Striving For The Luxury Liner!! ~Get That Rich Isekai Life With A Ship Summoning Skill~


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After getting drunk and falling into the sea, when he woke up, he found himself in a meadow. He is chased by a rabbit with horns and wakes up to find that he has come to another world. The cheat that was randomly given to him was to summon a ship. This is a story about an ordinary protagonist who strives for a luxurious, rich, and harem life while remaining ordinary.

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Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!!
めざせ豪華客船!! ~船召喚スキルで異世界リッチライフを手に入れろ~
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bigstew rated it
January 7, 2023
Status: wn 425
so started reading the wn since the manga has good art and was interesting, warned, 300+ chpts in wn and author still doesnt properly address harem, MC is typical beta male, author semi implies MC regularly had s*x with s*aves but is just h pe*vert with other girls, MC tries to make other girls into a harem (barely), has conflicts, gets explained from s*ave girl that the others want a relationship but hes to h looking at them (author doesnt advance harem route), MC doesnt make progress with harem, MC... more>> thinks more luxury is the way forward, author introduces more side characters to block/not advance harem,... overall, if u liked the manga, either stick with that slow progress of releases or read the wn, while the wn is entertaining, only complaint is typical author frustation with no love progress and beta MC, writing is good but even after 350+ chpts theres still no harem progress or love progress with just implied casually MC had s*x with two s*ave girls while other girls have interest but MC just thinks h and nothing moves forward love wise... <<less
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Chain Reader
Chain Reader rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: v15c2
I really enjoy this story so far. It is a relaxing and slow paced read so if your looking for an action packed story this might not be the one for you. The main character's goal is mostly to raise money to buy better ships so that he can live a life of luxury surrounded by beautiful big breasted women. The MC is pretty timid so some people might not like that. Personally I find it refreshing since not every person can adjust to the kill or be killed lifestyle... more>> of many otherworld stories. I live on a farm and I still hate seeing blood. If I had one complaint about the story so far its that the MC relationship with the girls seems too shallow. He is too focused on how sexy they are that he doesn't really build up a meaningful romantic relationship with them. [Edit: Unfortunatly there isn't much character growth. Even if the MC isn't built for fighting, he could step up in other areas.]

To sum it up this is a slow paced story where the MC simply works to make the world around him more enjoyable. <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: v13c27
It's a good novel to read at your own leisure. Don't expect action nor a large plot, this is a leisure life type of story with a lot of convenience, but I give 4 stars for the world building, and remove 1 star due to something a bit annoying that I will explain later. If not for this, I would give it 5 stars easily.

Ok, I only have one negative for this story, one that really bothers me a lot as it never changes.

Wataru is a meek guy, however, as I plan to explain later in the positive points, I do like him as a protagonist, the problem is his relationship with the girls from "Girasole", the A Class Adventurer Party of 6 girls that are constantly with him. You may think they are like harem members, right? And... Maybe? No?

The point is, they are always in the story, but their relationship with the protagonist never changes and is completely stagnant. I don't care if they become harem members, or they leave, or they show a bit more personality or the story maybe goes a bit more into their stories but...

However, there is nothing really to go in, as the story already shot down any possible mystery or interesting plot for them: They are commoners (so no hidden princess/noble cliche), they are not some legendary party (they are well known where in the region they acting, but unknown outside), and unlike most heroines in a story whose family either is already killed from some tragic event, or have some noble/royal parent who is allowing their daughter away, they are shown to gave normal families, and they are able to visit them sometimes (on the background).

So really, there is nothing to add to them, and yet, their relationship with the MC is absolutely stagnant.

    • The leader (human) is aloof and brave, and the most active
    • The vice leader (human) is responsible and becomes a slime lover
    • The scout (human) becomes a slime lover
    • The mage (fox girl) is erotic, and the only one aware of the party's "charms"
    • The tank (bear girl) likes to eat a lot, and she is big yet soothing
    • The priestess (dog girl) has big breasts, is very nice, and religious
Done, I essentially described all party members. These are all the relevant traits that these characters will show in the story. The only "change" that they faced is the "slime lover" trait, which was actually influenced by the protagonist, meaning that, until then, Scout girl was a generic scout with a name.

