Succubus’ Life in Another World


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Apparently, I, a popular doujinshi artist, had died due to pushing myself in finishing up my new summer release.

So I was called by a masochistic fat god, who’s a fan of my work, to reincarnate into another world. And due to this fat god’s preference, my body’s now that of Lily the Succubus, a character from my work! And my power’s proportional to the times my books have been ‘used’!?

Nonono, that’s weird you know?! Hey, Butagami! Let me hit you, dammit!!

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Succubus-san no Isekai Seikatsu
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New the_black_gift rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: c7
Chapter 7 and I already despise the protagonist for being such a s*upid goody two shoes. S*upid enough to cause harm to others. You could likely kill their family in front of their eyes and say "Sorry, I won't do it again." and they would let you go and believe you. If you don't punish criminals in any form and let them roam free then your are a criminal yourself. The protagonist is a disgusting, vomiting-inducing hypocrite.
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bdsmlover911 rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: --
Heya, Translator here! Since I've translated far enough for people to properly see the story, characters and setting, I leave a review here.

It's one of those Japanese Reincarnated in Another World story that you can basically find anywhere, only the main character is a girl and it isn't a Harem. It's a slow story that may turn some of you off, but it isn't a Harem. Why did I say that twice? Because it's important for me.

It's also not set on a world of game mechanics like Levels and Skills... more>> that makes the party OP via Power-leveling, and that's another point for me.

And finally, it's yuri. Yuri, Girls Love, Shoujo Ai. That means that our main character likes fellow maidens. So if you're not up for that, run. Stop reading, just run back to your safe, straight stories and stuff.

Summing it up, it's a slow slice of life story that takes it's time to explain things with a female protagonist that's lesbian. If you don't like that, run. If you hate that, run far away. If you enjoy this kinds of stuff, run into its arms.

As the biased translator, I can only rate it as readable and understandable but still call it good. I've seen a lot worse. Still, I may call it good, but in the end, it's your call. <<less
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Parpaing rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c15
First person writing style, absolutely no descriptions, no nuance in anything. This could've been much better but it just leaves so much potential untapped, here are two examples : The protagonist is a succubus, but it doesn't change anything in the story, other than perhaps the ability to give people "le*d dreams", she doesn't have any downsides to being a succubus, she doesn't crave anything (hur hur), she doesn't really have any upsides other than, again, that useless magic, she needs to eat and all of that. Second example is... more>> that Pig Godddess who made her that way told her that, if she lost her chastity, she'd personnally destroy the world, but it's not like it's going to matter since this isn't going to have any impact, the protagonist doesn't want to lose her chastity from the start since this is a shitty Gender Bender japanese novel, there's not going to be any hetero relationships, she'll be lesbian at best, there's not going to be any romance or people she's in love with or that will try and trick her into having s*x with them and she's not going to get r*ped since she's basically a god in human form, she's the highest level existence in the entire world. And even though she's a effing succubus, she doesn't require draining people of their life essence in any way, like a vampire would require blood. <<less
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Inute rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: --
A classic JP novel, with an overthinking dense protagonist and with a twist, he's a girl now. If you don't like people who overthink and don't take advantage of people that owe them their life then this novel isn't for you. The protagonist is very reluctant in even asking the people who she saved to help her into town, the mobs need to push for it, twice. Honestly, I can see the charm in novels like these, but sometimes I feel as if the protagonist is always undermining themselves and... more>> thats kinda annoying to me. If you're strong then at least you have some confidence to back yourself, no need to be a pu*sy so hard that you will literally stave without other peoples help... <<less
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GabeZhul rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c57
Yet another isekai with an unusual premise that devolves into mediocrity over time.

    • Premise:
The protagonist is a Japanaese ero-doujin artist who dies and gets reincarnated by a god, who is a fan of his work. The only catch is that he is turned into Lily, the succubus protagonist of his latest doujin, and her power level is proportional to the "popularity" of his works, making him (now her) extremely OP. Then she becomes an adventurer, gets a cute dog-girl companion, and goes adventuring, same old, same old.

