Super Mutant Evolution


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In the era of the starry skies, Lin Shen, who his family treated as nothing more than a tool for procreation to continue the family bloodline, accidentally discovered a pet egg that seemed to be pixelated.

After a night’s sleep, the pixelation on the pet egg disappeared, and some new information appeared in his mind. A failed Super Mutant Evolution Seed—Seven Steps Combat: Beyond seven steps, the gun is faster; within seven steps, I am faster.

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Date Group Release
07/22/24 BOTI Translation c86
07/21/24 BOTI Translation c85
07/20/24 BOTI Translation c84
07/20/24 BOTI Translation c83
07/19/24 BOTI Translation c82
07/19/24 BOTI Translation c81
07/18/24 BOTI Translation c80
07/18/24 BOTI Translation c79
07/17/24 BOTI Translation c78
07/17/24 BOTI Translation c77
07/16/24 BOTI Translation c76
07/16/24 BOTI Translation c75
07/15/24 BOTI Translation c74
07/15/24 BOTI Translation c73
07/14/24 BOTI Translation c72
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