Starting Today, I’ll Work as a City Lord


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Liu Feng unexpectedly possessed the ability to travel between two worlds. He also has a storage space and became a second-hand dealer of the two worlds.

He began his life as a city lord in the other world when he used a glass from earth to purchase a city.

This is a wonderful world in the cold weapon era. In this world, Liu Feng can see catgirls, fox girls, rabbit girls, and elven princesses any time he wants.

Princess: Liu Feng’s city is the world’s most fortunate city.

Princess: I will definitely move in and live there, even if I have to ** the status of a princess.

Graduate: The technology and ideas used by Liu Feng’s city surpass this world by a thousand years.

King: That place has the world’s tallest buildings and has the world’s strangest things. That place is the world’s wealthiest and most magical city.

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Healfhwit rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: c803
One of the greater city building, slice of life novels out there. 4.5/5

Personally, I can't get enough and have read and am reading more and more raws.

The protagonist's realistic mindset, plan, and methods as well as the variety of character personalities specialties and the different plotlines all blending together making the experience intriguing.

... more>> The only flaw in my eyes story-wise would be it can be considered slow, and the story pace can be disturbed by group transitions sometimes.


Is not a city builder where the protag just has the power of magic to solve all issues, since the beginning the protagonist is always developing his plan of how to build the city, realistic both with the limitations of the isekai and real world.

Is very much like a Slice of Life since not every chapter has city development, sometimes it can be character-driven plot developments that are quite sweet and lovely, everything is a slow development like a bonsai tree according to both Liu Feng's mind and luck.

Lots of harem girls on the very very large harem side though (Almost excessively so)
Currently, I know of (Number of) Harem candidates


(Spoilers Name and type of lady) :

Mina Cat, Nicole Commoner Human, Anri Fox, Wei ya Bunny, Tess Cow, Eliza Elf, Avery Wolf, Frey Bird Loli, Darline Merchant, Catherine Nobel, Lucy Princess, Lea Bird, Bilia Mermaid.


Even with the excessive amount of girls, every character has a unique personality and skill almost, most of the earlier characters get a lot of development characterwise, since the story is more on everyone as a whole developing the territory instead of MC just isekai powering through shit.

The relationship between our protag, the girls, other lords, even the antagonists, if anything is quite realistic even though most characters have excessive personalities there are changes that are enjoyable to discover.


The font of Superglace Trans definitely has to be the saddest thought, hopefully it would be changed

Could use an editor too, but the translation is very readable more so than google translate haha.

I do feel the battles are a bit too heavily favored in the protagonist's direction, but damn is there a reason to it so I can't say it isn't bad, just wish there was a tiny bit more tension.

One of the most boring painful sections of the novel even to the protagonist's eyes was the

Shadow Puppet Show rewrite of Journey to the West,

it was a very slow boring section of the story and honestly quite painful and I just wanted to skip it, some of the other new activities can come off this way too sometimes though.

The cuts between the multiple groups in different places can sometimes break the flow of the story, such as one group in a battle and the other just lazing around eating.

The protagonist can feel a bit too lucky with all the personnel he obtains who are quite powerful and good at their positions, yet it sometimes feels like there aren't enough as well. <<less
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Loulaim rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: c1800
After reading RTW I searched for something close and saw a lot of recommendation about this one. So I decided to checked it out, skimmed through manhwa (it was kinda bad) and then checked novel, since manhwa often can't get even close to novel (look at what this bastards did to RTW). And oh boy, what a horrible experience, it's started fine and the more you read, the worse it becomes. A lot of similar scenes and tropes to RTW, I even felt like they stole it, idk which was... more>> first tho, or maybe they both stole it from somewhere else.

After reading almost 1800 chapters I can't take it anymore.


MC. He is the most boring one here. Can travel between worlds (with storage space around 2m^2) and traveling making his physique stronger and he have some strange ability to feel danger (still not used in any meaningful way), no explanation about this, just because. And suddenly he is the master of mindreading, warfare, city building, most beautiful man in the world, all girls wants him and you can imagine everything else. Extremely lazy way to introduce a person and guess what, 0 personal development, he is always all knowing and ready to everything and playing on easy difficulty, every war till know is just he bulling some medieval ppl. Every girl after introduction start to blush around him and all the dialogs is asslicking all day everyday.

