Spirit Realm


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Thirty thousand years ago, the Heaven Fighting Race who called themselves “Gods” invaded the Spirit Realm. Hundreds of races rose up in resistance, but ultimately suffered a crushing defeat. The Human Race was the first to concede, and the rest of the Hundred Races soon followed in succession.

During the subsequent ten thousand years, all of the races were enslaved by the Heaven Fighting Race. They were cruelly treated, and lived beneath the shadow of terror.

The Heaven Fighting Race’s march of conquest did not stop there. With the Spirit Realm as the starting point, they invaded other secret dimensions, and spread war to all corners of existence. After greatly exhausting their combat strength, they were finally defeated by the Hundred Races who took advantage of this opportunity. With no other choice, they fled to the starry skies outside the realm.

Thirty thousand years later, in an era where the Heaven Fighting Race has already faded to become ancient legend, an amnesiac youth possessing the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline is being fostered in an insignificant household. Whilst struggling to live on, he silently awaits the day of the bloodline’s awakening.

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Ling Yu
Linh Vực
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Rudeus30 rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c358
Spirit Realm is pretentious, claiming depth where there is none. World events and character motivations are left extremely vague to promote intrigue and mysteriousness, which is NOT, how you write a novel. The worst part is that it seems like the author himself doesn't know what to do or where to go with the plot and character motivations. The MC's grandpa is someone extremely powerful, but of all the f**king places, leaves MC to suffer in the most unknown corner continent of the world, at the lowest of positions, BY... more>> HIMSELF. MC could've died a million times, so what are we left to assume, Granddaddy doesn't love ya? Nope. He leaves him a message and gift for the MC to deal with his own sh*t, teaches him how to cultivate, and trains him. Inconsistent. Did the MC live with for 5years+ or the actual 3 chapters he was mentioned, why the f**k was there no description of this granddad emotions or attitudes, why did the MC even trust him after having amnesia? Where is the exposition?!

As for the rest, I'm not even going to bother talking about the forced romance, plot armor, arrogant yung mastas, etc. This is just the diarrhea icing on the sh*t cake that is Spirit Realm. <<less
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Vyrena rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: c648
Why is it 4 stars and not 5? Well... because it is not on my "die die must recommend" list. Neither am I done with the novel yet so I shall reserved the 1 star. If you ask me whether I enjoyed myself so far, the answer would be a resounding yes.

Probably like many of you, I tend to check out the reviews of other when deciding whether to plunge into the story or not. I did the same for SR. I was greeted by a rather odd observation that... more>> those who read about 150 or so chapters gave it a poor rating whilst those who read more gave a 4 to 5 stars rating. There was this one chap who gave it 2 stars despite having read 720 chapters.

I decided to review this novel by commenting on the negative reviews / comments of others. There will be spoilers.


1) "MC is not in control of the situation". This comment is correct. This novel is not one of those where the MC has everything and everyone dancing on the palm of his hand whilst he goes around destroying and owning everyone methodically. In fact, novels with those said storylines are the norm rather than the exception. SR has a rather refreshing take in which anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and starts blowing up left right center. Expect the unexpected. Expect to get betrayed. Expect weird motivations from someone who you thought was the villian but turned out to be not so bad after all.

I personally finds this more enjoyable as a read since it is more realistic than the cliche of MC is good, everyone else is a retard and bad. The feeling of the MC getting swept up in the grand scheme of things and having to struggle really hard to get through makes it a really good story. It is kind of satisfying as well.

2) "No satisfaction from killing his enemies since he is not the one doing it." This comment is also correct. Similar to my comment for (1), I personally find it odd that in other stories, the villian will just send someone borderline stronger than the MC and the MC will either powerup due to rare skill, treasure, etc and managed to defeat the villian in a satisfying way. MC in SR will not be able to do that, at least for the first 600 odd chapters. He will still kill his enemies through his machinations of various external strengths, allies, etc. To me, this is a plus point and not a minus one.

3) "The MC continues to act retarded at the start and the excuse given is lacklustre". This I do not agree.

