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A young man who had longed for stories of good and evil since childhood lost his life in a tragic accident and was reincarnated as a boy named Chrono Mak in another world.

He learned that in this other world, there is magic and witchcraft, and depending on how you train them, you can become as strong as you want to be, so he decided to become the strongest demon king in order to recreate the story of justice and evil he once dreamed of.

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Furuki Maou no Monogatari o!
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15 Reviews

New Hokuss
Nov 23, 2023
Status: c50
This is extremely badly written or translated. There seems to be no feelings or build up in the climatic scenes whatsoever.

The author seemed to have taken inspiration from emminence in shadow but had failed miserably to account for what makes the shadow so good. The main character seems unwilling at best. He does no evil deed, yet calls himself demon king. He hides his identity for very little reason unlike shadow.

Change of POV come at the worst time. It feels like the author is trying to create misunderstanding inside the... more>> characters itself?

The author gives no reason why he knows such level fighting style and the background is also very unclear. Rest is history. <<less
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New ItzMuffins
Nov 07, 2023
Status: --
Hi, I came in to write in my review about this novel as the soon to be TL here....

First of all, the only reason I'm taking over the TL for this novel (Cyborg-tl was the prev TL) is because I am a huge sucker for this chuuni type novels centered mainly on the MC and this Eminence in Shadow vibes really gets me:

i.e. ... more>>

M.C has different identities and that there is a huge secret organization that has a church as the main antagonist like that


basically a nice novel one can read with their brain turned off and not have to think too much about <<less
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Nov 19, 2020
Status: c12
I am enjoying this story immensely, but it has just started. The only reason I gave it a five is because it does not deserve its current 3.8. So far, they have just done the setup. Basically, a Sid esque figure, who loves straight forward absolute good vs absolute evil conflict, is reincarnated into a magical world. His plan after he reincarnates is to simply become the ultimate demon king and then fake his death at the hands of the hero. Similar to Sid and Liam from Shadow Eminence and... more>> Intergalactic Overlord, respectively, the protagonist does not actually enjoy evil and simply enjoys performing surface level acts that he thinks are villainous. One minor tweak to the established formula is that he is actively trying to create a hero to defeat him to fulfill his fantasy, which I think could lead to some great moments. I am writing this prematurely, but I think this has potential. It has been hitting all the right beats and has been scratching that itch left behind by Shadow Eminence. If the absurdity is not for you then so be it, but please do not give it harsh reviews just because you do not like the genre. Finally, I am calling on you three and four starers, please, if you think this story has any potential give it as high a rating as possible before it is dropped. <<less
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Mar 14, 2021
Status: c55
This story is pretty decent. You'll probably notice that this story is very similar to the powers in the shadows (shadows eminence). There is however a key difference which makes this one a better read in my opinion (avoiding the horrible translation which I will get into). Power in the shadows really focuses on the perception of other characters on the main character Cid, which is fun but for me got a little stale. It felt like everything including characters was a backdrop to focus on misunderstandings on Cid and... more>> the world revolved around him. For this one however though still shallow like most of these light novels I feel like focuses more on the world. Instead of the world revolving around the main character it feels like the main character has intruded into the world and has shaken the balance. I'm giving it a lot of credit but remember it's very shallow! I read these not for the depth but because they're fun!

Warning though, back to what I preluded to earlier. The translation, if you can even call it that, is very bad!! It's just a mtl with an editor! I'm used to these but for many it's bad! The reason I'm giving this five stars is because I want more attention to it and for an actual translator to pick this up!!!!!!

Oh yeah prob give it a 4.2 <<less
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Jul 21, 2022
Status: c50
Honestly I’ll make it short. Translation is garbage and an mtl. I can handle misspelled words and all but when your sentences in every chapter end up being so confusing you can’t understand what’s happening in dialogue it turns you off. I’ve seen the same name misspelled 3 times in the same paragraph. The characters that show up tend to disappear. Indefinitely? No clue 50 chapters in the potential for the first heroine that appeared in like ch 3 haven’t seen her since. #3 and 4? No clue been over... more>> 30 chapters. And for some god aweful reason past maybe chapter 30ish? The MC became concerned about money and everything about the MC has completely changed. And I mean like 80% the first 15 years of his life like breeze through like a whirlwind for the first 10ish chapters but the past month has taken 40 chapters.

I love the concept. I like the MC and the story. But it’s all a sh*t show. Terrible translation, characters have very little development (at least to this point). Only really one does. And it’s not the MC. MC turns wishy washy. The whole plot turns into a leave it luck factor where every advancement of the story is just really a large misunderstanding. I want to read it I do. But I don’t think I can handle it anymore tbh <<less
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Jun 22, 2022
Status: c20
2 stars is the best thing I can give this.

