Strict Wife of the ’70s Manages the Household


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Lin Lan woke up and transmigrated into a shrewish wife who drank pesticides. The original owner ruined her husband’s promising future, and all five of her children became villains in the end.

Her in-laws are biased. The uncles and aunts are insatiable. She has five bear children and a cold-faced husband to take care of. . .

Lin Lan: Trying to take my money? We’ve already separated. I’ll take it back!

My husband dares to run wild? I’ll teach him to be a new man!

It’s difficult to discipline wild children? That is due to the lack of love! Shower them with love!

What’s the matter with that cold-faced man?

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Shrewish Wife of the Seventies Manages the Household
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48 Reviews

Nov 16, 2021
Status: c25

Is that supposed to be a male lead? I'm so tired of these stories specifically ones where the protagonist transmigrate or reincarnates into this terrible household where she's labeled as a shrew- when everybody knows that it's their fault why she's become the way that she is!

This male lead is terrible, the husband knew what was going on in this household even before he came back- he knew what she had to deal with everyday and he didn't do anything about it and wants to think "oh she's different, now I can do something like growing a pair of f*cking balls" (and even then he hasn't done jack sh*t).

You KNOW you are a man in these misogynistic times.... Sincerely hope he chokes. Dropped it. Disgusting asf.

A useless man. Cowardly. But then the author wants to try and portray him as some 'nice' level-headed cool 'cold' guy...??? Gtfo of here with that bs.

I will always hate male leads that create and fuel the circumstances that create a 'shrew' woman and then act like it has nothing to do with them. The female lead just ignores this. I would divorce him no matter what.

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Lissie Furen
Lissie Furen
Oct 21, 2021
Status: c85
The story is good. I do feel bad for the original Lin Lan because she was a very abused and abandoned woman, her husband did not care for her daily life while they were married beyond having s*x with her the few times they were together and she had to go through 4 pregnacies on her own while living with an absolutely awful family. No wonder she was so unstable and while taking it out on her own children is not excusable, it can be understood up to a point.
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Jan 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Loved this. It reminded me of "back to the sixties: farm, get wealthy & raise the cubs". But here the children have more distinct characteristics. In back to the sixties, they were different and had different careers later on, but they were all quite similar (except the third son) but here that's not the case. Except for the twins but that's normal, as they are always together.


Because there are 2 things that bothered me.

First one is small, but it did irritate me:

... more>>

When the FL was was talking with that Pan guy (the one that attacked the male lead). She was like "everyone suffers. So you're not special." Sorry but this is plain s*upid. That's like saying "everyone has suffered from a crime, so you're not special" while we all know that r@pe isn't comparable to someone stealing from you.

Just because everyone has "suffered", doesn't mean that the level and the way is the same. So NO. Not everyone is the same! I think the majority would gladly choose the suffering the original FL had experienced than what the guy Pan experienced. But it's the same, why would people do that? Why would people choose one suffering from the other? Because it's different.

Yes, they are still responsible for their mistakes, even if I sympathize with them and realize that if I were in their shoes, the chance would be high that I'd do the same. They still have to bear the consequences. But to be so dismisssive (like; dude, you're not special. Everyone has suffered) when the FL knows that her own son was in that circle before her reincarnation, is kind of narrow-minded of her.

I expected more from her. Especially as she's trying to "counsel" people. Her son got the benefit of meeting a person that could change the direction he was going to, before it was too late, but not everyone has that luck/luxury.

That hint of narrow-mindedness was shown multiple times. For example with the husband of the sister of the ml. He ended up a bad guy but her premise of: spoiled when someone forced him was honestly shocking for me. Isn't she supposed to be open-minded? Did that fly out of the window at that moment?


And the second thing is something that bothered me A LOT. This one's about the male lead and I think the author failed miserably with this aspect. As the male lead of the story had the least character development of them all. Literally side characters had more character development.



The ML only really changed with the fl. With his children he stayed the same, even after years of getting along well.

In the beginning I understood why he was so detached from his children and the only thing he really had was a sense of responsibility for them. But of this detachment can change for his wife, why not with his children too? Just to highlight the charm the FL has?

Every freaking positive thought we saw of him was about the fl. Even when the family was laughing and having fun and being amusing, he never thought things like "my children are amusing" or being happy about how his children were laughing. It was always in the perspective of "I love how my wife is laughing".