MC's motivation is simple. He wants to just train in peace until age 17 before he GTFO. He wants nothing to do with the Ling family. However, he still feels slightly obligated. One reviewer took issue with that and said there is no need for the MC to feel so since he don't owe the Ling family anything. Although that is correct, but MC feels morally obligated as a human being. Part of his struggles deal with him as a person. His sealed memories contain personalities which made him dark, calculative, crazy, selfish, etc. His personality after losing his memories (post 10 yo) is one which is kind and gentle. The conflict in his personality can be seen throughout the entire story. I think the author has dealt with it in a good and compelling manner.

MC's stand is simply this. Even though I don't really like them and don't owe them anything, I feel kind of odd if I do nothing and see them getting slaughtered. Part of it was also because of how the Elder Ling Sister was so nice to him.

4) "Despite the same author, this MC is nothing like the dark, gory, anti-hero MC like in the other novels". This comment is partially true and partially false.

Before 10, that was exactly what the MC was like. After 10, his personality was one of kind and gentleness, kind of weak. This is dealt with more than once after the beginning of the story. As stated in (3), that is the ongoing tension with his past mysterious identity and the current him.

5) "Aside from the main female lead, pretty much everyone else is a bitch and egoistic tsundere who are just too proudy of their looks." Very interesting comment I would. And it is not entirely false.

The first girl he met on the snow mountain was quite nice. Although she would probably be relegated as a side character.
The Tang girl she met at the artificer guild is kind of like that. Although she is just a spoilt brat who is proud because of her artificing skills more so than her looks.
That Xie girl is simply just cold... and probably emotionless. She is not really proud of her looks anyway. She also has her own issues.
That Song girl really falls under the tsundere category. But that is only for the initial bit. After a while, the interaction between the two of them is quite cute I would think.
The Xue girl is quite a decent girl from the start.

So all in all, you have some nice girls... although most of them are the "arrogant, narcissistic, egoistic bitch", there is a decent spread and spectrum of girls. MC dont even give a sh*t most of the time anyway.


Those who dropped it early probably missed out on the good parts. I have read alot of novels and am kind of sick of the "world revolves around the MC" kind of stories. I mean, for the typical xianxia novel, everytime there is a new trial, say which open once every 50 years, the MC would just nicely be of age and cultivation level to enter to gain the said benefits? That, to me is plot armour. However there is none in this case. Rather than it is a story where the acts and pretty much birth of the MC drives the events around the story, this story is one in which the MC is dragged around and had to use his meager strength to solve problems way beyond what he could handle.

There is only 1 benchmark when it comes to novels (at least for me). Did I enjoy reading it? If yes, then it is a good novel. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
November 24, 2016
Status: c185
It's very pleasant to be able to give something 4 stars.

Spirit Realm was a novel I did choose to distance myself from at time, after skimming through a bucket of negative reviews. As I am constantly in lack and desire for new stuff to read, I've decided to pick it up yesterday. It's, you know, chinese novel. Supernatural martial arts, beasts with "cores" and a web of goddamn rankings. There's faction ranking, cultivation ranking (a lot of ranks too), artifact and medicine ranking. And there is usual realm-breaker trope. Like,... more>> the fights shift toward person with higher lvl weapon/cultivation, but our MC can overcome that. A minor fault. Also, no surprise here, chinese twisted perception of woman is also crawling in this story. Now now, I'm aware it's not racial trait, but seriously, xianxia writers act like they have never been on date or even seen a woman. In this particular novel you can find pearls like "woman's vicious heart" and other xD

So, why it's 4? Well, it's nothing new, a lot of common and boring tropes, but the MC is likeable, albeit some plot levers make him look like a retard. The romance here is mild, wich is definitely a positive, as xianxia writers can't write a decent romance.

I like the sect twist. The first sect he joined forced him to leave, and the one that picked him up later made him their heir. Now there's some nonsense going past 180sh chapters, but I hope it will be resolved quicklyy and we go further with the story.


