Sundering Nature


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To be is to have a soul. The soul begets a will. Wills accumulate into mysterious psychic forces, weaving secret domains within the fabric of reality.

Li Yiming, a gentle and kind-hearted person, was embroiled in this secret facade of reality against his will. Was it a coincidence, or was it preordained by fate? Dao techniques, artifacts, fantastic beasts, supernatural abilities… Within these secret domains governed by Heavenly Laws, his true identity incites great suspicion from all. A plan concocted for millennia — will he be the one to derail Heaven’s laws, or the one to sunder Nature’s fetters?

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Jarrow rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: --
A rare, well thought out, well described CN novel. Beware that this will require some thought on the part of the reader, and is not a good candidate for chapter-by-chapter reading; a binge is therefore recommended. While I may disagree with several of the characters actions in context, I also have to admit that their actions are consistent with their culture and personalities, which makes this a very enjoyable and educational alternate-context read for those of us not from China. Heartily recommended. It's also fairly short (300 chapters - I... more>> need to reindex 'short' to a different baseline ;), and completed by the author, so we have a chance of seeing the end of the novel, which is practically on the level of quilins and phoenixes. :)

Edit as of Nov 2018:

The number of 1 star reviews has exceeded the number of 5 star reviews, not because of the quality of the story, but because of the demographics of NU. This is not a endless xianxia power trip, nor a violent psycho-slaughterfest, nor a mindless cardboard YY harem collection - this is an actual novel, with evolving characters, plot progression, and a requirement of a moderate IQ on behalf of the reader. Kudos to the translator for being good enough to bring all that across into english. <<less
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Timid rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: v6
I should like this, but I don't. The main problem is Li Yiming the main character. He's good natured and dumb as a brick, and is constantly being saved by plot miracles. Or a companion sacrificing themselves to save him, like a bad shounen Anime. Which is annoying, but not an absolute game changer. As the general writing and translation are quite good. However, he is constantly screwing things up and his very presence seems to endanger the innocent people around him. An entire city is wiped out because of... more>> him. Another city destroyed. Also, his friends and companions are screwed over royally by being involved with him. It's become a running theme that pretty much all the danger and death can be traced back to either bad decisions he's made, or just by him being there. It seems I can stand a MC who indiscriminately kills, or assaults a woman if it serves a plot point. But watching a good-natured fool inadvertently doing the same thing, or allowing it to happen really gets my goat. Who knew? <<less
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Bond000 rated it
January 31, 2019
Status: v3c8
Beautifully translated tr*sh. It's like gold covered poop, it only looks nice.

The MC is terrible. Up until the part I've read, he hasn't gotten over his ex-girlfriend and continues to look out for her even after she betrayed him. The author will continue to bring up the theme of "moving on" but keeps inserting this bit*h into the story.

If JP mc's are beta, this guy is on another level. It's a shame because the story would basically be 5/5 if he was cool. If shitty mc's are an insta-drop for... more>> you, then avoid this novel or prepare to be angered a lot.

CONCEPT: Unique and refreshing. Actually quite good

EXECUTION: Good, except for the MC and certain other characters

STORY: Interesting, a good blend of mystery and action

WORLDBUILDING: Done quite well without a lot of cliches

TECHNIQUE/WRITING STYLE: Quite poetic (without being up its own ass) and the translation does it justice

TRANSLATION: Some of the best I've seen. Annotations explaining cultural significance and things like that. The english vocab used is pretty extensive so that the story doesn't come across as simple and retains some of the poetic flair that was probably intended in its original language.

CHARACTERS: tr*sh. Shit. Garbage. Especially the MC who is one of the worst I've read out of many novels. This alone gives the story -10000 <<less
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elRouge rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: v3c23
im going to give you my quick review about this

this novel so far is good and well written

i wont say much coz it will spoil this novel

... more>> the character, story line, and interaction is well fleshed out (i'll give them all 4, 5/5)

there are some that dissatisfied by MC's action but what more can we say? it's just show who he truly is, hard working and a good guy (even to the degree you want to smack some sense into him) *sigh*what could I say love is an ambigue thing after all. but that's his character and he sticks to it and we can see him beginning to change (so far I say its nill but lets bet, for a novel with a pretty decent chapter his going to.... right?)

like I said other's character is fleshed out not some 2d character they all have their own strong point as well pro and con

for translation I will give it (5/5) by their sheer quality and the reminder (hmm... should I call this?) about the background of some character and detail cause even thou there is sci-fi tag up there, there are still strong connection to chinese culture

so give it a try!this one at least worth your time

i'll give you the translator synopsis for this novel if you still hesitating (i personally cant glimpse about the story from the synopsis above)

(credit for Rotten Translations team from Volarenovels)


On the lowest day of his life, Li Yiming receives a key that opens the door to another world. He joins the ranks of Guardians, blessed children of Heaven's Laws whose task is to eradicate Secret Domains, bubbles within reality encapsulating fantasies from your wildest dreams. Mythical beasts, Dao techniques, superpowers... The possibilities are boundless.

However, Li Yiming differs from his colleagues. His very existence among them is a mistake. Is it a simple coincidence, or is he but a pawn in a much greater scheme?

A novel about the growth of an ordinary protagonist, an introspection about what it means to do the right thing, and a window offering a glimpse into the vastness of Chinese culture


sorry if there is any word that offends you all!thanks for seeing my review <<less
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ATorturedReader rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: --
This series is about a loser and his pitiful journey to have a girlfriend. The fantasy/augmented reality setting serves to give unnecessary troubles (MC could avoid everything) and add some action spice/CN mumbo jumbo.
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Rath rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: v4
I really liked volume 1 and if I rated from there I would have given the novel 5 stars.