Wife, wife, wife. I was already getting irritated by it, but I still had hope. Especially after he took some hits for Sanwang. Because Danwang was thinking "father's love is like a mountain", I thought it would be the start of something new. But no. It never came.

Only that chapter he had himself beaten for the child and the one where the FL was on the phone with Danwang and the FL was saying in her head that the eyebrows were more gentle, were literally the only two indicators that he loved and cared about them.

But that's really not enough for me. After no more indicators after all those chapters (only contra-indicators), that taking the punishment for the child thing became impure for me. In the sense that he only did it because the FL was begging with his eye or/and because the sense of responsibility. As it seems like that was the only thing he had for the children. And the second one with the phone became a "familiarity brings calm" thing.

At the the end I was completely disappointed. Especially that part where the children got punished for a mistake the FL made! She makes a mistake but you can't bear to punish her directly only indirectly by punishing the children? Wow. I was seriously irritated with him at that moment. If it was a choice like "do you want to get stronger so that you can protect your mother", I would not be so disgusted as I was at that moment.

Seriously, he only thought about driving his kids away. And when they were away, not a single thought about missing them. Not even a little. That was not cute. I get him wanting to experience a relationship of a couple before having kids. I understand. But not in this way. You can enjoy and be thrilled about a new chapter of your life, but still be sad and miss your children.

The FL lead also utterly failed in this department. She was like "stimulate his strengths and helping with his weaknesses" or something like that but she failed. Only thing that changed was him loving the FL and doing more and more for her. Not blaming the FL her but I had hope because of this.

He was a cr@ppy dad from beginning till the end. In the beginning, he could only think of his job and never spare a thought for his family. And afterwards it was the wife and job. But children? Nah~~

Only when he needed them to be able to protect the wife after the burglary attempt. Or when the FL basically "forced" it.


A real shame author. I loved him and his character. But that was with the premise that there would be character development. Static characters are NOT interesting. Even if in the beginning he's intriguing and cool. Like that, even side-characters become more interesting. <<less
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Jun 23, 2021
Status: c182
Just what I'm looking for, pure Slice of Life story without mary sue, child swap or strange CEOs.

I reading MTL but the story is interesting, it might have some problems and strange at some points but still funny and not boring to read at least this what I feel about the part I read.

... more>>

Somehow I feel that the author made ML personality somewhat missed up, he looks too cold with low EQ but holds a relatively high position that requires high EQ. the writer also made him ONLY affectionate to the MC which is a little.. mm.. yeah I agree with the previous review, it's a little too much to make his feelings dead and only shows up if its about the MC.

another problem is self centered view point (if I used the correct words) which is a common problem with almost all the CN novels I read, people act strange when it comes to the MC and as long as it's something the MC does or is in favor of him/her it's right even if it's wrong and if it's against the MC it's wrong even if it's right. This novel didn't go too far like some others but it's still annoying for me sometimes

personally I feel that the ending was too sudden and the extra chapters were somewhat ruched and could have been done better, I also wish the novel was longer and has more chapters, sigh...


PS. - Don't expect OP characters, cheats (golden finger), supernatural events (except transmigration and rebirth) or pointless face slapping all the time (there is face slapping but it's logical and in place)

-there are some common traits of that era that might make some readers uncomfortable (including me sometimes) <<less
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Nov 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This is heart warming.

It is a pure Slice of Life story without mary sue, child swap or strange CEOs.. Most of the story revolves about the growth of their family and their children.

My only complaint is the character of the ML.

It has a great ending and I wish there were extras for her sons since we got to know her daughter's ending.
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May 26, 2021
Status: c88
2022.05.22 Chapter 88. Finally, the dam fool wakes up! Cruelty as a social norm is disgusting. Thank you writer and translator.

2022.03.26 At chapter 55. This is typical old Asian filial piety stuff that is relevant to the time so deal with it because it is the essential part of the backstory. It is aggravating as heck, but the family is progressing naturally so it is believable. My blood-pressure spiked for sure. I really like the kids and how they behave like kids would, with some holding their parents accountable. Thank... more>> God I do not have to endure this lifestyle of filial piety, otherwise, I would be writing this review from a prison cell due to unfilial charges being filed against my right and left fists.

