Spirit Realm


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Thirty thousand years ago, the Heaven Fighting Race who called themselves “Gods” invaded the Spirit Realm. Hundreds of races rose up in resistance, but ultimately suffered a crushing defeat. The Human Race was the first to concede, and the rest of the Hundred Races soon followed in succession.

During the subsequent ten thousand years, all of the races were enslaved by the Heaven Fighting Race. They were cruelly treated, and lived beneath the shadow of terror.

The Heaven Fighting Race’s march of conquest did not stop there. With the Spirit Realm as the starting point, they invaded other secret dimensions, and spread war to all corners of existence. After greatly exhausting their combat strength, they were finally defeated by the Hundred Races who took advantage of this opportunity. With no other choice, they fled to the starry skies outside the realm.

Thirty thousand years later, in an era where the Heaven Fighting Race has already faded to become ancient legend, an amnesiac youth possessing the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline is being fostered in an insignificant household. Whilst struggling to live on, he silently awaits the day of the bloodline’s awakening.

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Ling Yu
Linh Vực
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Sytohden rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c700
The story in this novel is decent enough to be readable when you are waiting on the translations of better novels. This one is quite a bit better than Invincible while sharing many of its less desirable traits. The overly padded word count leads to an easily skippable 50-70% of each chapter. Trashy authors like this tend to over imbellish and try to give the reader a sense of the profoundness or impressiveness of things by literally saying, "THIS (insert random thing that's supposed to be impressive here) IS IMPRESSIVE!",... more>> instead of trusting the reader to form their own opinions. Proof that most chinese webnovelists are idiots who never read a good book or payed attention in writing class. Other than the obvious faults this novel has a lot of parts where it is naming all these characters you aren't going to care about literally 5-10 chapters later and just wasting your time reading as much as possible to increase the word count in order to make more rmb by having more chapters. This novel in particular does have some good ideas and original concepts but the implementation and writing style are serious detractors from the overall novel experience. Save this one for in between times when you need something to read while you're trying to fall asleep late at night and it'll last you a long time. Otherwise go ahead and read it in a state of full alertness and skip 60% of each chapter with quick speedreading and smash through it in a couple days. Be prepared to be dissapointed if you are trying to give this one a serious read as it isn't very good if you are reading at the pace of the translation.

Edit: I was thinking more of martial world as I was writing this review and later realized that this novel is a bit different. TLDR version of this novel review would be...

explanation of some stuff,

repeat explanation differently,

repeat again slightly differently,

have a conversation about said thing that was repeated 3 times,

something might happen and be explained twice

someone might say something else that was explained

explanation of the thing someone already had a conversation about

end of chapter, rinse, repeat possibly with explanations from the previous chapter. <<less
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timma rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c816
Overall it's pretty good. Kind of slow at parts, but that's normal. I kind of lost interest around 800, so I'm stopping with it for now and waiting for more chapters to build up.

I feel like the earlier chapters had more interactions with other characters while the last 100 feel like he only interacts to get the news of where to go fight next. Solo cultivation, is boring as hell. No one to make jokes or anything, no one to flirt with, just cultivation.. That much focus is a cultivation... more>> deviation. <<less
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mutsuhito rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c410
2 stars. Here is why;

MC is always fighting against people much stronger than him and since he is the MC he wins. Guess how? Plot armor ofc. Most of the time our MC has no idea how he will get through the trouble he is facing (and he faces a lot of them, like, wherever he goes that place gets fcked up).

There is also a pacing issue. I mean the story progress slowly but MC never gets to rest. When you think he can finally settle down for little... more>> while immediately another bullsh*t conflict starts. Let the guy stay at one place for more than few chapters ffs.

MC is weak. Author keeps telling how his skills are op but then, you realize he is in some sh*thole continent (not Africa Mr. Trump) and there are still so called geniuses who are stronger than him. I mean if you are gonna make the MC weak why say he is practising one of the opest techniques in the universe. The MC keeps getting one op technique after another but he is still weak at the end of the day.

Mc's character makes no sense. He is so inconsistent I can't even say he has a character. He just acts randomly. Sometimes he is domineering, sometimes he is a sissy. One chapter he acts like the epitome of justice, in another he acts like a villain.

Well at least translation is good so there is that. Good for wasting time and waiting for other novels.

