Sugar Dark


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The story follows a boy named Muoru who has been falsely arrested and sent to a cemetery to perform forced labor. There, he calls himself the “grave keeper” and meets a beautiful girl named Meria. Muoru becomes fascinated with Meria as he spends his days digging a hole containing the undead monster named “The Dark.”

Associated Names
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Sugar Dark: The Buried Darkness and the Girl
Sugar Dark: Umerareta Yami to Shoujo
シュガーダーク 埋められた闇と少女
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/01/17 Nanodesu v1 afterword
07/01/17 Nanodesu v1c3
07/01/17 Nanodesu v1c2
07/01/17 Nanodesu v1c1
06/10/17 Nanodesu prologue
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I Saw A Shark
I Saw A Shark rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: Completed
Great story. The overall concept was new (for me at least) and refreshing. Well, as refreshing as a story about a graveyard can be. It had some twists and turns and managed to keep the readers guessing. The characters felt very real, the MC wasn't OP or extremely intelligent and there were parts of his personality that were likable and parts that weren't. He felt very real, as did all of the other characters. There weren't many side characters, but each and everyone of them were well thought out and... more>> had a background and their own purpose in the story, no matter how large. It had good build up and allowed you to really immerse yourself in the story. Character development was present

he went from constantly plotting his escape to wanting to help Meria

and felt very natural. The whole story doesn't revolve around one aspect like romance or mystery, but everything was included in moderation.

This is a pretty vague review, but I would definitely recommend it 5/5 <<less
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