Well, the upside of this overcomplex setting is that it gives a loooooooot of freedom and possible content, wich is also an aspect that made me rise the rating.

In the end, what is left to say is the most important reason, I did enjoy reading this, even with it's flaws. <<less
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Carminell rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: --
sh*t novel, really!
... more>>

Don't understand why the MC love Ling Yushi. He saves her many times, including her race.

If not for him, and his grandfather, the Netherworld races would have died. In the end, he saves her life, gives them a place to live with innumerable resources and then, what they do? She drags her people under the wing of a demon lord in the abyss, and vanish. And the sh*t MC loves her and is concern about her. She really does not care about the MC, I hate this woman.

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Vlaeghe rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c237
It took me a while to realise this, but this Author just isn't for me.

Every single time he starts off a story that keeps me interested and I actually read quite a bit of it...

Only to wind up dropping it and discontinue reading it, and feeling reluctant to even try and read some more.

... more>> This happens to me with every one of his stories.

His idea's for stories are fine... his execution of them is just lacking. It's either the MC itself and the developments of the story or the lousy and not interesting enemies. Or actually pretty much all of them combined. It's simply no good.

So I hate to say this... but if it were upto me I'd probably advise you to not bother to read any of this Author's stories. There's always some issue that'll leave you dissatisfied. You're a more valiant guy than me if you can stomache so many... mistakes.

Of course, you should just find out yourself, but perhaps for some... this review can be their warning. <<less
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Astral100 rated it
June 1, 2017
Status: c86
Couldn't read past ch.86. While the story overall is interesting, there are a few glaring problems that in the end ruined the novel for me.

The biggest problem is the huge amount of plot holes everywhere. Most of the time they are not that big, but sometimes they are face-palming bad. If you like logic, consistency and good reasoning in your novels, stay far away from this novel.

Also this author has a maddening habit of letting bad guys go. Instead of cleanly kill his enemies off, I lost count how many... more>> times MC lets them go at last minute. And most of the time not even for the good reason. As soon as bad guys start loosing they will simply retreat and good guys wont even kill them when they have opportunity or try to pursue them. All just to have more artificial troubles come up with those same guys later, just to let them go again later. This is so frustrating!

Just to show an example from ch. 84 when bad guy is about to get killed when good guy finally has an advantage: "After his strike, Tu Ze didn’t take the opportunity to go for the kill; instead he suddenly backed off." Like WHY??? Obviously bad guy gets saved after that by a convenient and contrived supposedly neutral 3rd party that didnt move when that Tu Ze was about to get killed. And this is like that everywhere.

Overall reading this has the feeling of eating a nice looking meal that has become expired and barely edible once you taste it for a bit. <<less
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Graestra rated it
September 9, 2016
Status: c29
I really like this series so far. Maybe it's because I've worked my way through most of all of the better xianxia's and have been really bored reading a lot of subpar series that this series really stands out to me.

One of the biggest things I like about this series so far is the romance. A lot of other series have really late romance and/or the heroines are just there for the sake of having a heroine with very little personality or contribution to the story.
Already at chapter 29... more>> there is a lot of charactarization for her and her relationship with the MC is really adorable. I don't mind harems very much, but I really wish this wasn't and he would stay faithful to her, she's just so sweet. It's still too early to give a conclusive opinion yet, but if it keeps going like this it will probably be one of my favorites, if not my favorite. Especially if the first heroine stays relevant and doesn't just turn into an accessory for the MC. <<less
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Hikicarl rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: c1545
I don't recommended reading this novel. This novel is purely a waste of time. The author is really good at wasting people's time for money. If you are an M then read this bs cause you'll surely be getting what you want.
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woohoot rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: c1043
Spirit realm is a novel that really requires patience. At the beginning, the MC can be kinda annoying and inconsistent. The story really builds up over time as more and more information about the world, the MC and other characters get revealed. Over time, the MC's personality changes and becomes more stable as well. When you learn of the backstory of the MC, you'll understand why he was in the situation he was in and why his personality underwent that change. It's easy to conclude that the novel is bad... more>> at the start, but it really gets better. When I first started reading xianxia/xuanhuan novels, I picked a few to start with and were reading many simultaneously. Spirit realm was one of those I picked up. At the beginning, it was definitely one of the less engaging ones. I even dropped it a few times and binged read translated chapters to catch up. Eventually, spirit realm became my favourite novel and at the moment, it is the novel I most look forward to seeing translated chapters. <<less
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MondoX rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c148
I held off reading this story because of the negative reviews. I finally read it because I had nothing else to read, and was surprised to discover the story being quite good, so far. It is not a great novel, but some of the criticism is unfounded. There is a reason why the MC is in a state of intellectual disability and it is explained early in the story. It is also explained why he consistently travels to a specific part of a clan's mountains.