    • Setting:
More or less your usual, adventure-friendly isekai world. You have your adventurer's guild with receptionists and quests boards, monster-drops, nice veteran adventurers, rude male adventurers who exist to be stomped later on, all of it inside a medieval kingdom with nobles and a magical school. Same old, same old, again.

The metaphysics are also nothing ground-breaking. Magic is element-based, and it follows the Nasuverse idea of there being true magic (aka.: instinctual reality-warping magic) and magecraft (aka.: formulaic magic based on chants and magic circles that anyone can learn so long as they have some aptitude, and exist to emulate true magic). Other than this, the metaphisics are not particularly well-defined, and while there are skills, there are no overt LitRPG elements.

    • Characters:
We have our protagonist, who is, despite being an adult man in the body of a teenage girl, somehow still completely lacks common sense or self-preservation instincts. Her power levels are all over the place: at one moment, she boasts that she has inexhaustible magic supplies, but then when the plot demands it, she runs dry and collapses to create drama. She can conjure literally any item, magical or otherwise, she can imagine out of thin air, yet most of the time she only uses it to create beds or normal clothes. Not only that, but she can use spells that literally freeze enemies in time, yet she bothers to kill an enemy that doesn't even seem that dangerous at a glance by creating a tiny little sun and dropping on it, something that, according to her, would erase the mountain if it when out of control... only for the enemy to shrug it off. In other words, she is simultaneously incredibly broken, yet also completely vulnerable and useless at the same time.

The side-characters are even less defined, with only one or two common traits; Arisa, the cuteness-obsessed clumsy mage being the only slightly memorable one, and she is barely a side-character. The MC's companion, Urania, is a loli dog-girl, who is conveniently smitten with her and doesn't mind the MC siphoning her life essence by kissing, something she periodically has to do because she is a succubus. Otherwise, she is just a cute girl that solely seem to exist as an ideal love-interest for the MC, with little to no personality to speak of. In other words, the side-characters are woefully under-developed, and mainly exists for plot-convenience.

    • Plot:
This is yet another driveless isekai story. The MC has absolutely no dreams or goals from the very beginning, nor are there any external forces or threath urging her forward, which in turn makes this into a completely passive story where the MC is just going with the flow without ever considering her options or having any opinions of her own. If anything, she is so passive that the author, using the hands of the local guild master, periodically has to forcefully push her and the plot forward, first by forcing her to team up with Urania, then by forcing her to go on an expedition so that the veteran adventurers can gauge her abilities, and then by forcing her to attend the local magic school. If he didn't exist to push things forward, there would be even less plot going on, and unfortunately this only further reinforces the MC's unwarranted naivety and complete lack of drive (or character).

    • Final Verdict:
If you are looking for a naive, passive, and allegedly cute OP loli having an adventure in a fantasy world... well, there are better options out there, but this one is readable, I suppose. Aside of the inconsistent power-levels and every element of the story being, for lack of better words, anemic, there really isn't any big, deal-breaker issue with it. It's just mediocre, and unfortunately wastes much of its premise. It's okay as a light read, and since the chapters are really short, you can probably read the entire first volume in an hour or so, but nothing to write home about.
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Darkadios rated it
October 4, 2020
Status: c68
It started interesting as gender bender and another familiar incompetent god, but it devolves back into OP Mary Sue living her second life in an Isekai. If you've read Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life, this one is gonna be similar.

    1. Like mentioned in other reviews, Lily has little to no downsides of being succubus. The life essence theme is a pretext for yuri scenes. The problem is that it doesn't work very well. Lily's a loli succubus, so don't expect any... le*d/succubus worthy developments.

      There are some mysterious circumstances regarding her birth and possibly an evil, twin succubus sister making her way into the story, but it's a sideplot/sidethought left to die. IMO there's some parallels/inspiration from Fate/Kaleid Liner Illya and Chloe with Lily's character design. The loli succubus, life-essence yuri kissing, and the OPness, but it's a shame since there isn't any of the same badass feeling or floofness. Plus Chloe's more of a succubus than Lily, and IMO, I would rather read about her evil twin.

