Stepping on the Demon Sect Witch to Become the Strongest


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In my previous life, I was mediocre at best, never reaching the pinnacle. But after traveling back in time, this time… I will become the strongest in this world! Becoming the strongest in this world requires just three simple steps:

1. Find the demoness who just crossed over on the street.

2. Subdue demons and vanquish evil spirits.

3. Take her cultivation techniques. Alright! Invincible already!


Many years later, Yan Yu, who has earned the title of “the strongest,” accepts an interview with a television host.

Host: To achieve today’s success, who do you most want to thank?

Yan Yu: I want to thank a woman who is crucial to me.

Host (brightening up): Oh, is she your wise wife?

Yan Yu: No, more like a stepping stone.

Host (awkwardly): Then… what about the other teammates in your team? They must have also helped you, right?

Yan Yu: How could there be only one stepping stone on the path to Immortality?

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