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A good-for-nothing man married a beautiful girl but was kicked off the bed on the wedding night. Furiously, he wrote a bill of divorce and ran away.
He was schemed a car accident in which he nearly lost his life. However, it turned out to be a blessing. He swallowed the soul that passed through the outer world, thus obtained superb medical skills and martial arts.
Later on, with the silver needles and invincible martial arts, he embarked on the road of counterattacks and was committed to his great dreams.

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New zacolamp rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: c200
It was okayish in nature. Wife did not like her husband from forced / arranged marriage and all the stuffs of trash MC became super strong after the rejection at the bridal bed.

Not too good but also not too bad. What I like about it was the events happen while MC was away too not like many novel while everything trigger once MC arrives at that place.

Why read?

Nothing much to say, same transmigration stuffs but only difference is that instead of MC dying and got his body occupied... more>> by other soul he destroyed the soul and obtained his memory and knowledge.

He got women all over the places those who like / love / want to have him for themselves. Huge harem potential if you into it. [I like harem stuff in general but in this novel I don't like the harem much]

Why not to read?

Same stuff as common transmigration / isekai stuffs, feels bore now.[Fun little time pass nothing more than that]

MC's character flaws. His character has way too many flaws -

  1. He is too much impulsive on his own
  2. He does not plan for anything, basically an idiot who inherited the memory of a genius
  3. He got a treasure of photographic memory but hardly uses it.
  4. He got so many cultivation techniques but trains in too little in them, no progression in the potential of the medical field / medicine field
  5. He only love to fight it seems for god knows the reason.
  6. He is weak against beauties, even if they betray him he will forgive them even help them. Really ?? Eg- his ex wife Ye siyu
  7. No proper knowledge accumulation, just use the herbs and get power up that's all he do.
I still read it as it is quite small and easy entertainment material that's all. I love the idea of some event happen while MC was out of town but all important event trigger after he came back that is a real flaw.

Just it is quite poor review so giving it 4/5. But in true sense it is worth 3/5 at best (Due to again the same nationality ideology thing though it is only limited to the country it self so quite bearable to read) <<less
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Domar rated it
January 26, 2019
Status: c11
A decent series. Main character is your normal loser that doesn't pay attention in school, one day an old man approaches and pays him to marry his daughter. She's an extreme beauty that just finished studying martial arts.

Honestly, his only interactions with her are very biased towards himself. Its all "Why won't she kiss me?" "Why is she acting cold?" "Why did she beat me up when I tried to jump in bed with her?" She comes off as a manipulative and black hearted person at first, but after reading... more>> through a second time she seems more like a victim of circumstance. Imagine you've just finished studying hard, suddenly your father commands you to marry some guy you've never seen or heard of before, and he won't stop trying to get in your pants. I think anyone would get pissed off at that.

He suddenly gains a lifetime's worth of martial arts manuals and medical expertise after almost dying, then spends his days cultivating, face smacking, and chasing after girls. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c70
Not sure how to rate this other than Meh.

The writing and story are pretty much just cliche after cliche of wish fulfillment. Things are resolved too quickly, problems pop up that are almost nonsensical, and there are just really cheap resolutions to everything. The story doesn't hold enough meaning to get invested in and the characters are all so shallow and thin that cardboard feels like it's being too generous of a descriptor.

Not exactly a good read unless you've exhausted everything else and just want some good ole wish fulfillment.
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Yoburi rated it
July 24, 2019
Status: --
This is a ok Xianxia of modern but make no mistake the female the MC marry is 100% trash first of all they maried because her dad ask her to and the MC saw her half naked on the wedding night and decide to consume the mariage she beat him almost to death and even mock him and right after that her boyfriend murder the MC inside of a buss killing off 30 people just so he can have that female to himself.

So the woman not only doesn't care about... more>> the MC but even have another man and wanted him death so Domar you say she is ok? If killing 30 people just to get rid of the MC is fine I wish you good luck with the ladys. <<less
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bloobloo rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c41
I'd give this one a skip. Completely illogical scenarios, topped off with incredibly unlikable characters. Girl shows up? She's either gonna be a complete psycho, or be held hostage for MC to save. Guy shows up? Most likely an enemy who's gonna attempt to r*pe said girls.

On that note, MC has no good qualities. He's a complete loser. An old man says "Yo here marry my daughter plz". He immediately attempts to consummate the marriage. I honestly pity the girl. No one would be okay with being forced to marry... more>> some pathetic oaf you've never met. Ofc she's a bit*h as well, but no different than every other person inhabiting these insane worlds.

Also that other reviewer said she tried to kill 30 people, which if I'm remembering correctly isn't how it went down. That was something that dude decided on by himself. So she's innocent from that. But later on she does try to kill MC, and even lies and tries to rob his treasure. <<less
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