    2. She's too OP. The author tries to qualify this by claiming her abilities are "sealed", but this is never explained well. We don't know what Lily's actually capable of at full, and she's so strong that it's boring. There isn't any tension or chaos to spice up life, and any attempts at doing this from the world building/setting with her circumstances as an OP magic user in the world is extremely lackluster.
    3. Same old trope of "hiding my powers but doing a stellar job at failing at it/being too busy showing off as chaddess". Once again, we have a reincarnated adult individual who retrogresses to a mindset of a chunni/kid who doesn't understand the concept of consequences....*facepalms*
Thanks to being OP and a succubus, it seems like this story is aiming to be a bit of slice-of-life + yuri + the whole "I'm gonna be an adventure trope", but it feels like the author is confused on where he wants to take his story.


For instance, the gap between between the guild rank up exam and the noble request was just jarring. At one moment, Grim's and Fyne's party were confirming that Lily is a pure magic user/sorceress, and then at the next moment, she's going off to take the rank up exam to delay her admission in the magic academy. Where did the crap with Ada and the tutoring sidejob come from?


Overall, Succubus Life in Another World feels like a reverse Death March. We have the same goody-two shoes, dense and naive protagonist who's trying to create a yuri harem but suffers from the beta-male-syndrome and has second thoughts from her past life. There's some yuri action, but it's extremely mild. does better. I completely with Gsichtselfmeter's review, the author makes a legitimately interesting plot setup but fails to deliver and make full use of its potential like which is extremely unfortunate.
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ThatOneJester rated it
October 24, 2018
Status: c53
I feel like people are doing 1 of 3 things most of the time for this novel.

1. Reading the first couple chapters then downplaying it in votes (in some cases reviews).

2. Going into the novel seeing it is about a succubus without read what it is about or the tags.

... more>> 3. Being trolls who dont want this novel to succeed because they are homophobes.

In my opinion this novel is great. Of course not all people have the same tastes, so don't take my words as fact for everyone. This novel is about a male doujin artist being reincarnated into a female succubus from one of his works by a perverse god. It takes the route of him once being male, so he still likes women. It has an adorable and fluffy setting in some cases but is not devoid of all action. One review states her being a succubus affects nothing but being able to give others le*d dreams. This is false in every sense. As a succubus she needs life essence to live or she will soon become weaker until collapsing. Sorry for this first bit being a sort of rant. As for my main review? The story/plot flows in an alright fashion. The characters have some depth to them. The setting is interesting up until the chapter I am writing this review for. And finally the translator is not leaving many mistakes in grammar (although he/she is translating rather too slow for my tastes). All in all it is a fantastic read that I have 5 stars. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c157
TLDR: 3 stars A supremely OP MC that continuously lets themselves get tangled up in bs

The following sums up why I deducted points. It's really not a spoiler but it does describe an event so spoiler tag


There's a point in the story where the MC gets her arm blown away by her employer's kid. Her response "Taint no big thing" the kid doesn;t even get reprimanded.🤦‍♂️


It just is very hard to suspend disbelief for this novel
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SunsetChaos rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c35
Succubus? Erotic? Le*dness? Sex? NO. Away with those impure thoughts!

What we have is a cute little girl like a squirrel/hamster. So cute that her surrounding treats her warmly as a child/daughter. This is a PURE shoujo ai slice of life.
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Kemori rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: --
A succubus that does literally nothing a succubus can or should do aside from putting people to sleep and making them c*m themselves to death whilst being unable to wake up.

