Spy Room


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After a gruesome war wreaked havoc on the general populace, the governments of the world turned to a more elusive tactic to further their agendas—a war fought in the shadows.

Lily, a beautiful girl with white locks, is a student in one of the many institutions that train youths into becoming capable spies. Unfortunately, despite scoring well in the written exams, she only manages to barely pass her practicals. With no real world skills to speak of, her hopes of graduating are dismal—until she is offered an opportunity to join the mysterious team “Lamplight” and partake in an Impossible Mission.

Excited by the prospect of working with the elite, Lily enthusiastically accepts. However, she is struck dumb when she arrives at Heat Haze Palace and the true purpose of Lamplight and its hopeless situation comes into light. Joined by other problematic female spies along with a mysterious young man spearheading the operation, Lily realizes that this is not the ideal escapade she had pictured.

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Spy Classroom
Spy Kyoushitsu
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exkinkin rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: v1 epilouge
First off, I think this kind of LN is fresh. At least I never read an spy-themed Japanese LN. Even if it already existed, I never really stumble upon one, so it's a plus for me

I was drawn into this series because of the illustration at first, because it was drawn by Tomari-sensei, same illustrator as tomoimo / iroza. Another plus

Story-wise, it's at least interesting. Not really much mystery here, like most detective/spy series but more of psychology, which is another plus for me since it is one of my... more>> favorite genre. There's a lot of espionage, so much that I as a reader got duped too.

I have more to say but I guess i'll just wait for future volumes.

My suggestion for you potential readers is, if you want to read this, read the whole volume at once. Pause it by a little and you'll get confused yourself. <<less
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Pixeldrum rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: v1
First of all, I thought this was the same as Spy X Family haha, just that the manga was an adaptation of this novel. Nope, completely different series.

Secondly, this novel blows. What all of these garbage Japanese anime/novel/manga series about spies or evil organizations about cute girls is the cognitive dissonance in the different parts of the novel. Half of it is slice of life as if the girls are regular high school students, and the other half of the novel is actual spy stuff. Examples include Princess Principle or... more>> Slay the Spyce. If you are in a cut-throat spy business, or you are killing people for a living, I do imagine that this changes your perspective on life, and changes your personality to a more hardened person. Yet, these girls, knowing what they are getting themselves into, act upon their mission objectives, yet also possess the maturity of a regular 15 year old high school girl. The slice of life is mediocre at best perhaps, but combined with the spy plot, it just is tr*shy. Even if you were to claim that the girls are faking their lightheartedness and banter, there are no signs of it ever happening, and there are no indications that there would be a reveal later on about it.

Third: the premise of the plot. Cute girls acting as spies, spy schools as a result of espionage being the most important part of modern warfare, yet isn't cyber-attacks much more efficient at obtaining information? Anyways, the worldbuilding is basically there to just provide a reason for high school aged girls to be in the spy business. Whatever.

Fourth, and the reason I dropped the novel. The "intellectual mindgames." The author humors himself to be intelligent, but reality dictates that all of the schemes and plans are poorly thought out and executed throughout the novel. In order for a reader to get involved in a deep scheme, there needs to be a lot of buildup, and of course, the grand reveal, the prestige. In this novel, you're basically presented with little to no information needed to solve the "mystery, " the plan, etc, and there's just this grand reveal with a bunch of information spewed at you at once, showing you how intelligent the spies are, but you don't care because most, if not all the information was withheld from you and also because there's not a lot of attention to details in these scenes, and most of it is too fast paced. Most of the reveal hinges on dubious logic at best as well.

Anyways, off to read Spy X Family Hopefully better than what I read here. <<less
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Cronoxqinz rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: v2c3
I think this is my first review, I was going to wait till I completed the 4 volumes to review it but the first volume is already worth reviewing (both in bad and good light).

First the good things:

+The main characters are pretty much all likable, the only one I didn't like that much is lily and by volume 2 ch 2 I am changing my mind about her

... more>> +A story about newbies spies training and becoming better in their fields is pretty interesting

+The story is pretty straight forward, no 3 chapters explaining something you already understand

+The author tries to play with the reader

And with that one I am starting the bad things, well, more like THE bad thing, because that is the only reason I did this review so early.

-I said "tries". The volume 1 has 2 """plot twist""", one from the antagonist side and 1 from the protagonists side. The first plot twist is not really a plot twist, you can see it coming from 4km away, but that wasn't the important plot twist, most likely it was a plot twist to distract the readers from the important plot twist, the protagonist side plot twist, and I think if the author had managed to do the second plot twist I would give the first volume a 4.5 at least, but as you expect, he didn't.

The protagonist plot twist is played for all the novel, even in the illustrations of the light novel he is playing with the readers.


The plot twist is that at the end, there were 8 girls instead of 7, in this aspect we are like the antagonist, cause most of the time they describe the girls, and don't name them, but all of them talk, same with the illustrations missing a girl, and a lot of the volume talking about them as 7. And I think that was genius, the problem lies in the one missing being Elna, because Elna have a whole chapter for her in the same volume, like, I'm not gonna forget her, the moment they described Elna I went to the illustration and was like ("Huh? She is not here?"), so midway in the volume I already suspected the plot twist, and later on I realized, and I realized klaus plan also. So at the end I was reading something I already knew.


Tbh I felt insulted, I think the author had little faith in the readers, he thought that having monika do that role was "to hard to see it coming" or something like that.


Monika should had Elna's role, because Monika had almost no participation in the volumen but at the same time she was the one with the more attention seeker presentation (being the only one capable of opening the locker), if monika was the one missing mid fight I would be like "mmmm, there is something wrong here" and when the plot twist hit I would be like "wow, that was cool"


Well, here end my rant about a missing opportunity <<less
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