Step Down, Let Me Come!


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Shen Tang has awoken on the way to exile and discovered that this world was very unscientific.

When the divine stone fell from the sky, numerous kingdoms began to fight against each other.

Scholars could condense wenxin, their words became reality.

Martial artists could create wudan, splitting mountains and breaking seas.

The man she believed to be only a pretty boy told her to “fight” and a moment later he was wearing armor with a spear in hand. One person can become an army and single-handedly win over troops.

Someone that looked like the tuberculosis patient said, “scatter like stars in the sky or chess pieces on a board”. The sky is round, while the land is like a chessboard. The formation of troops can be grasped in passing!

This TM can’t be considered scientific!

It is clear that in this world, theology was the nail in the coffin of science.

And she—

“Your Highness, there is a severe drought in north county, how about you cry a bit?”

Shen Tang: “…”

“Your Highness, there is a flood in Nanzhou, how about you smile more?”

Shen Tang: “…”


Shen Tang has no choice but to abandon her beloved painting brush and accept the path of the strongest.

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AzureNetherworld rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: c761
absolute great read! If you're into female strong with some comedy, this is what you need. It's comedy because the female protagonist is unlucky but lucky at the same time. MC is neither cold-face nor weak/shy, rather, she is more lively and unpredictable (also crafty).

She woke up as a s*ave with a hidden identity but flees. After that, starts her journey to becoming strong (collects subordinates on the way)


wudan = martial arts (ability to create own armour + animal spirit)

wenxin = scholars that uses words to attack (the power of the attack depends on their side effects eg.

one of MC subordinates depends on the amount of banknotes she owns to release a powerful attack


what happened:

so far MC has managed 2 county,


why it's gender bender:

She is androgynous looking but her personality allow her subordinates to disbelieve that she was a female (she never intend to cross-dress, ppl just assume she's a man since only men have wenxin)


on the synopsis she was called "soul chief painter" meaning she is a chief painter in her heart

but her painting is actually just scribbles in her subordinates eyes


why she is strong: while ppl usually only get either wudan or wenxin,

MC has both (apparently ppl who has both are fools so outsiders thinks MC is a fool/lunatic).

She also has a hidden identity. Along her journey, her strength increases but while others make breakthroughs, she on the other hand is more like recovering her powers (it was hinted that she didn't actually transmigrate so we don't know if her previous life was fabricated or not, as she is using her body rather than another's)

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whitespade rated it
October 3, 2023
Status: c901
Fairly hard mtl, need to be experienced

This is a kingdom building novel. So eventhough it's important for the plot for our protagonist to be a female, the protagonist itself and the story structure is typical of a usual male oriented with male lead novels. Do not expect any romance, just bromance and loyalty and nakama and all that jazz.

There's a lot of fighting and classical Chinese, and MTL will rip your brain out a bit trying to wrangle the real meaning but if you slog through it you will be... more>> rewarded with fun characters and an exciting plot.

Also, there's a lot of detailed gore. Author like to describe bloodshed in detail, feels like a bit of author's fetish tbh. So don't read if you are squeamish. <<less
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