The world building is quite interesting. You have a bit of a stagnant world with monsters, there is no demon king, there is a human supremacist empire engaging in war and trafficking demi-human races and this sort of political shit.

A Status System exists, so people can rise levels and become stronger and stuff, this was a bit relevant at the start of the story, but are completely irrelevant and forgotten later on (What I mean is that, we don't get status screens anymore, nor what level the main characters are after their grinding, at most we get "[I/They] [reached/are over] level [100/200/300]" as part of the narrative).

MC was reincarnated into this new world with the Ship Summoning skill, a broken skill that may look ridiculous, but actually has a reason to exist in this world.

And no, this is not one of those stories where the protagonist gets a bullsh*t skill and is able to use it in a clever way and becomes OP. From the start, the ships are invincible and have an invincible barrier to protect whoever is inside straight of the box, there is no Weak to Strong, this is NOT an ACTION story.

So rather than fighting, Wataru becomes a merchant, and thanks to his cheat skill, that makes it super easy, so really, there are hardly any obstacles, rather, the obstacles are mainly the political inconveniences of revealing his skill, which is why I say this is more of a leisure type of novel.

Wataru, the protagonist, is a meek guy: He is weak minded, a bit of a pe*vert, but very self-serving.

Yes, he likes girls, yes, he can be baited, however, unlike stories where either the MC is dense, or the story forces him to save the tragic girl with his OP powers and she loves him for the rest of his life, Wataru actively tries to avoid such problems, and if he really has to accept such request, he will request a reward. In short, when he is being baited, he knows he is being baited, and will try to take advantage of it, even if a bit disrespectful.

Ah, and for those thinking "Is this another one of those protagonists that never gets laid", he does get laid with his 2 s*aves: The submissive dark elf, and the fiery tiger girl. Due to how contracts in this world work, however, and a bit of influence from god, these two make two extremely hard requests to be accepted as s*aves, but MC can achieve them, so once he accomplishes those conditions, they are all his to consume, and consume he does.

And as I mentioned before, there is the Adventurer Party with him, who are constantly with him too, but as I also mentioned, no, their relationship doesn't change, it's always the same.


The other interesting part are the Pantheon of this isekai world, mainly the Creator God, the strongest god and the one who reincarnated the protagonist and gave him the Ship Summoning skill (because his name, Wataru, reminds him of Water).

The Pantheon of Gods actually become recurrent characters in the story, and you can see their influence in the world, like in how contracts are made (like in commerce and s*avery), in how people pray, in how they act or why they don't interact with the world (But interact with MC because he is an isekaijin).

So there are many other stories where the God appears in the first chapter, and then doesn't appear anymore, or don't inflict enough influence in the world by themselves, but here, they do influence, mainly through the protagonist, through their requests and of course, rewards. There are a lot of interactions among them, and you are also able to understand more of their personalities, and the reason why Wataru got the skill he got.


This webnovel has been straight adapted to manga, which I would recommend checking first, mainly for the character design, and get a feel of what's to come.

Again, this is not an action novel, if you are expecting a unique plot to save the world or something, that does not happen. This is a story of a guy with invincible ships, that has to make money to buy better ships, and wants to live a leisure life with girls, he doesn't really care much about men, what he wants are females to spend his time leisurely in a luxury cruiser once he gets it.

That's not to say the world doesn't have problems that MC gets involved with, but most of that will be spent with him in a boat, and the other characters doing all the action.

The world building however is what I really liked, as the author seems to have been done enough changes to this isekai society regarding the existence and influences of gods in this world, so Wataru learns how lacking of common sense he is through these.

As the story advances and Wataru gets many large boats with lots of luxuries inside, so we also get to see the characters taking advantage of modern knowledge and items, such as video recorders, gacha machines, and isekai food.
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pandamonius rated it
December 16, 2022
Status: v3c3
Honestly, I'm enjoying this one (and the manga) a lot more than I expected. It's not some epic story with completely unique characters and plot, so don't go into it expecting that. Instead, it's a fun, light read with a typical isekai MC who's engaging in many of the typical tropes, BUT has an interesting unique power.