2021.05.26 Finished chapter 3, and I like how the characters are developing so far. They aren't flat and passive. I will update my review as the story progresses. FL is presented as someone who is scared of children and how icky they can be. Relatable. Hopefully she will not be OP and flawless to the point that it is boring. ML's perspective is included early on so there is somewhat of an active role on his part to return home. Let's hope he isn't a silent, passive, work grunt who only knows how to boink boink. The children seem to have their own personalities, roles, and contribution to saving their family. They seem to be more than just hungry, dirty, and helpless bear cubs. <<less
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Jun 13, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is heart warming. There are only clashes in the beginning and the Han family are seldom mentioned. Most of the story revolves about the growth of their family and their children.

My only complaint is the character of the ML, his feelings are dead and it only shows up if its about Linlan.

All in all, its a good read.
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Nov 03, 2021
Status: Completed
What an awesome read and definitely recommend it. I mtled the whole thing and it was about 80% readable and understandable.

Give this novel a try and you will definitely not regret. I have read other books of this genre like Back to the 60s, Bai fu mei among others and this is hands down my favorite and the best (IMO).

Great ending and I wish there were extras for her sons since we got to know her daughter's ending.
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Aug 27, 2021
Status: c186
In love with this story. In love with how the entire story progresses. In love with how the characters interact with each other. Very reasonable plot as well. The transmigrator does not instantly fell in love with her instant children, and it took years I believe to bridge the gap between the mother and the child she'd practically abandoned before. And the gradual way that the characters came to love each other? Gosh I'm in love. In love with how she educated her children, in love with how she came... more>> to love all of them, and in love with how she accepted and love other people into her family as well. I'm just in love with this story as a whole.

I mtl-ed this story and it's quite understandable. There are like 40% that don't really make sense in every chapter given the mtl, but this story is worth my headache. Will certainly read the translation again later. <<less
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Jan 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Same as previous review on this thread, It has the same vibe as Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy and raise cubs.

The FL has no space or other cheat on her and the story here is more detailed when it comes to giving more of the stories towards the children.

It was a progress on how their lives got better not to the point like super rich just like the Back to the Sixties but it was pleasant to read. I specially like San Wang, he is so sunny and... more>> the rest of the kids are all good. The story focused on the kids improvement and not just the rebirth and all

I like this story more.

It's quite unfair to rate this low when you haven't read them and just the beginning.

If the story is all good from start to finish, then where's the progress and spice in all that. When she transmigrate, that's her part to improve the plot nad that's what's she did. <<less
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Dec 16, 2021
Status: c170
Hands down the best time travel to the 60s you’ll ever read. Everything is balanced, ML is amazing, kids are amazing. FL is practical, empathic, sweet and capable. The story feels real in a way transmigration rarely is. Definitely worth MTL
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Dec 04, 2021
Status: Completed
It's an entertaining read. You're always on your toes despite this being a Slice of Life novel. You just get a hunch that someone will do something bad, you're just not sure how. Before you know it, this keeps happening throughout the story, but it's just subtlety played out. I completely agree with this part of Adelina92's review: the 5 children are flawed in their own way. They are not perfect and they don't instantly become good kids when their mother changed souls. Their character development was gradual and with... more>> sufficient reason. The ending is actually good at tying up ends, but the fanwai ended up leaving you hanging.

This novel has my pet peeves though. (See spoiler)


1.) MC is from the recent times, but she can't even talk about Health education with her sons and daughter -heck even with her husband. MC can't event tell her husband about cond*ms when they obviously need it every night. She just keeps saying nonsense things; it's infuriating. Even when she knows that it's a bad thing for children to be so ignorant about s3x and hygiene education, she still doesn't educate her kids and let them figure these things out themselves BECAUSE SHE'S TOO SHY? Wtf women in their commune get taken advantage of and have twisted outlook regarding their bodies and yet you don't educate your kids because you're too shy to talk about it? Mind you - she's a propaganda leader for women's education regarding this stuff.

2.) The romance between MC and husband is just husband being s3x-obsessed. Author makes it a point to tell how husband has this huge s3x drive and how MC is so tired that she wakes up at afternoon everyday. (◔_◔) I'm not even exaggerating. The husband's whole personality is just a cold guy with no emotions except love (?) and lust for his wife. Oh my wife is sad? How about I give her a hot kiss until her knees go weak. Oh my wife is uneasy about an upcoming danger? How about I have s3x with her even when it's an inappropriate time. My wife is so anxious to the point of not eating and being in a daze all day? Oh let me just forcefully kiss her and almost r*pe her so she'll give me attention. He's not a bad husband per se, but as a character in a novel? He's so one-dimensional and unlikeable, with no character development at all.
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Nov 27, 2021
Status: Completed
as shown in the tags, this is a slice of life novel.