Tldr; This novel is frustrating and makes no sense but there are definitely worse novels out there. <<less
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jcreader rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c347
The only thing I can say after reading all the review is that, you can't really relied on the review to actually determined whether the novel suit your own taste. For me Spirit Realm start good, then going down hill starting from the armament sect arc, Qin Lie is just arrogant, I know that most Chinese novel have MC that is arrogant, at least one way or another they have something that can back up their arrogance but Qin Lie just an idiot that making enemies all over the place,... more>> what tick me off is after Qin Lie is suck into the demon world, he basically bombed many villages and killed many horned demons, and the next thing is they are invited to stay in the horned demon world. I know that Qin Lie grandfather (?) have basically saved the horned demon, but are we just gonna ignored the fact that Qin Lie basically murder all the villager, I mean it's understandable during war, but Qin Lie basically sneak into the demon world and murder all the innocent horned demon that does not involve in the war (women, children.. Etc). <<less
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unnad rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: --
MC is so stupid and ignorant. He is very weak against beautiful woman (common in cn novel) and it is so annoying. Just like one girl who trying to attack him with charming skill but she failed, and ended with MC didn't do nothing even he helped her with put his life on the line. WTF...

Not bad for story but also not very good.
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xianxia_reader rated it
March 14, 2017
Status: c306
Now before people like/dislike the review let me be a bit honest - I don't like novels which are constant mayhem just for the heck of it. What I like to see is every arc to be setup as independent story with its own - start, middle and end. If it just jumps from one fight to another without setup then it's pure filler. Others might see it differently and like the mayhem. So the story went pretty decently with it's setup for the most part. Though it had it's... more>> share of repetitions things dint get out of hand. And then came the "third/fourth arc", I guess:

1. Starting with the family
2. Joining Sect 1
3. Running from Sect 1 and ending up in Sect 2 (Armament Sect)
4. Now the Netherworld


and by the end of the last arc and starting of this arc, wheels start to come off. There is constant fighting for the heck of it and the new arc happens by "accident" - the dues ex machina of arc setup.
I tried to preserve to see if the writer goes back and tries his hand at setting things before fights but no, he doesn't. Still if you are looking for something with lots of mayhem, look no further. <<less
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promet rated it
January 28, 2017
Status: c49
Firstly, I'm not writing this review to grade it and speak about its advantages. So far, it is so-so, but good enough compared to many other CN, thus my grade hovers around 6 out of 10. And I'm one of those more demanding readers.

The thing I want to address, is people like riida who apparently can't read, despite having such a nick. They're saying how MC is retarded coz there is no point to him pretending to be a fool. Well, I've got bad news for you: you guys can't... more>> read for sh*t. My reasoning:


First of all, at the beginning, it isn't MC who acts like a retard. He IS one, in a sense, because his cultivation technique makes his soul leave his body to a certain degree. Hence, his body only does what it was programmed to like a robot and nothing more. He doesn't have his senses in his state, but rather is cut off from the world and only finds out what happened once he exists this state -it's like reading the log of what happened despite not being there to supervise it. However, for most of the time of his "pretending to be a retard", he is unable to exit it by himself. Later, he indeed gains that ability as well knows that is happening in real time and pretends to be a fool, but it is not to avoid responsibilities, but rather any attention. If he was to be found out, with his strength, he'd end up like Martial Asura or PMG where MC had to drive out rival families raiding their own families. Only, it isn't HIS family, he just stays there because of his grandpa's arrangement as he has a good place to cultivate there. It's like studying at a school doesn't mean you have to help the local bullies fight the bullies from another school, and if you show off you can fight well, they'll pester you to help them. Well, of course no one would pretend to b a fool to avoid that, just pretend to be an average guy. I admit that the author wrote a sentence or two around ch 20 where it sounded like it justified your claims, but if you can read between the lines and see all the bullsh*t that was happening there (those who think you can have the power to do sth and not have any responsibilities and expectations of other ppl once they know of it, they simply don't know life) that he didn't have to worry about coz everyone thought him a fool, and then read the novel as far as I did and see all that happened once others knew he wasn't a fool but one of the strongest amongst them, then you will understand what it was exactly that he wanted to avoid. He just wants to finish cultivating (as in, get to the next stage or sth), which will take him sth like 3 months at the moment he was found out if I got it right, and then leave this family as he doesn't rly consider himself one of them. And also about the thunder plot armor, it is indeed unlikely, but not impossible. It's like being baffled because it started raining during rainy season and you were about to go water your flowers in the garden, but now don't have to. I don't think it's because of your plot armor... Plus, it may be my misconception, but I felt like it was his power that attracted the storm and made it form faster. EDIT AFTER READING CH 71: in this chapter author provided reasoning for that thunder plot armor (though not explicitly), which shows it wasn't actually plot armor, more like a lucky bullseye. Dunno though if he was going to do it from the start or Chinese readers told him to do sth about it b4 he wrote it xD