It's fun reading this and imagining how much fun it would be if I could summon a luxury cruise ship.
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Phiteros rated it
October 19, 2022
Status: v1c10
So far, this novel is not super interesting. The gimmick of being able to summon a boat has not really played out in any meaningful way yet.
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kenjitamurako rated it
March 9, 2024
Status: v9c25
Would probably give this a 2.5 overall but given the option of 2 or 3 it definitely cannot be said to be a 3.

The protagonist wants to live a NEET life on a luxury ship while pampered by beautiful big breasted women and receiving s*xual favors and that is pretty much what is happening and 90% of the story. He doesn't have hobbies to speak of except playing with slimes and is content to spend his entire life hulled up in a room watching DVD's, reading manga, and ogling the... more>> women he's made indebted to him with the luxuries on his luxury liners.

He's surrounded by two groups of women: s*aves he made an agreement of entering into a s*xual relationship with upon achieving a goal they specified and adventurers that act as bodyguards and are enjoying his luxury liner but aren't in a s*xual relationship with him and aren't interested in one. His intent is to wear down the latter group and make them addicted enough to the luxury they'll be more than willing to throw themselves at him to keep access to it.

The author frequently comments on his thoughts of the women surrounding him and he thinks they're beautiful and wants to bone them but he has no romantic interest or interest in forming more than a surface level relationship with any of them. It's also mutual as the women have picked up on this being the case and don't really show much affection and frequently comment that he's tolerable.

The MC has the means to power level himself to a level that would be unachievable to anyone else in the world and could use the increased ability values to hone his own body and combat skills but that is the last thing he would want to do.

He also frequently comments that if the people or places in his life start to become too much of a maintenance burden that he'll drop everything and run away on his own somewhere else without a second thought. <<less
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February 20, 2024
Status: --
Lol as always one thing I found funny in JP novel was the currency conversion to JPY currency, MC already in another world but has still need to convert the amount of gold and silver or platinum coins in his possession into JPY currency, which is redundant imho cause he already got isekai'd and should really not thinking of JPY conversion rate at this point.

Edit 1 : Well... this novel really stale, I get the repetition of routine but to do it for many chapters making me sleepy reading... more>> it. Idk bout the other readers but ig its time for me to drop this one. <<less
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Reman Scimitar
Reman Scimitar rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: v5c12
Just like most folks coming to read the WN, came after reading the manga.

The story is still floating because of the humor and lightheartedness in it.

That said, it hurts in three departments:

... more>> - Repetitive Japanese herbivorous peace idiot (harem is either teasing or slightly forced and certain situations being taken a round about way vs straight forward be it civil or militarily).

- I know the title is focused solely on the Luxury Liner, but at same time MC is afraid of using his potential (esp after hearing how others before him changed and shaped the world in various ways).

- Lastly, dog on a leash and thinking with second head, only way for me to summarize the MC in essence.

Seriousness is a torpedo for the story. <<less
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SpinelesS rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: v1c10
Loved the Manga so decided to read this.

What's been translated so far is behind the Manga, and it doesn't really add anything extra to the story.

Would recommend reading the Manga over this until there are a few volumes translated...
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arcannjo81 rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: --
Meek MC, must be the most beta MC of all the existing isekais, he is just a muggle, who talks about breasts and pretty girls, but is used throughout the novel, he has a fascination with a group called Girasoles, who only use the good things he can generate, food, his boats, and his benefits, he helps everyone, he wants to please everyone, he is extremely dense....
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oFallo rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: v5c13
The romance and ecchi stuff are okay. At least there are some developments.

But I really sick of the typical spineless main and the whole situation can resolve with talking, apologies.

If this is a casual adventure about a guy and a ship summon skill then write a novel like that. Stop adding drama and idiot situations to cover the lack of research for more ideas.
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