Sukebe de Kichiku na Shishou to Sunao de Juujun de Bishoujo na Deshi


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The swordsman who became the strongest with impure motives. People called him a “Sword Saint.” The Sword Saint who secluded himself on a mountain planned to make a young girl who wanted to become his disciple into a meat s*ave. She was a poor, but beautiful girl. It was the beginning of the girl’s domination. This is the story of the Sword Saint’s disciple who climbs up to become the strongest whilst receiving ecchi treatment.

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The Lascivious, Devilish Master and the Obedient, Submissive, Beautiful Disciple
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smite2001 rated it
September 7, 2017
Status: c36
As an erot*c novel it is quite good. The sexual content reminds me a little of the 'x-ray' novel, but without the r*pe and overly weird stuff (maybe thats just me though).

Story-wise... basically nothing happens. As of chapter 36 everything happens on the mountain, with no visitors except ... more>>

a dragon, who promptly turns into a physical carbon copy of the loli-heroine and stays with them. The focus stays on the main girl though, her dragon-copy is more of a side-kick.


But even without anything happening, the world-building is well-done and the characters are likable. Even if the protagonist is a pervert, he properly manages to stay out of scumbag territory. <<less
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San-Kyu rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c7
As far as smutty or erot*c writing is concerned, this one gets a pass. Nothing hardcore so far, the MC likes to set a mood first and is slowly corrupting the super innocent red-haired ponytailed (apparently) loli-ish female main that he has taken as an apprentice for sexual reasons. He's a super OP hero at the story's start and basically solved all the traditional world-ending problems (demon king invasion) at that point and seculded himself on the top of a mountain filled with end-game monsters. He called for apprentices (female... more>> only) for the sole reason that he can do lewds to them from a place away from the prying eyes of the world (said end-game mountain). There's comedy to be found here and the foundation of a good gag series (with lewds) as well. The girl is proving herself alot more talented and straight-laced than the protag had expected and his plan for degenerating her morals (for later lewds) is going well though the girl is slowly subverting his expectations (her skill and willpower are strengthening at abnormal levels). <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
March 21, 2017
Status: c4
Do you know why people gave this series a five stars? No, it's not because the story is amazingly epic or whatsoever. Tbh, I feel like reading a brain-dead inducing story. Fortunately, the author was able to created an ero story that hilarious enough to force you laugh like a madman.

A master swordman decide to take a girl as his meat s*ave **cough**... disciple. Well, typical ero story, I guess. So far, the innocent-yet-lewd disciple is always doing her best to please her lewd-yet-appears-honorable master.

A good series if you want... more>> to read lewd story in your free time. :) <<less
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