Star Martial God Technique


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In the whole world there lays twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legends these twelve pathways leads toward legendary road of immortality. However these paths in the Tower of God, are far too long, without end.

In ancient times there once were many types of martial art, sadly the world underwent terrible changes, and only three were left: Flame, Dragon and Star Martial Arts. Generations of experts of those three martial arts are searching for road of immortality.

Star Martial Arts practitioner on his journey of lifetime, with young beauties on the side, plans to become Highest God.

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Tinh Võ Thần Quyết
Xīng Wǔ Shén Jué
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14 Reviews

Dec 28, 2016
Status: c15
Story story is great, but I strongly must state that the translations are just bad its ok till up to chapter 13, while it was translated by previous guys the read was a sweet ride, grammar and constrution of phrases was great but when I started to read chapter at Englate it just hurts my eyes and feels weird as hell. I'm not native english speaker but it would help a lot to get a good editor.

As for story I have really high expectations but I'm going to drop it... more>> untill I can read it at normal quality. <<less
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Aug 17, 2016
Status: c1
I've only read one chapter so far; but, I can already tell (and there is no doubt) that it has "generic" potential. The MC isn't a reincarnation or an older guy who managed to time-travel into his younger self. No! This MC's beginnings is very similar to the MC from "Coiling Dragon."

The only difference is that this MC doesn't start with innate abilities of a DRAGON (body strength). He starts out with the abilities of a STAR (energy control).

There are three types of martial arts. But, students don't pick what... more>> kind of abilities they want. They have to be born with their innate affinities.

The first chapter already introduces an arrogant antagonist, so I'm certain that the MC will endure some intense bullying and will be forced to show some defiance. This author knows how to write a popular series, so I hope this story lives up to its potential. <<less
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Nov 07, 2016
Status: c335
Pretty solid story, and while it is in hiatus at chapter 335 it feels like a complete first book or volume. Stuff is pretty much resolved, and aside from the MC the characters even have their epilogues.

It feels like the author actually wrote an outline of what he wanted to do for the first book and followed it. If this is Mad Snail's new way of writing then I'm a fan. It's certainly MUCH better than TDG which felt like it was being written one chapter at a time and... more>> then stopped in the middle of nowhere. <<less
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Jan 24, 2018
Status: c250
Granted that they generally aren't a masterpiece of logic and consistency, this story is quite okay, as a Chinese novel. Plot holes are there but since the author didn't seem to aim too high with the content the reading is fluent.

It's obvious that there was a basic storyline as events seem linked but that's also where you can feel the forcing and rushing of things. In practical terms,

  • the power levels are not individualized enough to feel the progress, the breakthroughs are too frequent at first making it almost impossible to get a sense of proportion.
  • There's supposed to be mainly 3 types of cultivation -namely Fire, Dragon and Star- and somehow the MC never fought any Star Martial Artist.
  • You only hear about them when medical attention is needed without ever describing a user in detail.
  • The MC is strongly and often advised not to randomly cure people but without clearly stating why.
  • He's against killing and will always let main ennemies faint or be K.O from powerful attacks but somehow every minion around that is obliterated with aftershocks doesn't count.
  • My personal worst one is the obsession the author has with making a certain female (lead?) the main sentimental interest over the one (s) that actually makes sacrifices and experiment tribulations with MC. She barely mattered initially and I reckon she was introduced first, and feelings are irrational, but she appeared too scarcely and didn't made that strong of an impact to deserve the job. It isn't even mentioned that he misses her frequently, just when she gets in trouble once in a millenium. I don't really care about harems -at most it makes for some nice dialogues- but I find it ridiculous to aggressively try to make so much emphasis on a character when from reading experience that one is just common. At least kill it to make some tragedy...
I'll stop there... more>> since the goal isn't to pull out all white hairs and it was quite entertaining to read. But i'd say this novel is frame focused as, basically, the story will only want you to see what makes it consistent at that moment, even if in the bigger picture it's obviously not that simple. <<less
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Oct 08, 2017
Status: c63
HIATUS there is a very good reason this novel end and the autor didn`t care to keep going and I going to explain why.

This novel is good but the characters motivations are all over the place especialy the 2 romantic interest for the sake of drama the two girls fall in love with the MC for no real reason but the MC is poor so he push them away because they came from super familys and even after doing that there familys still f*ck him over.

