Spiritual and Martial Conqueror


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After he transmigrated, he became the good-for-nothing young master and met the mysterious old man, Uncle Nan. To protect his family and his beauties, Lu Shaowu stepped onto the path of the strong. The path of the strong was filled with thorns, but it was unable to obstruct the heart of a strong practitioner. It was said that at the peak of Martial Dao and at the peak of the Spiritual Dao, one would be able to shatter the void. He cultivated both spiritual art and martial art and became unparalleled in the world.

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Ske1th rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: c500
I have mixed feelings about this one. I wanted to like it, but the author was just not letting me like it.

The MC is displayed as a smart guy, having deep thinking and scheming on the level of hunders of years old guys, yet when the story requires it he is very s*upid. Usually I don't really care about the MC being super smart, I still like my Overpowered MCs, but the sudden constrast just threw me off the loop a few times.

For example

... more>>

MC is going with this girl (harem member alert), who is wicked pretty and hot, to help her tame 2 super rare beasts. Events up untill this point show that the girl has a strong background and MC points that out. It goes something along the lines of "although this girl is really pretty, she probably has a strong background so I should not get any ideas abot her and should not offend her". So what does the MC decide to do? He decided to steal one of the beasts she was trying to get. Perfect plan, she was totally not angry after that and did not get people to search for him. Totally.


And also the author has a real hard-on for harem members being enemies of MC, more than half of the harem girls were MC's enemies and did some pretty bad things to him. I read some spoilers and apperantly it gets real drama towards the middle to the end.

If you like these kind of stuff, feel free to read. Personally it's not my cup of tea so I am dropping it. <<less
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fable242 rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: Completed
Loll I was just thinking after I finish translating one of the books I'm doing that I'll pick this up next. This is one of the hidden golden eggs that I read years back and kept hope that someone will translate it only to wait for so long with no results. So I decided to start translating the novels that I read and felt were good in hopes that after it gains enough popularity professional translators will decide to pick it up and translate it. This was one of them... more>> on my list and it's really good.

I can't give an in-depth detail of the story since I read it back in 2016 (I read many books after so my info on it may conflict with other stories)

But it's truly worth the read there's also a continuation of it that can be seen as a sequel or a shared universe I just notice that it also had a translation but seems to be discontinued it's called Martial God Conqueror. Hopefully, the guys that pick this up will pick that up too. (I plan to re-read both novels so by then I will update this review) <<less
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