The biggest issue I have with this novel is the dumb protagonist that single-handedly ruined this novel for me. The author really goes out of his way to f*ck up the MC's dialogue, I honestly cringed every time he talks. It's mostly from how he repeats things people say to him as a question or surprise, this wouldn't be bad if it was every once in a while but its almost every... more>> conversation. Then he also doesn't speak in complete sentences and/or is always interrupted, all this comes together to make him feel like an idiot. Maybe if he ever said something intelligent it wouldn't be so bad.

Next is that the protag doesn't attempt to learn his abilities without someone forcing him or some bullsh*t coincidence pushing him in the right direction. Worst of all he never tests his speed and strength or tries to adapt to it. Most of this can be attributed to the author rushing the plot but it does make the protag seem even dumber when his life is on the line and he doesn't even think that he should be proactive in learning how to survive.

The side characters and the power system is what allowed me to read to Volume 4, it is also is the reason I kept the rating at 3 stars instead of going lower. If you arent distracted by the protag like I am, I'm sure you will love this novel. <<less
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CloudDaoist rated it
November 23, 2018
Status: v5c15
Those who give this one star definitely have sh** taste.. Please ignore them..

This novel is absolute masterpiece compared with tr*sh xianxia novel out there. Trust me, I've been reading web novel since NUF didn't even exist back then. Sundering Nature really have a fresh and unique story. Mystery element is done very well, make me curious and giving me a lot of goosebumps. Those who rate this one star must not even complete volume 1 yet.

The beginning might look cliche with betrayal thing and arrogant young master villain, then MC... more>> meet with super high level guy that change his future.. That's just the prolouge, the way the story progress is unique, Arrgghh just read it..

I'm not good with writing, so I can't explain the awesomeness of this novel.. MUST READ !!

(MC plot armor is really thick, though) <<less
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celestiallion rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: v8c14
This novel is amazing, that's all I can say, I rarely review novel unless it's really good and I really enjoy it. World buildings and characters are fleshed out throughout time. At the start MC might seem weak and pathetic, but believe me that there's more to the MC. The MC himself is shrouded in mystery and until v8c14, MC's true identity or role isn't really confirmed. So, don't worry about those reviews that paint the MC as weak and pathetic because of his EX-GF, the whole thing about his... more>> Ex-GF is already given closure in later volumes, the other reviewers just don't read far enough.

To give a glimpse to the novel, the novel is about "Guardians" given missions by "Heaven's will", all the missions are done inside "domain" which is the same, but different than the "reality" at the same time. Just remember that the MC is in the middle of this all and has a very significant impact to these "guardians", especially in later volumes. That's all I can say without spoiling the novel. So, what are you waiting for? Go binge read! <<less
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sleib rated it
July 6, 2019
Status: v6c16
Amazing novel. This one of the best among currently translating ones. And MC is not pathetic wimp unlike what some reviews claimed, he overcomes the betrayal and moves forward, while not becoming crazy about revenge. You see his character grow both mentally and physically. The novel has good action, mystery and normal dose of romance. I don't know wtf people who gave this novel 1 star read.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Redmi rated it
March 2, 2018
Status: v2c18
As I read this novel, I can't help but saw quite a lot of similarities with The Monogatari Series.

MC is Ararararararagi and Bai Ze is Snail's personality combined with Shinobu's role. That's a big plus for me. Crab has already been ditched by the MC. MC now is playing around with oppai Monkey. No cats or snakes or the others for the time being.

Plot of this novel is iffy at best, and the world setting isn't fully fleshed out yet. But MC's character strength, comedy and most importantly, the interactions... more>> between MC and Bai Ze starting from volume 2 more than makes up for it. Plenty of potential from this novel tha I look forward to in the future. <<less
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manzikennedy rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: --
There's one reason everybody hates this novel. The MC is a netorare simp. A true simp, and the author will force the cheating ex into the story by any means. Whether by making her new boyfriend super evil, whether she gets some cheat or the simp can't let go. That's poor characterization on the author's part. But for a webnovel, I rate it 4.5 stars. It's not that the characters aren't fleshed out, they just don't resonate with the audience.

i actually liked how it started. It reminded me of American... more>> Gods. Actually, the plot seems to be similar but, oh well. <<less
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fangyuan rated it
January 3, 2021
Status: Completed
A novel that I regretted not reading earlier as I was turned off by the NTR tag. Turns out, the NTR in the novel was rather minor and just used to kickstart MC's journey. There is a good reason why MC's cheating ex and her boyfriend kept appearing and those who kept emphasizing about that part certainly did not read the novel far enough. Anyway, this novel is actually pretty good and each book represents an arc. Early arcs are really good but some of them are kinda meh, including... more>> the final arc. Nevertheless, I still find reading the novel rather worthwhile due to the portrayal of the characters and the social commentaries on Chinese society (mainly in earlier books). The duality of good and evil is projected in almost every character (main and side) which makes the characters rather realistic.

I would not recommend the novel for those who have just started to read Chinese xuanhuan novels but if you ever decide to read it, try to read until the end. Also, would like to leave a positive feedback to folks over at Volare for translating the novel and providing notes on the happenings in the novel to help readers understand the contents better. Thanks! <<less
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