Starting on a Desolate Island [Doomsday]


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While Yun Mianmian was scanning the QR code to pay for her popsicle, she suddenly fainted, only to wake up on a deserted island.

【 Greetings, player! Welcome to the global doomsday survival game. At present, the game is still in the early access phase, but as one of the first chosen, you will receive a new player’s welcome package. 】

Yun Mianmian dazedly opened the package.

There was a flash of white light, and she saw several new items appear in her backpack.

【 Obtained: A brand-new fishing rod. 】

【 Wood x 10. 】

【 A bowl of clear noodle soup with chopped green onion. 】

【 Insulated underwear set. 】

【 Cabbage seeds x 1 packet. 】

【 Bottled water x 3. 】

【 Bread x 2. 】

Players, please work hard to level up! In one month, the official servers will open, and more players will join.

Yun Mianmian took a bite of her still-frozen popsicle and scratched her head. “Am I about to start farming?”

【 Note: This work is purely fictional and not based on the real world. The setting is a survival game; expect daily stockpiling, opening crates, and gathering resources. A light and easy read for your meals. 】

【Doomsday + survival + stockpiling + infrastructure upgrades. 】

One-line summary: Starting with a ship, surviving by stockpiling at sea

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New Quesbee
June 27, 2024
Status: --
I’m sorry, where’s the romance????

I enjoyed the read, the ending was a bit... unexpected, I don’t know if I’m satisfied or not with it. Also no romance I spent so much time trying to figure out who the ML was just to not have any! Even at the last chapter I kept expecting her to like hold someone’s hand or something.

... more>>

I’m also confused with how the whole system thing works. Do the player who died just repeat the cycle till they don’t and become lvl 9?

Also... didn’t Mc’s family prepare to come into the game??? Yeah I don’t know I like the story but some stuff doesn’t add up.

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