Spirit Sword


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Two men explosively conquer a continent!!

Luke Esteban, while on his way to retirement after serving in the military for five years, is ambushed by Orcs and taken prisoner.

The Orc warrior Kurotan reveals the secret of the Orcs to the imprisoned Luke and beseeches him for help.

The secret? A god has bestowed a ‘spirit sword’ that can absorb souls unto his endangered tribe.

A sword that can transfer an Orc’s soul into the body of a human.

“Help me become human, and I will lift my axe for you for the rest of my days…”

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스피릿 소드
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Warnock rated it
December 4, 2016
Status: c7
Eh its too early to say if its good or not.. The story so far seems to move very slowly, but the plot or the story is mad fresh i've never seen anything similar to this (plot wise), as for the setting its like I'm the monarch (as in the soldiers and stuff) like normal soldiers of the kingdom and there is a bit of magic but that's it, cant recommend it yet tbh..
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daves rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: c25
Not sure why this isnt rated higher. I suspect its due to the slow story progression. Would definitely recommend giving this series a shot. The story is beginning to pick up and I've been looking foward to every chapter. Unique premise, aura is a relatively unique power / cultivation system albeit straightforward and likeable characters. 5/5 for now. Would like to see the characters' personalities developing more though.
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Ab9999 rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c21
Should be rated higher. Ever wonder how the brutally simplistic qualities inherent to orcish culture would Influince a young noble and growing warrior who has grown up with mixed culture and mindset of humanity? No? Whatever. It's too soon to tell what direction this is going in as of now but I have my hopes up. Give this a try. It's not perfect and has it's problems like everything else but derserves more recognition than it currently has.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: c34
Honestly it's not bad so far. The MC starts off as a arrogant narrow-minded noble but can't really blame him since Ogres are as bad as Goblins.

Good Bromance + Good Plot + Good Romance [So Far] + Character Development

Romance: It's really good. I like Isabella but there might be a slight chance this will be Polygamy. But considering the MC stubbornness and less then 200chapters. I don't see it going that route. But who knows? *Angela just a naive girl in my opinion.

The MC is really Childish. So far his... more>> schemes are pure luck. He's not intelligent but is very clever and with his wits he's able to survive. It's still to soon to say anything about him but if his personality grows. That'd be good.

His carelessness leaks out his position to the enemies and they became dirt poor because of his stupid grudge. But he at least noticed his wrongs and shortcomings. Ogre gets revenge so that's good.

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Lonewolf5242 rated it
November 2, 2019
Status: c34
I consider this novel to be a light read even if there's a lot of fighting, The MC is upright though he is a bit naive but sometimes he shows cunningness when needed. This novel has a good world background but unfortunately I can't find more chapters.
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