I love how the MC doesn't have a golden finger but has skill, high iq and high eq but not too domineering like they own the world.

ML is not too ceo type or domineering type.. just military type.. but still the classic doting ML type.. and I still love it.

i also like the kiddos in this novel and their character growth. its rare for me to like kiddos in these kind of novels because they are usually portrayed as... more>> too perfect. here they grew to become better and better from being losers. this novel shows how great people are not born to be one but made to be one..

although there may be lapses like the scenes suddenly jumping to another, its fine since you can easily catch up and its not a big loss since its just a slice of life.

overall... I rate this novel 5 <<less
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Sep 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked this story, initially I have not much expectation for some reviews here, but I decided read it anyway and I don't regret it, the story for me was amazing, funny, hearty and full of so many advice that actually are very useful.

All 5 kids stole my heart, the author could've do an extra for for Da wang and the rest of the kids with their family in the present, and Shen Yu and Yan Yan.
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Oct 09, 2022
Status: Completed
I would say my true score for this is 4.5, but since there's no half-scores allowed, I rounded up. The translation chapters at the time of review are in the 200s, but the actual story is at around chapter 33 of the raws. This is because the translator splits up the raw chapters into multiple smaller chapters. I understand when translators do this because sometimes raw chapters are quite long and I'm sure it's easier to translate smaller chunks at a time, but I wish they would use accurate naming... more>> conventions (e.g. chapter 33.1, 33.2, 33.3) instead of giving each chunk a new chapter number. I did enjoy the translated story enough to finish the novel MTL, so that's what my review is based on.

I think this is the first 60s/70s novel I've read where the FL didn't turn to reselling things to make more money and live better, but this makes sense because the ML is in a position of authority and it would be bad if the FL were to be rumored or caught reselling. So the family does rely solely on the work points and the ML's benefits and rewards to live on, but because he has a job with higher benefits, they don't live as badly as others. In addition, because the ML used to be higher up in the army, there are some savings to fall back on, although prying that away from the ML's mother was an ordeal and a half, lol.

It's strange for me to say this, but I really think my favorite parts here are when the FL confronts unreasonable family members, whether it's her MIL or her natal family's youngest SIL. Usually, conflicts like that are used too often and only for adding unnecessary drama to novels, but I think the difference in this novel is that it's not just the same issue on repeat. There are actual consequences for some characters and some characters do learn and grow to be better people, although not all, and that itself is realistic enough. And the FL is pretty reasonable as well, where she's fine if people don't like her or disagree with her, as long as they leave her alone to live her life. If they come to make trouble, though, then she won't hesitate to scold them, but she never goes overboard with it like some FLs do in other novels where she plots revenge. Of course, if people are kind to her, she is happy to be kind to them back.

The ML is pretty much the strong, silent type, as is typical of this genre. He's a former soldier and he's pretty strict with the kids, and I understand why there are some reviewers who think he has no bond with the children at all because he does come off as being emotionally distant from them. But I think maybe this is a cultural issue? I'm Asian myself, though not Chinese, and to me he felt like the typical Asian dad who never talks about about feelings but is there for silent support. Like, he does spend time with the kids and he's not overly strict with them, the times he does punish them are well warranted, modern views on corporal punishment aside. And he isn't overly controlling with planning futures for the kids, he lets them to do what they want to do and decide on their futures themselves. He also supports the FL and is reasonable in his expectations of her relationship with his parents, considering how his mother treated his family while he was gone.

For the most part, I feel like all the characters in this novel are pretty grounded. I will say there were elements of the story I did not like, as this isn't a perfect novel, and most of those things happened towards the later third or so of the novel. Some minor spoilers:

  • The FL ends up joining the propaganda brigade to educate people about some things, which at first was fine. But the longer she went on and the more she was promoted, of course the more actual propaganda she had to spout to her kids and to other characters, so that ended up pretty annoying.
  • The third son ends up going overseas and that was terrible to read. I always cringe when Chinese novels try to set things outside of China and bring in foreign characters because these authors are always terrible at it.
  • For the overarching plot, for some reason, the author ended the main text before it was resolved? And then used the extras to resolve it... did the author forget about it and was reminded by the readers? Lol it was just weird that the main hidden plot was solved via extras and not the actual novel.
Despite the above issues, I did enjoy the novel very much overall. The FL and ML's journey towards caring about each other was nicely written, and I liked that the FL was very much out of her comfort zone as a mother in the beginning but rose to the occasion. <<less
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Fujaiya Sumyoshi
Fujaiya Sumy
May 11, 2023
Status: Completed
First and foremost, I congratulate myself for finishing this novel.

