Sui Yu Tou Zhu


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No one in the antique artefacts industry isn’t scheming. Both the Shou and Gong are extremely particular.

Take a step back and it’s brotherhood and friendship, take a step forward and it’s eyes for each other only. Another step forward and it’s a life together forever. To live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss happy ending.

Ding Han Bai: “Those in this industry love jade the most. Materials have ranks, humans also have ranks. Since I’m named Han Bai, I’m deserving of jade.”

Ji Shen Yu: “Shi-ge has always been exceptional.”

Ding Han Bai: “Since I’m exceptional, then am I deserving of being your husband?” (Gong is quite shameless, always forcing others to be nice to him)

Brash and troublesome young master; top quality gems specialist Gong X high EQ IQ beautiful; antique artefact manufacturing expert Shou.

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Crushing Jade and Casting Pearls
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Stmoon7777777 rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: Completed
First things first: ZHENZHU IS PRECIOUS

Ok, now that that's out of the way~

(plz keep reading after paragraph 1...)

... more>> Boring plot summary: So SYTZ takes place in China (late 1980s) and the MC (Ding Hanbai, I will abbreviate as DHB) is expected to take after the family business of carving tho DHB wishes to deal with antiques. Then in comes Ji Shenyu (apprentice of his father who passed away). They eventually fall in love (Me:...) , and open up their own antique shop~ (Happy ending~)

^That's the... I guess it's the very, very watered down plot... (But plz keep reading as the characters are phenomenal~)

This book mainly focuses on character interactions instead of technical carving jargon (aka, plz don't drop just cuz it seems like they'd be talking about rocks all day... they don't), but the translator does a great job of explaining it! (Thanks xiyang >.< and rip to the research you do...)

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who loves a shameless and romantic character >.< (I could literally go on for about a page... maybe two... of the things Ding Hanbai does in this book...)

I know you might not especially like him in the beginning, but plz give him a chance QAQ


Short... short list... (I'm missing so many...)

  • On first meeting with Ji Shenyu, he calls him "Zhenzhu" which means pearl cuz Zhenzhu's face is "clear and fair" like a pearl
  • Claimed he liked liliacs, and when Zhenzhu took back the rose stamp, bought a whole garden of roses and planted them JUST TO GET THE STAMP BACK
  • Overfed the fishes while thinking of Zhenzhu (DHB's dad got angry afterwards)
  • Literally convinces himself that Zhenzhu likes him romantically =_= (I think this is one of those times where a straight character overthinks themselves into being gay...)
  • Everything he does while trying to romantically pursue Zhenzhu =_=
  • Spoiler

    ... the bed collapsed while they were doing it at DHB's Shifu's house... He even proceeded to coax the elder afterwards by agreeing to buy a sturdier bed in the future...


That's not to say Zhenzhu is weak, he's very strong in his own right >.< (I'm still of the camp to protect Zhenzhu from DHB tho)

  • Zhenzhu has coped with both his father's and his Shifu's deaths (Sending hugs QAQ)
  • He's a really, really talented carver (Becoming the master of one of the carving shops at the age of 18)
  • By the end, he's very confident in everything he does which is a lovely contrast to him being insecure in whether people would accept him (He still gets shy at the mention that everyone knows about him and his Shige's affairs XD)

I know that I just went on a whole rant of DHB's shamelessness, but I really like him and Zhenzhu together... They're one of my fav cp >.< (Cries in single dog status)...

The other adaptations are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

I know this is a novel review, but plz take a peek at the manhua~ the backgrounds are gorgeous and the characters are drawn super well QAQ (More specifically, Chapter 8, one of the last panels XD) Thank me later~

Also, to whoever can buy the audio drama on maoer, you are truly lucky ;-; The voice acting is on point and the songs are so, so pretty QAQ

from what I hear... (ahem) gets kinda adapted into there as well ;)

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yellauraya rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
★★★★☆ [4/5 stars]

I know nothing about antiques, carvings and such but because this novel has a great deal of focus about the subject, I actually learned a lot about it. The translator also provided some visuals of the different materials, antiques, etc that were mentioned.

This novel happened in an era when homos*xual wasn't widely known or accepted. So you can already imagine when the couple came out to their family. They received literal corporal punishment. But what I loved about this couple (Ding Han Bai and Ji Shen Yu) is... more>> that they really fight for each other's love. There's no angsty break up. They might be at some point in time forcefully separated, but they never actually let go of each other.


Ding Han Bai was beaten bloody by his father, but he did not regret his 'mistakes' of having a relationship with Ji Shen Yu, and was then kicked out of the family. He actually became anxious that Ji Shen Yu might regret it after seeing how he was disowned by his family, and in the end, he might let go of him.


But the wonderful thing is Ji Shen Yu fought hard for him. He doesn't have the mentality of letting his love go in order for things to go back in place, in order for Ding Han Bai 'not to get hurt anymore than he already feel' (which was a common thing to do in this kind of situation). Even Ding Han Bai was willing to be disowned, and Ji Shen Yu respected that and didn't do something that would add to his lover's emotional burden, like breaking up. I've read only a few novels with couples who fought for their love like that. They accepted the guilt of letting their parents down, but it didn't necessarily mean they would sacrifice their own love and happiness for them. Selfish, yes, but most of the time, love is all about selfishness. That's the reason why their situation is emotional but not that angsty.

This novel is overall a decent read and can be considered as light. It's a short and heartwarming one and I think a lot of people would love and appreciate this. There are a lot of trigger warnings and the translator actually included it at the start of the chapters. <<less
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May 17, 2021
Status: --
Alright, let’s see, where do I start..

