Storm of Prophecy


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The story follows the brotherhood of a imprisoned half-human half-spirit prince, an abandoned son of a general, and the heir of a slaughtered tribe as they uncover the secrets of their past and seek both revenge and justice for the ones they love.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Hai Shang Muyun Ji
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy
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Novoland – YuChuanShuo (Shared Universe)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
05/12/17 Yang Guang de Xia Tian c1 part4
05/01/17 Yang Guang de Xia Tian c1 part3
04/20/17 Yang Guang de Xia Tian c1 part2
04/16/17 Yang Guang de Xia Tian c1 part1
04/15/17 Yang Guang de Xia Tian prologue
08/26/16 lazuliwinkle prologue
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