This should be renamed and rebranded (editted story) so that the title is 'Half-Dream's Life in another world' because it's stated that as a 'succubus' she is a type of 'Nightmare' - which is a classification of monster that exists in the 'Dream World' which 'succubi' are high ranking members of and exist half in the physical world and half... more>> in the dream world. The idea itself of being a quasi-Nightmare being is interesting, much more so than being a succubus imo- but this is completely and utterly ignored after explaining this is the reason she can just magic up anything she wants except food and creatures using her 'Dream' skills and how she can have infinite storage where she controls everything by putting it in her '[Dream Storage].'

All in all this is as generic as it comes. Even the first chapter is jarring and almost unreadable- we're dropped in halfway through causing you to think you've missed the prologue chapter, then you're treated to a flash back.

The MC is standard JP spineless goody-two-shoes fare which was made painfully obvious very early on when she leaves the bandits that were going to r*pe her alive after extorting some food and money from them- then she leaves a group of goblins suspended in time, rather than killing them, when she stumbles across a merchant carriage being attacked by them.

I've read worse, a few times. I've read better, countless times. I must exist in a different dimension to most translators; because I can never fathom why they would pick up such absolute garbage to translate when there are FAR better stories out there. Oh wait, maybe they just don't want to have to take it down when the novel comes out and by translating shitty web novels they're assured their income and effort won't be wasted since this sh*t could never get published as an actual LN. Wow, talk about an epiphany. I totally understand why there are so many garbage JP novels on this site now and very few good ones! <<less
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September 29, 2019
Status: c53
It's much better than I expected from description. Pretty much a normal gender bender isekai, with cuteness, fluff and shoujo ai. Some stories have a pretty unique plot, but the amount of POVs, descriptions and unnecessary dialogues drag them down, this one is the opposite - a decent nothing special plot but the pacing really makes up for that - when reading it I didn't felt like skipping chapters, which is rather rare to be honest. And while I say nothing special, it actually feels a cut above some other... more>> novels that make you feel deja vu permanently when reading them.

I heavily disagree with Slice of Life tag. The tag is reserved for novels that have no real plot and focus on daily life. This novel thankfully DOES have a very distinct plot. Which is why I decided to remove it. The novel does have some Slice of Life elements, but they don't make a novel Slice of Life.

The closest novel I'd call "The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap", which I'm adding to Recommended due to similarity. I can't recommend it in all honesty though, because I feel like this novel, despite lesser number of chapters, is superior. <<less
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Lynkaster rated it
July 6, 2019
Status: c55
story : 3/5

characters : 2/5

translation 4/5

... more>> the story is a gender bender shoujo-ai (yeah, no s*x scene or implicit one or maybe not yet...) about an OP succubus MC. The world building is pretty sloppy and you don't get as much comedy as the first chapter can makes you expect. It's not a slice of life, but the pace is quite slow with a hazy timeline. The chapters are more on the small side. A good point, there's foreshadowing sometimes.

The MC is a man at heart but acts like a defenceless country girl coming for the first time to a big city (no, I'm not reproching, it's really what's happening x'D). The MC's character is a bit 2D I guess. There's quite a lot of characters being partially introduced but their presence is extremely fin except for 2-3 of them. There's different POV but it doesn't make you understand the characters much making them hollow. Another problem is the lack of description, it's hard to represented anything in your head when you read the story.

The translation is good. Not grammatically perfect but you read without thinking much about whether it is correctly translated. A translator change at chapter 53-54 but the quality is as high.

all in all, I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of yuri I came for (it's a succubus da*nit, how can't you expect some wholesome scenes x')) but the read isn't bad. Though nothing really happens in my opinion, the MC isn't fully using her/his setting so it can make people frustrate to read it.

tldr; read it if you want a quick read without too much thinking with 1h to spend <<less
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DDosGaming rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c162
it's not bad but not that good either. The story 'tone' and 'feel' shift as story goes on. Author likely doesn't have concrete plan.

this is summary of what each tone shift feel like

... more>>

first arc: reincarnated as humanoid monster. Typical lighthearted yuri fantasy. Adventurers, guildmaster, s*aver, waifu. And some grand plan brewing in background.

