Stargazer – Assassination Aristocrat and Meteor Poem


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The apprentice knight, Lucas, spends his days being lectured by Valerie, the commander of the female knight order.

He is always screwing up, but he has a dark side.

He is an assassin.

He is the eldest son of an assassin family who bury their enemies in the dark.

But, one day, just before the outbreak of war with a neighboring country, he is forcibly married by his father.

At their meeting, Valerie, the commander of a female knight order, appears.

Despite their rejection of each other, they gradually become attracted to each other.

However, what awaits them is a large-scale conspiracy over a secret royal family matter.

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Stargazer - Assassin Aristocrat and Shooting Star Poem
Sutāgeizā ~ Ansatsu Kizoku to Ryuusei no Uta
スターゲイザー ~暗殺貴族と流星の詩
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3 Reviews

Jun 02, 2022
Status: c30
A useless and unlucky soldier coming from a viscount family is going to be married to the most beautiful captain of the royal knights, a duke's daughter that is perfect and the most wanted girl of the capital. But there is some hidden truth behind the MC family. They are the royal's assassin unity, that works for the crown prince for years. But as the son has a "good heart" the family decides that he should be released from the dark assassin side of the world and be a normal... more>> simple person. Add to that the fact that a serial killer is roaming the capital and bringing terror while hunting young women's heads. This is the basic plot without spoilers.

So this develops as the MC and FL who are bad with each other are trust one another in this arranged marriage. And this is only the surface as some strange things happen related to the shadow parts of the kingdom.

TL, DR: this is interesting. Plot-wise it is not revolutionary or special. But there are some interesting points that (regardless of being chaotic) make you interested in where it would lead to. It just would be better to get some more time to develop some stuff, as the pace is sometimes too fast, but this is a short novel, from what I have seen.

There are some points that are irrelevant to the novel (the smut especially is strange, but it is present in 3 of the 30 chapters so far, and in one of those it serves to show some ugliness of the royalty, so that is that), but this does not take it away from the plot so much. I just hope that the end is satisfactory and that is all. (At least no win*est was forced in it till now, and that was nice, I was scared at one point, seriously) <<less
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Jul 25, 2022
Status: c45
This is one of the better JP novels and this is coming from someone who usually hates JP novels and that's because unlike the usual dense wimpy spineless stuttering JP MC's this MC is someone who's straightforward and intelligent and his skills as an assassin are just as good.

The character Dynamics are pretty good and it helps since most of the characters are likeable and memorable overall I dare say this is one of better written novels on this site much better than the braindead recycled system novels that come... more>> out every three seconds with a somehow worse gimmick every single time. <<less
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Jul 08, 2022
Status: c42
TL;DR This is a story that has a very great concept, that the author cleearly has great plans on, and it starts of very much like that, up until the midway point where it just slowly dropped in quality and a horrible conclusion. With a pace that's too fast for what it should ideally be, and cringe "I'm fifteen and this is deep" lines that probably would've been good in japanese but didn't translate to English that well.

Now for spoiler filled opinion, which will contain mentions of dubious consent s*x,... more>> p*do, and an incredibly MAJOR MAJOR spoiler.


Good ones: The second arc where the main characters deal with the mystery of the princess's death and how the tension was written was just right. The frustration of wondering how the hell the mu*der happened added with the accusation that the FMC was the one who did it was pretty well written, you're annoyed, they're annoyed, and you're pissed because they're not even allowed a proper investigation and was thrown with an accusation that we all hell know didn't do.

Honestly the s*x scenes in this story just caught me off guard, but they're still very greatly written and is exciting, though I did breeze past some since I was just uncomfortable with the premise of a couple of them. But if you're looking for that then it's pretty good, I guess.

Now for some things I don't like about this story.

I'll start with something mild, the MC despite being hinted at as a hidden genius didn't even fight until the midway point of the story, it's rather frustrating for me because I went into this story because I was looking for an Action heavy story, but that's just a personal opinion.