Story wise, this is of the same vein as Cid's story but the comedy is lacking compared to Cid's. What I have enjoyed so far is the lack of harem scenes although harem tag can be seen. As long as you know the story of Eminence in the Shadows, you can enjoy this story. If we're talking about the story alone, I would give this a good 3.5.

Now, the reason why the I gave this a two is because of the... more>> UI of the site and the brain damage I've felt from reading the TL. The Ads are annoying when using a phone and the TL was horrid. I understand that you have poor English, but at the end of the day, the result is the only thing that people will value. <<less
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Sep 17, 2023
Status: --
Honestly, the story is very solid. Save for a continuous introduction of different side characters that hardly matter. The translation on the site is very shitty though... I myself have only made it far since I have read my fare share of mtls.

Some might alike the story to be like a budget Eminence in shadow, but NO. The only aspect that the MC doesn't know is how he is being romantically involved with the heroines and a few misunderstanding to install some light tone to the story, everything is something... more>> he actually know.
The story revolves around a guy who admires heroics. He has his own symbol of justice and his own vision of a hero. The moment he reincarnates in another world though, he finds out that the hero is just some symbol of peace, the demon lord is just some secluded country's king, and many more. He doesn't like this, he wants a straight forward hero vs evil. So he brings it upon himself to reenact this; by becoming a demon lord himself and train the hero that would defeat him. <<less
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Apr 06, 2021
Status: c10
The premise and the 1st few chapters are really good but it's already finished by chapter 10 (after the 2nd time skip)

The MC is a pro-justice MC who feel bored in his fantasy world and decide to play the famous hero against demon king plot.... Unfortunately there is no need for a hero since the bad demon king is already defeated and his successor is a pacifist. So he decided to be the demon king and find a suitable person to be the hero......

But like I said, he's a... more>> justice hungry MC so he only develops the hero part of the story.... He's the poorest demon king ever.... A lone demon king in his self build demon king castle in the middle of nowhere -_- He could have recruited some people but either he let them be or either he put them in the hero party :-/

Usually the demon king has a huge advantage over the hero and the hero improves himself thanks to the battle against the demon king army but here the MC is just alone, so to train the hero's team he planned some encounters between them and usual villains....

He acts like a demon king in front of other (except his family and fellow villagers because he don't want to be treated as a demon king when he's a justice seeker) but other than his power and acting he has nothing of a demon king (he's a demon who is 100% human like, just a higher lifespan -_-) no subordinates and a castle nobody can see because in the middle of nowhere.

"To be a power in the shadow" is way better in it's realisation (It's the same thing except here the hero's team doesn't know they work for the MC, everything else is the same) <<less
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Mar 14, 2023
Status: c3
Unfortunately, I had to abandon my reading after only three chapters. The translation is among the worst I have ever read, and I read a lot of awful translations in my life. There is not a single sentence that is structured naturally or coherently, despite the original writing style being extremely linear and direct.

Other than that, from the little I have been able to read, the story seems exceptionally superficial and bland. The style is, as I mentioned earlier, direct and linear. It almost feels like reading a hastily written... more>> diary—hardly any details and descriptions are given.

The premise is interesting, but the total absence of narrative momentum throughout the three chapters made it impossible to overcome the translation problem and vice versa.

If I could have given it a chance, I might have enjoyed it more, but I doubt it, as the writing is bland and usually this leads to boring and underdeveloped stories with superficial plots.

I gave it two stars only because the idea is nice and not overused in the sea of (Japanese) web novels out there, although there are other exponents in the vast internet sea.

If you are a die-hard fan of chuunibyou characters seeking to realise their dream of an epic saga culminating in the clash between hero and villain in another world and you are able to stomach very bad mtl translations, this may be for you. <<less
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Jan 20, 2022
Status: c8
A super fast paced high fantasy comedy webnovel.

I had read only a couple of chapters of this webnovel but I already have so many opinions about this. I should start with the things I like the most--which is fewer than the things I don't like.

I enjoyed the plot. It is decent and pretty interesting. The subplots are what making me wanted to progress through the story.

The translation is fine. I like the heroines of this webnovel; I enjoyed thoroughly their povs. They do lack some depth but compared to the... more>> other 80% Japanese webnovels/lightnovels I'd read in the past, these heroines are already better.

Let's move on to the things that I don't like--though I've already stated one above.

I should start of how confusing the prose is. It's very telly; I can't picture what's happening clearly, and their movements are dull. It really bugs me when I was reading this, and sometimes you would see an adjective that should'nt be there--though I can't tell whether it's the translator or the author.

I think the number one thing that the readers would notice after reading a couple of chapters is the very fast pacing. It's okay to have a very fast paced story but in this webnovel, there are a lot of things missing, hence it gets very confusing.

