Starting from becoming the King of Saiyans


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Lin Chen transmigrates to the Dragon Ball world and unexpectedly awakens the Strongest selection system.

“Defeat Frieza and prevent the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Reward: Legendary Saiyan bloodline.”

“Choice 2: Defeat Supreme Kai. Reward: Supreme Kai’s powers..……

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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball (1)
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Greycat rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: c99
Honestly not sure why this has so many one star reviews. It's been an interesting and honestly fairly unique (for the genre) approach and exploration of the DB Universe, with the Main Character not abandoning those around him for his own power, but honestly working to improve their conditions and abilities as well. I've only read two or three others with a MC of that mindset. The 'King of the Saiyans' in the title is still relevant all these chapters in, and the Saiyans have grown immensely due to his... more>> actions, and his own strength hasn't gone completely off the rails, still with canon and mortal scope. He has interesting challenges without feeling like asspulls to justify them, and while we still expect him to succeed, it's not a three paragraph handwave. <<less
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