The same for the rebels... more>> (villains) they hate the nobles because they can trample over anyone like they did with the MC so villains invite the MC to join them but since they plan to deal with the 2 heroines the MC must stop them even when he got all the reasons to join them because he got to save the heroines he don`t love. So the villains retreat and as a thanks the family of the girls find a way to f*ck the MC for saving them lol. <<less
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Feb 27, 2019
Status: c50
holy crap this is sooooo generic. The MC starts with a "tr*sh" ability, ret*rded villains hate him and try to destroy his family, nobility and non-nobility clash, he bribes people, plot armor, etc. There is literally nothing which sets this novel apart from any other chinese novel. The plot is non existent. The MC has no personality at all. Just terrible.
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Dec 24, 2018
Status: --
Like most of Author Mad Snail's works, it has a strong start (with bits of cliche start and some other elements "inspired" from other Authors works) which quickly falls through.

Mad Snail has achieved not using bits from other authors works but it comes at the cost of the whole story arc's having plot holes EVERYWHERE or things that makes 0 sense such as saving X family princess and being REPRIMANDED for it.

Like other Mad Snail's novels this also doesn't have an actual ending.
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Jun 21, 2018
Status: c335
Actually Yoburi I wouldn't agree with you on this point As plot wise. To me it looks like you haven't read this story. As both are mc's friends so that's why he can't abandon anyone. He doesn't support his male friend as he is in wrong and he tries to protect girls as they are innocent and you can't punish them for the crime their parents have committed. He protects his male friend because he became rebel due to certain circumstances. Lord creates trouble for him as he couldn't capture... more>> the rebels. The story is actually pretty interesting and it can still be made more interesting.

It is just a point which I had to clear and still there's a lot more fun stuff in the story but a pity author has thrown this story away.

If we don't read this story for plot than you can find as much as small problems in the story (not just this story but every story) as there are stars in the sky. <<less
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dark soul
dark soul
Sep 25, 2016
Status: c9
The start is solid! Definitely has potential to become one of the best novels out there. We can see some bullying in 1st chapter. Hope MC turns the table quickly and put the bullies in their place. The personality of MC is unique. He is not some self-centered bastard rather put's his clan's interest first. His ambition is not lofty since he wants his clansmen to live a better life in which I am somewhat disappointed. I am not opposed to his ambition but it will definitely become a reality... more>> as he becomes stronger so I hope he has some great ambition. Hope this changes as the story progress. I am looking forward to how the story unfolds and I hope the author will build an awesome story which uses the story's great potential! <<less
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Does reading a novel make you feel sad? A lot of them invoke intense emotions from the reader. But this? Yes, it does make me feel sad, but not because of any reason stated above.

It's saddening because...

... more>>



Sadly, time is irrecoverable, and we live with many small uncountable regrets (like this) in our life. We can only move on ¯'._ (ツ) _/¯

Oh yes, why is this novel so bad? Hahah, my friend, you'll realise it after you've yourself trodden on the worn out path! <<less
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Jun 22, 2020
Status: --
I don't know about chapters below 270 (novel) but I read the manhua and it really is good, and for me only that is matter

Manga 5/5 but novel 2/5 so as generous as I am I give 4 stars
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Dec 17, 2017
Status: c335
This novel story is great, but at the end it got even more intresting, and I liked the final battle, but someone can say otherway. I just enjoyed, but thats not a masterpiece, in story we can find a gaps and sometimes its hard to undestand what writer wanted to say. And a bit to much tragedy for me especially at the end.

I give 3 stars because:

*MC personalyti mediocre.
*At end a little to much tragedy/drama. (maybe that only for me)
*Gaps in story...

*One big plus that in novel... more>> no one was frogotten.

But if someone liked TDG you realy can read it, if you can't find anythink better. <<less
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Sep 26, 2017
Status: --
I don't really wanna give it 5 stars, but I feel it's a bit unfair. For me, this one has more solid story, and side characters have more depth than TDG. It kinda sad the people hate this one since it make TDG get slow down.

Compare to TDG, the MC from TDG is super OP in term of power, knowledge, and experience, but act like a child and have everything focus on him. After he already protect the city, the story has no real goal and only focus on getting... more>> more OP. Sure, there is final boss await, but since they've never interact at all, what's the point? Whenever he get better, it's just "Yay, I level up", but readers cannot really tell the change. He still the same "super old guy in a child body", so I cannot feel any development in him at all.

In this one, the MC is OP, but not as much as TDG. He do not only develop in term of power, but mental as well. He really bond with other characters, not just "this is my ally/foe". The story is a bit more complex. Therefor, compare to TDG, I have more hope in this one. Well... I cannot say for the future anyway. It might getting lame toward the end. Most of Manhua like that, but I do think it has better potential. <<less
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Jan 04, 2017
Status: --
It's good, MC limitation is not blocked meridians or low talent but that his dao has lost the meditation techniques, I don't know how it will develop later, but I will keep reading it, you only have to take into account before you choose if you are willing to read the novel in MTL with no post edition (or very poor edition) since it actually really that bad, on the other side, even if here says that are 24 chapters translated if you keep pressing next you will find the... more>> rest.. <<less
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