Firstly, i’m not going to rate this anything officially because the rating is already low and I don’t want to cause the score to be even lower just based off of my reading of the first couple of chapters.

unofficially, however, and solely based off of the first 3 chapters I’ll give it a 3.5/5.

my main reasoning for this is because the writing is jumpy as hell. The translations itself seems fine for where I am and it’s clear and understandable, however... either the characters... more>> are glitching from one area to the next, or the author doesn’t know how to consistently transfer the characters without making them seem like Sim transporting from one place to another.

the last scene that kind of did it for me, was where the MC and ML where initially in the courtyard after the MC came back (at sunset mind you, since that was explicitly written out) it was night time and the author wrote about how the MC was thinking about how the ML gave him something important from his master and such and such and so and so. then out of nowhere, MCs pops and brothers pop up and there all having a meeting in the yard about rules.. okay fine, maybe author just skipped explicitly saying they went to bed because it was somewhat obvious.

However, then after the meeting, they went to the machine room (where there was sunlight pouring in, and sun brightly shining on the stones ML was to use) to have the ML show off his skill. then somehow the MC was outside picking flowers and threw the ML away after scolding him... ML then shut his bedroom door and read while MC went to bed... now this? wtf

they went from the machine room, to the outside, back to their rooms without any prior explanation as to how or why..i just, I don’t know. maybe some people can easily skip over things like this, but when I read I visualize the happenings as if it’s a movie, and all I can see is the characters teleporting around and it grated on my nerves so unfortunately I can’t stick around to see if it gets better or worse. <<less
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shuulys rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
super cute. the story doesn't take place in the modern times so the people in the story is mostly quite unforgiving, homophobic, and well... harsh? I honestly did find the parts where the the dad started hitting the son without even listening to his explanations first very irritating but I do understand that all the details of the story and actions of the characters are not based on our times so...

but I did enjoyed the plot because its super realistic and the characters are all quite mature. the main characters... more>> are full of colours and super cute. loved how despite having unsupportive family members, they supported one and other and managed to achieve their goals. <<less
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LookingforanotherPIT rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Words can't describe how good this novel is... (Sorry, I just finished crying)

We can highly sense the efforts that the author made while writing it.. the plot is not a cliche but feels really real.. This is a mature novel so take note that even though there was dog food it wasn't spread in a nonsensible way.
Take note of the time period. h*mophobia was apparent, but the author didn't make those characters evil. It was a change in mindset. Homosexuality wasn't popular. Even DHB's Father said that the only time you here about this is over Tea. DHB's parents aren't also what you call the ideal type. Too conceited, all bullshitty proud and family traditions.

Overall Rating:4.8

The gong is DHB, a refreshing character. Dashing, skilled and arrogant young master. While the shou JSY is a bit younger than DHB, less than 4 yrs, a hard working skilled teenagers who's gone through many things. The setting itself is beautiful, as it presents a dazzling plot full of hard work.
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Burning_Rose rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I would like to give Kudos to the translators, for giving a good quality of translations. There were few grammatical errors, but were acceptable.

I liked this story of Bei Nan better than the other works. The gong is MC, is a refreshing character. Dashing, skilled and arrogant young master.

While the shou ML is a bit younger than MC, less than 4 yrs, a hard working skilled teenagers who's gone through many things. The setting itself is beautiful, as it presents a dazzling plot full of carvings, knifes, hardwork. The... more>> romance and character development is the best thing to happen among the hardships and the drama going around them.

One thing I found most upsetting in this story were the parents of both MC and ML. ML, the sweet baby is unfateful, didn't even get to have parents properly. The ML's parents aren't also what u call the ideal type. Too conceited, all bullshitty proud and family traditions blabla.

This story beautiful depicts how love, trust and hardwork could nurture beautiful results. One thing I liked the most abt the MC was his guts. He is a proud young master with a stomach full of gutsy courage. ML is a filial and loyal supporter of MC. <<less
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June 24, 2021
Status: --
Words can't describe how good this novel is, every chapter is a masterpiece ! We can highly sense the efforts that the author made while writing it.. the plot is not a cliche but feels really real.. I learned a lot about porcelain and jade from this novel The writing style is so good seems like ancient style which gave it a good value.

if there is one thing that I regret.. is reading the Second Extra chapter. Which made me cry so hard and feel blue for a whole 2 days and until now
and I sincerely advise you to not read the extra so you can keep a pretty image of the main story...


but over all it's a true masterpiece that I ultimately recommend for people who like true romance ❤️
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Levijiejie rated it
April 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Smart x smart.

Precious shou and shameless gong always make a fantastic couple. I love Ding Han Bai and Zhen Zhu. The plot, the setting, the ending, everything ticks my box. I also love the manhua. It was an enjoyable read.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 18, 2023
Status: c38
No rating, I understand this story is not set in the present day. That being said, the characters are hard to like.

ML shou is a very inferior Lin Diayu type

... more>>

who is thrown out of the house after the death of his master and bio father because he is an illegitimate child.


MC gong is a spoiled, impulsive young master who is very talented and also very inconsiderate.

When MC gong realizes he is in love with ML shou, he


forcefully kisses ML shou and chases after him even though ML shou is just a highschool kid living in their house by the generosity of MC gong's father, and MC gong is his shixiong and an adult.


The fact that MC gong would force his feelings on ML shou with no warning or explanation shows exactly how inconsiderate he is.

There's a huge power imbalance in their "relationship" and it's frankly hard to read, since the story setting is otherwise very real, and it's not written in a "dark" style. <<less
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grandma YaYa
grandma YaYa rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: Completed
It was so freaking good. I enjoyed reading each page, there wasn't even a minute wasted. The plot, characters, atmosphere were really enjoyable. It was worth giving it a go.
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