30% of text is description of food, how everyone eating, saying how tasty everything is and thx god (government) for everything. Yes, there a lot of fluff with catgirls eating stuff, but every description is basically all the same and when you read 300+ chapters of same eating stuff with the same words... idk, I felt like this is the easy way to release chapters for author. You can safely turn 300 chapters of eating to 30 and novel gonna be better after this.

Bland characters, I wasn't invested in any character of this novel for some reason, there is no depth, no progression after first 1-4 chapters. The best "progression" way is we have is, piece of sh*t character, they ate yummy food, they become good, they start working for the prosperity of the city (china). Most of the POV's is girls and most of them ended up living in castle (there is no man in castle, besides MC ofc), and castle is the graveyard of any character, the moment they enter there - poof, they tuned down to eating food and saying it's delicious, praising MC and being concerned about MC, ah, and being patted by MC. And if they ever leave the castle they spent all their POV chapters saying how good was there and how they want to go back.

City building. This is a small one, since you can't expect too much from a novel and MC can travel back and forth once a day and bring stuff, but building a usable car 1.5 years from zero is just not possible. And all development is mostly MC walked to tech ppl, they researched everything already and made almost perfect thing, he says oh, fix this and we good. You just can't build industry in a year in backwater city where ppl know only about digging soil without resources, infrastructure and personnel.

An this one was the end for me. Everything before is actually fine, it was still readable, but after chapter ~1000, when he established dynasty it's started:

Around 80% of chapters is someone's POV without ANY meaning, like MC says war in other country doesn't concern us we can erase all threat after war is finished, who cares... aaaand we spent dozens of chapters with both sides POV, they fought it changed nothing, it meant nothing. Why should we even have their POV? Mystery... Then we have immigration in the dynasty from other continent's, like they read some book, ate some food and decided, you know what, screw it, we going there, 2 month very costly and dangerous journey? I should probably take all my family and go there, cause Chi... I mean... other continent, right, is so much better. And we have hundreds of chapters of some barely meaningful or straight unknown character's POV's. And they all fckn same, like a ate their food it was so cool, and here I can't eat this food every day, I feel so bad. I read book and their city so cool and ours is not, I feel so bad. Their perfume/dress/linen/whatever is so good and we don't have this, I feel so bad.

Plot just stopped there, we have endless food/other continent POV's/some sidekick POV's and nothing moving forward, just endless praises how this dynasty rules. I feel like this chapters was written after new censorships rules where you can't say anything bad about government. No danger, no hard problems for MC to solve, he is having airships and tanks, underwater ppl, flying ppl. Like what could even pose danger to him and why this theoretical thing didn't destroy whole world already? Yes. there is some holy land and cold weather, but they are long forgotten.

P.S. Just to clarify I like others chars POV's, it was my favored chapters in RTW, but here the quality is not even close. Maybe it is mtl problem, but I read a lot of mtl, when stuff is good even bad mtl can't destroy it and this mtl was probably the best one i've ever seen, barely any problems. <<less
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Epythymy rated it
October 25, 2022
Status: c101
Relaxing Slice-of-Life novel that shouldn't be taken too seriously.

A well-written time killer would probably be the most appropriate description for this type of story.

It's not a masterpiece in any way, but it's more than good enough to lazily read for a couple of hours in the evening.

... more>> Chapters are relatively short and although translation quality isn't stellar, it is still pretty good.

Normally giving such a novel 5/5 is too much, as it's quality is pretty similar to most 3.8-4.1 rated novels on NU, but considering its current low rating giving it 5* is okay. <<less
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ehutch79 rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: c75
This novel is pretty much tr*sh.

in less than two weeks they’ve trained malnourished peasant into special forces soldiers, developed several industies from scratch, built a mall from purging of concrete to opening in 1-2 days, eliminated racism (specism?), and more

he premise is fine, it the execution is very poor. Translation seems perfectly fine, so we’re not losing quality there.
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twdavis78 rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: c74
This story is like watching someone play Sim City. You're better off not even starting this story. You'll just get sick of it and regret the hours reading something that goes nowhere. While it starts out good enough to hook you, the same events repeat over and over again. Loulaim's review sums up this story perfectly.
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