Next is because of the faster paced storytelling, the real relationship growth between the two main characters happen early, and it happened short. The MC woulds give FMC headpats and a lap pillow to calm and coax her, then the main conflict happened and they got separated, for him to realise he loves her, chase after her, cringy lines a b, conflict no. 2 whish is her dad wanting to kill his own daughter due to conflict 1, MC ain't having it and kills her father instead, she cries, almost kill him, but cries in his embrace and kiss, and bam s*x, and suddenly they're completely head over heels for each other and love each other to death. The switch from her confusion and anguish of seeing her own father's death in front her by the hands of her husband and then forgiving him so quickly is dumbfounding. If they paced it better it would've actually been a bit more meaningful but we're stuck with this.

But that's not the worst of it.

There are two mostly useless s*x scenes. Both involves the MC. The first s*x scene serves as fan service due to him banging two tanned skin twin maids with small breast and just how the guy dealt with anger from getting married off without considering his opinion.

The second s*x scene was when he's already developed some relationship with the main girl, but because he got h**ny and couldn't bang his wife since he promised his father in law that they should only consumate his marriage after they got back from the war, he banged one of the twins from before. And if you're sensitive, the s*x has dubious consent and is forceful. What purpose does it serve? Just cause I guess, since this doesn't contribute anything to the actual storyline itself, I just don't like that he's very much cheating on his wife that by this point we're supposed to believe he has some feelings for.

Let's move to the next one!

The antagonist! Oh this b*tch is something else.

She's the sister of the current king, the aunt of the crown prince, and was called the virg*n princess because she's unmarried even at the age of 40.

We're first introduced to her when she's having s*x with underaged boys, so she's a pe*ophile check. Next is a major spoiler that determines the story so skip if you're actually planning to read this.


She's also involved and is the mastermind to the serial killing of multiple women in the capital, and the death of MC's three colleagues. The reason is because she wants to fake her own death and accuse the FMC of mu*dering her. And the reason she wants to frame the FMC is because she wants to get back at her father, who was her ex, for leaving her for his arranged marriage, because she's still hung up about him and wants him to come back to her.


Now what's the big deal? She's the antagonists of course she'll be a nutjob a crazy bit*h and is supposed to be a villain and do bad things. The actual problem I have is how the author downplayed all of the sh*t I've listed and have her be pitied by nearly every character in this story, and how everybody simply feels bad for her because she did all of the sh*t she did because she was in love.

The author TRIED to redeem her, but it falls incredibly, terribly, flat. Because what happened was she downplayed what she did as a prank, despite also knowing that it had gone too far, and never owned up to what she did. She never uttered an apology because everybody was already pitying her and believes that it's not her fault she did all those horrible things because she was just a woman in love. She's fourty years old but they see it like she's a 13 year old who is a tsundere to the boy she likes.


the worst one of all, is that even though she deserves to be on the guillotine for what she did, she received pity and was given a blessing so that she can pass away peacefully. And they framed her death as if it was something to grieve when it's the farthest thing from that.


I swear it feels like the author had committed what she did and is trying to find a way to justify themselves because they care so much about the antagonists that there's THREE EXTRA CHAPTERS DEDICATED ON HER PAST. It's a 46 chapter story. We actually spent more of it about pitying the antagonist than for the two main characters relationship to properly developed.

You hear more about how pitiful she is than how abominable the things that she has done is in the name of love, and this was the reason I didn't even read the final three chapters. When I realized that it was an extra about her I noped out of there and closed the tab.

I've given my last f*ck about her, I'm not going to find another to give ti read that three chapter.


There are actually more things than this that I've ranted out once I was done but I'll spoil the second half of the story. Giving this a 3/5 mostly because the first half was something that I enjoyed reading and that it is overall good, but how the ending rolled just destroyed my reading experience. <<less
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