This was quite long, but I was fooled by the ppl who claimed what I have just proven wrong above, and only started reading it several months later bcoz of it when I was bored and attempted to read it with the healing-the-dead-horse-as-if-it-was-alive kind of attitude. So I am quite peeved at them. Not at the fact that I got to read it late, but that they write reviews not understanding the subject. Now it seems like I've gotta READ all CN rather than rely on any reviews in case I got misled by another, heh, fool.

For positives, you've got other ppl's reviews where they get into details after having read much more than I have. This review is just to warn you ppl so that you aren't duped by those who can't fully understand what they're reading, regardless if it's bcoz it being too much of a mental challenge, or that they're not fully focusing on it, or just bring their prejudices into reading the novel. Regards to u guys, and remember not to rely on reviews that much and see stuff for yourself -- whether review says sth is good or bad. <<less
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pandicorn rated it
November 5, 2016
Status: c95
Nope. I just can't. Gave it a try but it's just your typical xianxia. Usual tropes with mediocre excecution. Side characters though get more screen time, are still 1D. Apparently, almost everybody in the world likes to either praise or disdain the MC.
... more>>

what killed it for me was when they had the last fight with the soul devouring beast and the appariton came out of gao yu and everybody else started dissing the MC. Like wadafaq. You're potentially dying here and you still have the mentality to show disdain. If it was a one time thing, I could've let it go but its recurring soo yeah.


The cultivation is quite well off. Very clear and detailed inscription methods as well. All in all 3/5 (ignore the stars. I pressed wrongly, hehe) for a generic xianxia. If you can get by the forced parts then its readable I guess. Its good points just barely balances off its bad points providing the reader a paltry read suitable for those with nothing on thwir reading list. <<less
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April 18, 2018
Status: c242
Quit mediocre novel, unlike some bs 5-star reviews said. It's about the same level (or slightly lower) as martial god asura. This is a bit boring bellow average novel and is easily predictable. You can literally jump a 3-5 chapters every now and then and still perfectly understand everything.
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Avald rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: c1207
After having read over 1k chapters, I am disappointed in how it seems to be turning out. It is your typical, run for your life, but kill everyone MC, who is powerful and better than his contemporaries, but is always running into situations, where he is just way to weak to do anything.

The start was good imo, but then it just kept going from one place to another, with nothing being really finished, except at the start. I lost track of people quite easily.

Since it has been a year or... more>> longer since I read it, I can also testify that is quite forgettable, since the above is about the only things I remember despite reading over 1000 chapters. <<less
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Random_Pain rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c750
I find it sad seeing 1-2 star "top rated" reviews done by people that only read 25-50 chapters without giving this novel a chance to shine.

A chance, thats what you need to give it, stick with it and you wont be sorry.

While the novel isnt anything new and conforms to the standard xuanhuan template, its charms lay in the quality of the writing, in the pacing, and the attention to the side characters, which dont feel like empty shells meant to further the plot but rather are well thought up... more>> characters that help push the plot forward, this doeant mean that the MC wont always be in the spot light, but the side characters are far from useless.

Bag that up with a fair amount of weekly chapters and an amazing translation team and you get a great novel just waiting to be binge read :)


- high quality writing.

- good pacing.

- fleshed out characters (main and side characters).

- lots of plot twists that will keep you at the edge of your chair/sofa/bed/toilet seat.

- great translation team.

- main story isnt too repetitive.


- sometimes the plot twists and turns feel forced.

- start is slow, apparently not many people get through it.

- im not too sure about the romance aspect :x

Thanks for reading and hope this little review gets you even a little curious about the story :) <<less
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October 2, 2017
Status: v7c601
I both love and hate this novel to the absolute peak... It's a very annoying feeling because this novel is really well written, it has a very beautiful landscape and interesting techniques and systems throughout the story I've read so far, but it's also such a psychological beatdown that it's frustrating to read.

