Starting With 100 Trillion Spirit Stones


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Xia Yan transmigrates to a world of cultivation with the Supreme Limitless System. After waiting a year for his cheat to activate, he wins 100 trillion stones…

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Vex rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: --
Started reading it and I can already tell that's it's going to be the same cut and paste over and over.

4200+ chapters for a popcorn fast paced story? Please...

I have barely read upto 100 and the MC has already surpassed 6 great realms and turn into some super strong guy. Plus his cheats allow him to one shot anyone 3 great realms above him.

I have asked a friend who somehow read it upto chapter 500. It's the same thing over and over.

I won't suggest reading this story.
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AncestorRebellion rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: c57
I mtl'd 57 chapters and was even planning to go farther than this but unfortunately, the Chinese paywall struck. So far, I'd say the novel good for a binge read, the MC traverses realms as if he's walking (I literally mean it) and he isn't for being just. The MC has a move that can kill an enemy three realms above his own and devour one's cultivation if they're dead; it sounds like the typical system, but much faster progression.

I'm only disappointed that I'll never get to read beyond 57 chapters in my lifetime.
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Error201922 rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: --
This novel is too good, I would highly recommend you reading this. As you all can guess from it's name, the protagonist starts with 100 trillion spirit stones.
If you are a fan of op protagonist then today is your lucky day, the protagonist of this novel is super op.

PS: It's my first review (or second I don't remember)
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Incompetence Hunter
Incompetence Hunter rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: c120
Super repetitive and scale makes no sense. Author will repeat things ad nauseum. A single punch will take up a whole chapter.

The pacing manages to be way too rushed but also way too tediously slow, which is highly impressive. Every fight is a done deal the moment the fight starts, but still manages to take multiple chapters. Every fight involves the enemy attacking, which is nullified completely, and then the MC oneshotting the enemy. This manages to take multiple chapters.

The author thinks it is normal for a modern person to... more>> have s*x with other women while engaged. This is pretty explicitly said. The author also has the Japanese web-novel view of s*avery. AKA, it is fine for the MC to keep them because he saved their lives, and they'll be super grateful. Keep in mind the person the MC is thinking to have s*x with is a 17 year old girl, whom he just rescued from being a s*x s*ave, who is traumatized from being kidnapped and taken into a bandit encampment and auctioned, and whose whole family got mu*dered in front of her in the raid that kidnapped her. Brilliant!

So our traumatized child just saw our morally righteous protagonist kill these bandits (taking about 20 chapters despite their being no threat, and his being able to oneshot them). So she begs him to take her out of there, claiming that she is willing to do anything. So of course, the MC tells her that she will now be her s*ave and her life and death will forever be in her hands. And she is super grateful. And he thinks about how he did it because he hasn't had s*x yet since transmigrating over, and it doesn't matter that he is engaged because he is a 21st century person.

Morals aside, basically the rest of the novel is just random fighting that the MC gets into, which are all solved by one punch, yet which takes multiple chapters. <<less
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johnjmr rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: v1c12
As far as System-Cultivation stories go, it's pretty good. It's got your stock setting of weak-suddenly-faceslaps-family-by-being-strong, with the standard yokels whose only personality trait seems to be arrogantly talking about strong and weak people. That said, the general writing style shows promise, and it feels like more effort than usual is going into the setting, geography, political situations of the empire, and character motivations. I'm mostly neutral on the main character; not much to show personality or depth quite yet, but at minimum we're getting a well-designed self-insert lol.

The negative... more>> reviews are probably coming from the fact that it blatantly rips off

One-Punch Man

for his special ability, which I think is fine to mostly ignore. <<less
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