if there was any, felt too vague to even call it friendship.

    If anything, just a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood stemming from the various factors tying them up together?

    The whole thing feels like an introduction to a more complete webnovel.

    But I'll just give it a 5* for the translation.
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