Next, I want to light a candle (no pun intended) for the OG Lin Lan. From here onwards it's all spoilers about the OG Lin Lan, please proceed with caution.

... more>>

She was a genuine tragic heroine. Terrible in-laws, unsupportive husband (Yes, it's the ML), blindness towards kind mother whom she thought to be uncaring, etc. The pregnancy and birth of each of the children had eaten away her patience with her in-laws and her love towards her children. Her helplessness at being unable to provide anything for them, and looking at their broken and miserable state made her unconsciously want to see a loved child, her nephew from the younger brother's side. Since her youngest whom she gave birth to, was sick, traumatized, and unable to behave normally, she preferred a healthy nephew over her sick one. Her preference and love towards Mai Sui show that she wasn't incapable of loving, but rather her intolerance for the things that were out of her control. The youngest child was despised because his birth was traumatic to OG Lin Lan (referring to the near-death experience due to a kick from a village woman who admired FL's husband)

OG Lin Lan's behavior of taking fancy things to show off in her parents' house could be explained as a subconscious act to show the parents that she's also blessed. Her parents mostly wanted her to be happily married, and would have provided for her has she asked for it, but she didn't borrow from the parents, ever. One by one, she gave birth to five children without help from anyone, even the mother-in-law was as shrewd as possible, and would take away all the money sent by the husband of OG Lin Lan. A starving Lin Lan could see the blatant favoritism the MIL showed but couldn't fight back because the husband was never there for her. Whenever the husband returned, he would just bang her into pregnancy and leave again (how I want to respect these kinds of people with the bottom of a shoe!), and timid OG Lin Lan never got to complain.

The transmigration is like a whole different story, with a handsome kind husband, and mature children. OG Lin Lan deserved something like this. I feel sad for her, period


The transmigrator Lin Lan, I will just call her TG Lin Lan, who came with the knowledge from the novel was able to show her modern strong femina persona and save the world (her children, her husband, even China here) from a big disaster. The whole time, to make the novel tolerable, I pretended OG Lin Lan belonged to a different novel because every piece of TG Lin Lan's happiness could have been hers. The ML was a perfect cold-macho-stoic-soldier persona who hatefully came too late (OG Lin Lan is dead). One would think my sympathy for OG Lin La is going overboard, but let me prove why it is not. ML only have love for TG Lin Lan, he smiles at her, shows her all the consideration of the world, and shows the children sympathy and so-called-fatherly love because of her. It means, before TG Lin Lan, he didn't spare a glance at his children. Flashbacks from the OG novel show the very same thing.

Dawang at least tries to revenge his parents' death in the novel by killing the villains, that's his filial piety, but ML doesn't deserve it.


Yes, after TG Lin Lan's arrival, everything changed, but without her, ML wouldn't even glance at his starving, miserable children. That is why, no matter how changed (reformed) ML is after TG Lin Lan, I just can't like him.

Why 4 star then? Well, because I pretended these two parts of the novel are two different novels, and really liked the later part where I didn't have to think about the sad death of the OG Lin Lan.

The later part was a good read. The village arc was intolerable due to many reasons. That's all. <<less
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Jun 02, 2022
Status: --
I sometimes don't understand how the average stories would get good ratings and reviews.

Honestly this story was flawed from the beginning when the depressed and instable original owner was labelled as shrew. Just from few words of narration will get to know that her life was miserable. She had no support or love from maternal family or at the least someone who could guide her. Her husband was away leaving five kids to take care all by herself and his family didn't make her life any easier.

The disappointing thing was... more>> ML, even though he knew about the family situation and had little affection for his wife but ended up having five kids! (This dude got me so mad!). But the FL ends up getting all his love and everlasting affection but the original owner gets only pain and depression.

This isn't the type of story I wish to read so bye. <<less
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Feb 25, 2022
Status: Completed
(~‾▿‾) ~ I love it

Lin Lan basically become my favourite people who transmigrate to 70s. I've read so many 70s genre that I felt so annoyed by them as they try to scam people or blatantly break the law because they just know better. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ but well poverty really dig away everyone dignity anyway.

This is slice of life genre during the time China was about to open up to the outside world. We'll get a glimpse of author's view of one own motherland. A lot of love/proud... more>> for the country.

