Stargazer – Assassination Aristocrat and Meteor Poem


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The apprentice knight, Lucas, spends his days being lectured by Valerie, the commander of the female knight order.

He is always screwing up, but he has a dark side.

He is an assassin.

He is the eldest son of an assassin family who bury their enemies in the dark.

But, one day, just before the outbreak of war with a neighboring country, he is forcibly married by his father.

At their meeting, Valerie, the commander of a female knight order, appears.

Despite their rejection of each other, they gradually become attracted to each other.

However, what awaits them is a large-scale conspiracy over a secret royal family matter.

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Stargazer - Assassin Aristocrat and Shooting Star Poem
Sutāgeizā ~ Ansatsu Kizoku to Ryuusei no Uta
スターゲイザー ~暗殺貴族と流星の詩
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Bolovis rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: c30
A useless and unlucky soldier coming from a viscount family is going to be married to the most beautiful captain of the royal knights, a duke's daughter that is perfect and the most wanted girl of the capital. But there is some hidden truth behind the MC family. They are the royal's assassin unity, that works for the crown prince for years. But as the son has a "good heart" the family decides that he should be released from the dark assassin side of the world and be a normal... more>> simple person. Add to that the fact that a serial killer is roaming the capital and bringing terror while hunting young women's heads. This is the basic plot without spoilers.

So this develops as the MC and FL who are bad with each other are trust one another in this arranged marriage. And this is only the surface as some strange things happen related to the shadow parts of the kingdom.

TL, DR: this is interesting. Plot-wise it is not revolutionary or special. But there are some interesting points that (regardless of being chaotic) make you interested in where it would lead to. It just would be better to get some more time to develop some stuff, as the pace is sometimes too fast, but this is a short novel, from what I have seen.

There are some points that are irrelevant to the novel (the smut especially is strange, but it is present in 3 of the 30 chapters so far, and in one of those it serves to show some ugliness of the royalty, so that is that), but this does not take it away from the plot so much. I just hope that the end is satisfactory and that is all. (At least no wincest was forced in it till now, and that was nice, I was scared at one point, seriously) <<less
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