Stealing the Empress’ Man


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“I didn’t expect you to get lost in the castle before you even took off your mourning clothes.”

“Seeing you come here in person, I think you remembered that night quite well, Grand Duke.”

Her first marriage gave her wealth and her second marriage gave her power, but her father’s greed did not end there. Even before the funeral of her second husband was over, Eliana’s father was determined to push her into the position of the Emperor’s concubine.

If I have to get married, I will decide for myself.

Then Grady Kryver appeared before her eyes.

A war hero, the previous Emperor’s illegitimate son, the Emperor’s dog, the greatest scoundrel of the Empire, and a ghost that wanders around the Imperial Palace with love for her sister-in-law, the Empress.

There was no way he could stand still at the news of the Emperor was trying to bring in a concubine.

“You have to tell me what you want as a Grand Duke. Isn’t it the Grand Duke who pays the price?”

Grady Kryver loves Empress Rosella.

Eliana decided to risk her fate in the love of Grady Kryver.

You will never fall in love with a man who loves another woman.


Even when Grady bit his lip, Eliana didn’t close her eyes. Rather, she put her hands on his shoulders and hugged him tightly.


A short moan escaped from Grady’s lips.

“Hey, it hurts if you pull my hair like that.”

Eliana, who smiled broadly with her lips covered in blood dripping, leaned down to his ear.

She said, “You’re acting like an uneducated bastard, so I’m just treating you the way you are, Your Highness.”

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황후의 남자를 훔치다
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