Strongest Swordsman In One Piece


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Traveling to the world of one piece, El found that he had become a baby, and there was no such thing as Golden Finger.

But when he grew up, he found that he didn’t need Golden Finger at all, because his own body was his Golden Finger.

As soon as he was born, he awakened Observation Haki.

At the age of three, he can practice swordsmanship, and at the age of five, he can listen to the voice of all things.

If Charlotte Linlin is a “natural destroyer”, then El is a “natural swordsman”.

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New Skoll028 rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: c75
A turn off your brain, arrogant MC story. Another self-professed girl training specialist (starts with girls at the same age as him, as mentioned in synopsis, although no intimacy has occurred as of yet, since they're all still pre-teenage years).

Starts out okay and interesting, quickly devolves with a bunch of not at all logical occurences happening, and the MC becoming ridiculously arrogant super fast. "I've never met anyone stronger than me in a fight (except that one person who wasn't trying to kill me) so how dare you be arrogant... more>> in front of me! Only I can be arrogant! No one is better than me!"

It's not the worst, the tl is... readable if confusing at times, due to poorly translated terminology or conversation, but if you are bored, and want a... moderately? Tolerable One Piece story, this is it. <<less
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New Poireau rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: c14
The first chapters seem only here to explain several times how OP and mighty the MC is because he is "the Son of Heaven, the darling of the world who has been infinitely close to the end since birth"...

The author spends most of his time praising his MC :

... more>>


"[...] Because Hawkeye is only the strongest swordsman in the world, not the strongest in world history. So defeating him is just a small goal for El. To become the strongest swordsman in world history is El's biggest goal. Because El felt that only by becoming the strongest swordsman in the world history can he be worthy of the world's love for him by giving him those three unreasonable talents. [...]"

Another one :

"[...] Taking this opportunity, El secretly used his ability to read his memories and mastering all the information about the pirate in town. When an enemy is a strong man who has the perspective of God and also has their intelligence. The fate of the Saw Blade Pirates, from the moment on Eldon Island, was destined to be destroyed. [...]"


There are ways to introduce and write about the OPness of the main character, but it's really badly done here in every single first chapters... This does not make the story attractive at all. Definitely not worth the 4/5 rating... <<less
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Empress rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: c84

It's been a while since I read such interesting fanfiction.

Read until chapter 84 and it doesn't bore me even a little bit. This is unusual, especially for me who is very picky when it comes to fanfiction.

... more>> I hate OP MC (except for one punch man) because you know why. But this one is an exception. At least until chapter 84. He not only powers up himself but also his crew. So they're not just a flower vase that serves as decoration.

The author did a good job to make the story flow really well. It was a fun read. At least until the next chapter button stopped working.

I need more chapters... <<less
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