second shift is [become noble girl's magic teacher] event: protaganist change from barely op to strongest in this arc. Slow slice of life of obedient deciple and op teacher. With waifu from first arc go le*d here and there. End with first big showdown battle with 'evil masterplan guys'. Obtain a kuudere servant girl in the process. She look special but will pretty much be forgotten in next shift.

third shift [student council president] arc: magic academy is plague by politic, faction, dicrimination. The potaganist will create a new faction that's all about magic! She will reform the academy with unothordox teaching with help of magictools that look down upon. Of course you will get lot of inner monolouge about politic in this arc. The best thing about this arc is. The waifu show all yandere tendency.


don't be mislead by the words succubus, protag has physical need as succubus but the le*d one is her waifu. <<less
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JabberWookie rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: --
It's a good story and despite the name suggesting it's something le*d is not actually le*d and rather sweet and fluffy.

It's a story of a girl that happens to be a succubus in love with another girl

The story 3.5/5

... more>> Characters 3.5/5

Setting 2/5

However the author has stopped posting (original jp) for almost a year and is simply revising another story that isn't as good.

The characters are interesting and could be done better but it's sad the author does not seem to want to post anymore (check source last update on it is October 2018) <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
October 5, 2018
Status: c38
One of the best quality translation I ever read, too bad the author is rather weak at utilizing his plot setup. The first few chapters develop as you expect and suddenly you get the generic slice of life live happily and do lots of cooking.. It gets boring really fast, but the translation quality alone warrants the 4 stars, seeing as its a JP novel.
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Alexamavis rated it
December 5, 2022
Status: c183
Honestly the best fantasy/adventure/Yuri web novel I've read to date. I'm so disappointed in myself for judging the story based on the title. To me a Succubus as a MC would imply a le*d/harem story that doesn't do much in terms of world building. Gosh am I wrong. We have a dedicated monogamous relationship, a slow burning story with world development that comes naturally over time. While there are some le*d comments and moments that you think will become le*d, the author does a good job at not letting the... more>> story fall down that rabbit hole.

If there was a critique to make, it would be the power scaling of the MC. It's implied they are severely OP (and in most cases they are), however there are moments when the character makes decisions that weaken themselves or are just weaker than expected. It's not a big thing, and most of the time it's justified by the fact that she's just not knowledgeable enough yet and still learning.

The thing to take note of though is that the story is on indefinite hiatus. This sucks because it still has heaps of potential. One of the novels where I was happy to keep reading and didn't feel angst. <<less
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123456hh rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: c183
It's a good story and despite the name suggesting it's something le*d is not actually le*d and rather sweet and fluffy.

It's a story of a girl that happens to be a succubus in love with another girl

However the author has stopped posting (original jp) for almost a year and is simply revising another story that isn't as good.

The characters are interesting and could be done better but it's sad the author does not seem to want to post anymore (check source last update on it is October 2018)
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meepilee rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c34
Honestly, the concept had potential to do well but the author doesn't make any real hardships for the protagonist (aka no character development for anybody). With literally only one MINOR hardship so far ... more>>

MC runs out of energy and takes it from friend basically like a vampire and then the other person doesn't remember anything about it and falls in love


It might've been cool if the MC at the very least faced some discrimination for being a different species

or an undiscovered one

or wasn't as strong as she (he? Goddamn gender-benders) was.

Anyways, 2/5 (misscl**ked) because its very, very generic, becoming an adventurer and decimating everything. Would've been 3/5 but -1 for missed potential. If you want a better reason for the -1 its because humans seem to be inherently racist and therefore would not see beast people or demons as equals.

MC is on carriage and carriage owner says "You aren't human are you?" MC says maybe and nobody ever brings it up again. Just why

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namingishard rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c184
Really good, lots of fluff. I do hate some parts after


She gets forced to go to a magic school, and is harassed by nobles, and even her primary teacher tries to have her killed.


It's not really smutty, despite it being a web novel about a succubus. I recommend.
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