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I am a Clotaku.

That is, it’s a portmanteau of ‘Closet’ and ‘Otaku’. We try to appear to be normal people, while secretly keeping up with our Otaku lifestyle.

Having overcome a trauma in the past, I, Kang Injin, have been secretly living the Clotaku lifestyle at Eunsung High School, and hoped that my peaceful (?) days would last forever.


“First Year Class 7, Attendance Number 1 Kang Injin— You are an Otaku.”

I’ve been found out. That girl, ‘Seo Yeonji’ threatened that if I don’t comply with her wish to create the ‘Clotaku Club’, she would reveal my secret to the school.

Clotaku Club. Really, a club for ‘closeted Otaku activities’?

It’s exhausting enough getting dragged into Yeonji’s plot, getting as far as establishing the Clotaku club.

But how did I end up getting involved in an all-out war against the ‘Public Otaku Queen’ Eun Yerin?

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Clotaku Club!
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