Tone of this story doesn't work for me. I think the author is trying to mix comedic and serious based on its prose and povs. They are trying to mix the two of those together but it sometimes becomes a mess and thus making it feels insincere. This gave me a vibe similar to a Light Novel I'd read before, and it feels like the author is trying to achieve that but it did not work.

First person perspective and third person omniscient is the two perspectives in this novel. The first person is decent while the third person omniscient feels lacking. Like I said earlier, it is very telly, but for some reason, the third person became a tiny bit less telly but it did not take advantage over the pov.

Main character is very boring to me. I feel like he's just there to take the us to the more interesting characters. Like I said earlier, it is very confusing, and thus I don't know whether he got reincarnated or not.

He said something in the later chapters that contradict of the first chapter where he died and got reincarnated.


His motivations are unknown. He did want to become the demon king like he said in the first chapter, but that is rather weak and not a motivation to me.

There are not just enough reasons to convince the me why would he left the village and go on an adventure. He did killed some bandits on the way, but why? His motivations are unknown in the first place. There are not that enough chapters when he was in the village, and I believe extending that would be worthwhile. Why would he kill some bandits even though he wanted to be evil? There are a lot of ways for the MC to become the demon king, and I don't think going on an adventure and save some random girl's lives would end up him to be a demon king.


His goals contradict his behaviours. I think what viable word for this character should be: cardboard cut.

He became op--and this is not a spoiler because this happens just a few chapters--and where did he get that? This is not very well explained. He became op out of nowhere. Great.

The other characters are what I found more interesting, and I wish I have more pov of them while the MC is in adventure.

The world building is generic. The magic system is not explained in the first place and I should not be surprised to not get any explanation about the world. The mc's way of gathering information is a turn off for me because it's very telly; it didn't world build upon the country. This is high fantasy and I expected to have a great world building.

Overall, I will continue to read this. If you like a mix of comedy and seriousness, then this is might be for you. If you like pretty good characters and not just there to flock over the MC, this might be for you. <<less
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Jul 06, 2021
Status: c72
Lets get comparisions to Eminence in Shadow out of the way.
It's not very similiar in execution just setup, I expect to see this trope pop up more if this also becomes succesful (similiar to the villianess or not evil villian tropes became popular).

The MC is likable but weirdly dense or highly perceptable, to the point he doesn't feel "tangable". Most of the story is borderline SoL and fight scenes are typically anticlimatic. None of the supporting cast stand out or actually ever fight, the MC fights pretty much exclusively.... more>> No magic system or defined strenght, MC is kills the strongest guy in a 1v1 on like chapter 3.

It's not bad, I enjoy the trope and wish to see other stories flesh it out and deconstruct it. This is a simple attempt which held my attention to the current chapter. <<less
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Novelty Tea
Novelty Tea
Jul 05, 2021
Status: c18
Good concept, mediocre characters, horrible translation.

It's a mix between I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire and Eminence in Shadow.

Although the concept is good, the characters are really mediocre, I can't even remember the MC's name, other than the times when it is specifically mentioned. The backstories seem contrived and pointless, and the author drops random people into the story at random intervals. Author has introduced over 10 characters, yet only 3 matter.

A thing that the author never does is name the character, and it's really annoying, they all... more>> refer to the other party without a name, so it get's confusing who the hell is talking 90% of the time, flashbacks are random, and make zero sense in the context of the matter, and just generally s*upid.

Now, let me talk the translation. It's just plain horrible, it seems to have just put it into Deepl and uploaded it onto his website without the slightest proofreading or editing. alot of sentences are cut off into -'......', which is s*upid as it's always midsentence so I have to spend half a minute figuring out wtf the author meant by that. The grammar is horrible, the writing is convoluted, the website has an ad that stays on your screen for the entire time whilst blocking 1/8th of it. It's just plain lazy overfilled with annoying ad's that has almost made me want to copy paste the text into docs.

TL;DR Horrible translation and website, alright story. <<less
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Jan 15, 2021
Status: c38
If you get through the intro its a pretty fun story to read and actually got me to chuckle a few times. Though I will say, the first chapter hurt to read.
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Oct 02, 2023
Status: c40
In short, it has similar setting as Eminence of the Shadow, but less refined. It has few inconsistency, blind spots, and less developed characters, although I don't know if I have to blame that to Author or to the Translator.

Easily recommended if you enjoy story like Cid's.
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Nov 12, 2022
Status: c140
The story itself is very good, the author be though is very annoying and childish. Creates a cliffhanger, then tries to sustain it by filling the next few chapters with different events, in the end making the reader unable to enjoy those chapters since he's looking forward to the cliffhanger getting resolved then getting annoyed. And the way the MC is always being kept away from the start of fights for any st*pid reason is just annoying
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