To try and put it as best as I can, the author is truly going out of his way to not only make the main character being constantly pushed down and have obstacles at every turns, betrayals from... more>> people he thought was his friends to the strongest people of the current arc doing all they can to makes his life a living misery, he also want us, the readers to feel that frustration that Qin Lie feels. He wants us to be angry and frustrated on how absolutely hammered this MC is and it's going to leave you frustrated even after you stop reading.

I would also like to point out that there are some reviews I've read here saying that the MC is too arrogant and offends people left and right and as such he's not a coherent MC, I would like to explain why this is a very crude way of seeing it but because some people might deem it a spoiler I'll put it in a spoiler tag.


As the synopsis says, Qin Lie is an amnesiac, that means he doesn't remember anything that happened before he became 10 years old. There are however moments, such as in dreams and under deep distress that he catches glimpses of his life before he was 10 and those memories are of people cruelly teaching him languages, information on treasures and also torturing him in darkness so that he would become a brutal monster with no sympathy or emotions.

This is the problem that relates to people thinking he's too arrogant and offends people left and right, because there are often times where the personality from before he was 10 and when he was after slightly fuses, causing him to become extremely conflicting and it changes his personality. He's not actually arrogant, he's just struggling to an extreme extent to figure out who he is and control his personality once those occations flare up. He also has ancient diagrams that was left behind by (probably) his parents that are meant to calm his soul down, which he spends a lot of time doing gradually soothing his personality back to normal, only for it to flare up again on a later occation.

Calling this MC extremely and pointlessly arrogant is not right in my opinion because it's a factor of him trying to figure out who he actually is, it's also one of the reasons I love this novel because it's not only a story of where you feel frustration of how others treat the MC, you also see just how much the MC himself struggles within his own mind, fighting between the monster before he became an amnesiac and the gentle person he is now. The battle of these two behaviours is the cause to both enemies and friends inside the story and one of the best factors of the entire book, because I've read no other novel that has such a factor.


All in all, by what I've read so far, I really enjoy the novel, but frustrated by how the MC is treated, if such a thing affects you more than "usual", read it in short bursts and don't binge read it, it's only gonna piss you off even more. <<less
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Renmaster rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c418
This novel is one of the most rational one I ever see, most cn novel use linear progression for MC power up, but this author successfully make the plot working while many high level opponent against the MC. It's harder to create a plot like this than always create opponent who MC can fight everytime during the story.

The novel have many plot twist and it's really refreshing. I stop at cp 418 because I want to wait until more chapter translated.

Translation quality also top notch.

I give this novel 9.5/10, lack... more>> 0.5 because the requirement of manifestation power up seems absurd xD <<less
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Neet11 rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c437
I don't know why people don't like this novel, I'll assume that it's because they don't like character building, tension, and rationality, but will enjoy such things as invisible dragon. Speaking seriously though this story has many good points, such as characters, the cultivation, and world building.

The cultivation in this story is something I like as the MC has steady growth, sets a solid foundation for future use, and most of all he sets the standard of common sense. What I mean is that in every other Chinese novel you... more>> have people being shocked at the MC's growth, and that's the only way to distinguish how things are going. However here you get a sense of progression and don't need that "people are shocked and geniuses shamed" to understand what's happening with the MC.

Spoiler time:

The author spends time to make the characters unique not just "time" as in time skips, but actual chapters.

He takes time to learn smithing, artifact forging, everything he has you watch him earn.

I saw this "Aside from the main female lead, pretty much everyone else is a bitch" how is that different from real life?

Now for some criticism:

In the latest chapters the author gets lazy and gives excuses as for why Everyone by him conveniently left. But that's the only thing I have had a hard time with. And the fact is this novel takes its time a little to much. <<less
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Sugar101 rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c377
Its an intetesting read, the MC isnt just OP for no reason. The MC is growing and getting stronger learning about the mysteries of his family a little at a time along with us. There are some epic scenes, some fun scenes, it leaves you wondering what next.

I like the female lead, I think she matches the MCs many personalities, so I don't see the need for the harem.