The way Lin Lan also consider development of the country while trying to live the best of her life is actually nice.

If you strongly dislike the military or China then you might not like this book though. It's a soft power to promote the country anyway.

It's kind of interesting when you read the news about the country relationship with other countries and then you see how author portrayed the people of certain country (。•́︿•̀。) but I felt so bad to what happened with Iran actually many western Asia countries that develops so well during 60s70s but because of conflict and war and fuel. Looks at how they are now ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

Anyway the story of how LinLan lives with 5 children and the husband is also fun.

I like the suspense of villain but I also hate it's developed too slow.


At one point when Han QingSong felt the insecurity because he's dreamt about LinLan dying/disappeared then he acted up on spot got me sneered and want to smack him a little.

He was the one who make original Lin Lan felt so insecure that later leads to all the destruction points. Never care what his mother did to his family. Because of his habit to not speaking irritated me so much.

Somehow I felt like the original LinLan is the past life of LinLan. That's why she didn't feel like forming a family or liking the child in modern era. And then fate lead her back to the past life. That's why she can get the memory of original LinLan when she transmigrated plus CaiHua POV make it feels like this isn't about wearing a book character but actually traverse back to the past.


in fact, highschool tiredness is aimed at learning. As long as you don't study, highschool is actually not so tired (≧Д≦) the author exposed me here <<less
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Feb 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I love this novel.

Like, this is one of the very few novels that I am willing to read the MTL and I don't regret it one bit.

The characters and plot are very well-written, and I could feel the emotions even when the sentences sometimes don't make sense (because you know, MTL).

... more>> I laughed, cried and my blood boils while reading this novel, which is pretty rare for me since I have high standards for novels.

But, I'll admit. As much as I love this novel, there are two major issues that kept bothering me while reading ;


Firstly, the ML's attitude towards the childrens. At the beginning, it makes sense that he didn't have deep feelings for his childrens since he rarely ever saw them but as the story progressed, I am quite disappointed with him as he never takes the initiative to get closer to his childrens unless the FL told him to. And towards the end, I hate how he used the childrens to punish the FL for a mistake that's not even the children's fault because he couldn't bear to punish the FL. So yeah, he kinda lost my respect after that.

Secondly and probably the issue that single handedly made me almost wanted to stop reading the novel a few times but I couldn't bear to, is how the writer glorify communism (I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen a single review talking about this). And what baffled me the most is the fact that MC is supposed to be from the modern day but still glorify and almost worshipping Chairman Mao and the communist ideology despite the hardships and suffering they brought to the country. But, I kinda get it as the conditions of China at the time was very harsh to those who oppose the party at the time. It made me very uncomfortable but I skipped most of the part concerning the issue so it doesn't bothers me as much.


So yeah, overall a very good novel except for the two things that bothered me, but it's still worth reading.

Personal rating : 4.6 <<less
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Sep 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtled this so I might not be as accurate with the deets. I rated this 4 stars for the ff reasons:

1. Although this is technically SoL genre, the additional scenes was very interesting.

like the gang arc


2. There’s a lot of cliché scenes but tbh it’s not as cringy as it seems. I’m talking about the face slapping in almost every rivaly scene with MC, getting kidnapped/hostaged etc. But it’s not that abrupt in the text. I mean the author didn’t include it there just for fck’s sake, so the flow wasn’t as bad. The faceslapping isn’t as unrealistic the author gave some modicum of ‘reason’ why MC wins or whatever. And MC doesn’t always hold her wins over everyone she doesn’t necessarily gloat or peacocks everywhere

3. ML was not that OP and with an all encompassing talent. He was good at some and a few things which was realistic given his background. He feels alive.

4. The children were delightfully different from each other and carefully crafted personas that grows and progress. I like the dynamic they have too.

5. The villians are pretty weak tbh like her brigade shrew women rivals, that educated youth from the other brigade forgot her name. I never feel like the MC or her family will suffer a loss cuz their just plain s*upid. Most issues were rectified quickly. So I’m subtracting some points to my rating. But at the same time There were some ‘villains’ who are in the gray area which I appreciate and can infer their motives but very tricky too because they hide in the dark. Anyway those select few villains are what added the stars back

5. The ending kinda abrupt but also seems like the author just kinda got tired. I feel bad about watching all the children growing up and we only get the daughter’s’extra story’. Why was her lovelife the only one written? Why not the eldest bro or 2nd bro 😔 I feel that there were more content there that could’ve been expounded.
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