Spring Will Come When You’re Not Next to Me


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I, Yusuke Suzushiro, had three childhood friends.

One of them, Yuki Akikawa, was my beloved, and I was so happy to be able to go out with her.

Those days were like a dream.

If only this time could last forever.

That was all I wished for.

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05/29/24 Soafp oneshot
05/28/24 Soafp oneshot
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New TehGodofDoooom rated it
May 30, 2024
Status: Completed
Ok so in essence I think the open ending is a horrible mistake, the biggest issue with this one. It renders the entire tale somewhat pointless as it ends up as more of a prologue chapter then a full short story. Frankly speaking the ending here is more interesting than the rest of the story, as the unexpected twist coupled with the over-open ending makes people question what happens next. Stories need to be some level of complete and conclusive, having endings too open just sucks as there is no... more>> real finality and it's just left hanging, like an axed story. As I mentioned earlier, it feels more like a prologue chapter than an actual full oneshot.


In essence, guy has a childhood friend he likes, confesses and starts going out with her. They both get hit by a truck and she got hit on the head, now she either can't or doesn't want to remember him, so she ends up going out with MC's best friend (who also liked the FL). MC is in despair, Best friend's sister (who liked MC) comes and explains everything to him, including the arrangement they made to distance the two after the accident. He comes to terms with it, but gets regressed to the day of the accident at the end of the story, wondering why it had to happen at that particular time. That's it. Way too open ended and now the actual story never happens. Make up whatever you want.

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