Waiting for the unravelling of the enigma that is his life before age ten.
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Keimichi rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c405
I've stopped at 405. I've decided to take a break, maybe read it at a later date if I have the time, because honestly it wasn't enough to maintain my attention. I think my greatest problem with this story is that the main character's personality is all over the place. After 400 chapters I still can't pinpoint what kind of character he is. His behaviours and personality display have just been inconsistent. It's more like he is a collection of random emotions that is convinient for a MC to feel,... more>> rather than a solid character interacting and reacting with his environment. He's like a placeholder dummy character. He can't make decisions because he has no solid character. That's why, I think, other reviewers keep saying he doesn't really take active action to change what's around him, but is more passively reacting to things. Spirit realm is like, you know, one of those story that probably have a decent plot (it hasn't been bad or horrible so far), however the characters are just not memorable enough to remember them. It's a shame, because I really liked the setting, but because everything about the characters seemed so passive that it becomes tedious to read. <<less
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Yuehan rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: Completed

Good read. The plot is quite good. In the earliest chapters, MC shown signs that he can really make ruthless decisions for the benefit of his own side and formulate plans to destroy his enemies which it seems that he has been doing this for a long time, and this is proven later that his actions are natural because of his true identity. Only downside for me is that the main heroine didn't get a lot of moments with the MC compared with his other wives. The only advantage of the main heroine is that she received forced power ups so she can stand on the same level with the MC and that's it. His servant was even luckier compared to the main heroine when it comes to skinship, so for a romance it was really a letdown. Other than that, it is still a good novel to read.
His true identity was the soul emperor and the reason that he planned his rebirth was for the perfect blood so that he can defeat his enemy million years ago.

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Snowball452 rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c740
In short, the Story overall is avg at best. The problem I have is that the MC for the first 300 chapter is a spineless coward or simply not smart, which is okay I wasn't expecting a smart character like Leyline Earlier. However, he simply went with the flow and his personality is like a doormat for 300 chapter. Once it hit 300 chapter or so his personality goes a bit crazy and ruthless that I really like, He actually stood up for himself and feels like he doesn't fear... more>> death. Sadly after like 150 to 200 chapters, he reverts back to his old personality. Which I could go on a rant about but I'm not. Then the characters..... so far there is like only 4 character that I like. The main Waifu of the MC, an enemy that actually have depth nor isn't a hypocrite. He also isn't self-righteous, regardless, in general, the female view the MC like cockroach until he saves the day or shows off his power, same with the other character. In short either they are super egotistic or people who just a big bitch.I guess the one good thing I guess, is that when he shows his power they don't call him trash like some other novels despite him showing off his power.

The story flow is slow at time and fasts at time, I really don't at any comment on it was not bad nor good. The fights at least don't take 10 chapter so they are pretty fast. take 2 chapters at most for a fight scene. Also if you're wondering about the bloodline thing, it's gonna take like 700 something chapter before they even talk about it. There is a few sprinkles here and there, slights hint but that really it. There is romance in the story, however, I wouldn't call it great, at least it not frustrating to read. if you're wondering when the MC lose virginity, it's in chapter 574 if you wanted to know that. Surprisingly the way he loses it is not cliche... shocking I know.I would at least read like 100 to 150 chapters, and if you like it, then continue to read it. The only reason I continued was that I was like well I'm already this far, might as well read some more, and thus the cycle continues. <<less
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zero-chan rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c271
Since I am ill I started binge reading this novel. But I had to stop at chapter 271 because I couldn't take this anymore.

1. Inconsistent MC that doesn't act but only reacts to whatever situation that happens. I have never seen such a passive MC. He is described as OP and smart but I haven't seen such scenes at all.

2. Pacing and unfolding of the story... The pacing is really slow, which is not something bad. BUT slow pacing with random events popping up and MC getting trown around like... more>> a headless chicken is really maddening to read.

3. The fights are bad, like really badly written. The fights are boring and the MC learns all these OP arts, just to come up with some really basic uses for them. Till capter 271 the MC was never tought any kind of Martial Arts or Skill. Attacking? Hack with the ice sword. Defending? Ice shield..... there is no finesse in any of the fights. <<less
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Estatica rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c686
Frustrating protagonist who is highly reliant on others and makes enemies that are way too far out of his league.


An example is the netherpassages cultivator he had enmity with over a 100 chapters in, he himself has only reached sufficient strength to kill that guy around 500-600 chapters.

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