The MC is cultivation a special method, which causes his soul to leave his body. He goes into the mountains because lighting is more likely to strike the MC and temper his body. Since his soul is out of his body, he does not feel pain. He came out of his state by chance the first two times, but after becoming stronger, he is able to do it at will.


The MC does not have any family business. It is only his grandpa and the MC, and they travel to the Ling family for a specif reason, which is also explained later on in the story. The MC made a mistake when his companions were in danger for staying in character, because some unexpected variables appear, which he regretted it later. When the MC comes out of his "state, " he acts the same because he does not want people to bother him and ask him 21 questions, so he tries to keep the status quo. When he exposes himself that he is normal, the Ling family nags him and does not leave him alone, which is what he was afraid of.

During the battles, there is not much yelling like some have mentioned, because most of the battles are quick. I guess this is the problem I have with the story, because it focuses on the MC being an artificer more than him being a martial arts practitioner. Reading a few chapters should be enough to make a conclusion if the story is for you. However, why did I rate it low? Two female characters with crappy personalities that will probably be harem members. Especially, the way MC treats the brainwashing female after she tried to brainwash the MC to do her bidding. I do not understand how these MCs with multiple women turn spinless for one or two females. I MIGHT understand if that was the only girl they were able to establsih a romantic relationship with, but it is not.
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expertsource rated it
September 7, 2016
Status: c26
This series turned into some stupid boy wandered around without aim after 20sh chapters. He already finished what he has to on mountain and spend 5 WHOLE YEARS to avoid the family business, even after 5 years, he still pretended to be fool to 'avoid the ling family businesses' as this was authors' explanation. And now, he still just gad about and eating his own words.

There's no aim currently. There're just side-aims like cultivation heavenly some lightning sh*t. And that's all.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Viperz rated it
March 18, 2018
Status: c1200
Let me be honest for my reviews and this just my preference.

At the beginning, this novel is quite good. It starts not too fast and is not too slow.
This come to ends after too much of a ridiculous bullsh*t nonsense come out especially when it involves with a
female character, regardless someone MC know or enemy. Every women MC know such a bitch, even main lead female character such a bitch. After being ignored and neglected MC still welcome with warm heart..
MC is treated like a toy or... more>> even close to a dogs. When it say to sit MC sit even after someone try to harm him many time.

Example when a female human/beast try to kill, manipulate and try to harm MC in various ways and it happens many times and the worst of all when it involves with life around him, so many lives have been lost even MC himself almost die.! What did he do her to pay for that? Nothing at all..! Well f**k me!! The worst part is he even helped her and even put his life on the line to save her!
It repeatedly so many times. The Author`s always come out with ridiculous bullsh*t nonsense reason.

Another one. Letting the enemy escape even after the MC has the power or plot armor to eliminate the enemy, after enemy sworn to kill and wont rest until he die, pursue MC all over the world and make the whole world hostile with the MC, even making MC hide into the wormhole and almost die many time.!!! Yes you hear me right?!! Many time almost die!!! His allied die for nothing, many lives have been waste for nothing. All he do just eliminate the small fish but letting the big one go, the one who start all of this. The author make it look because 3rd. Party show up and asking to let them go in fact it`s not and the real reason is because the enemy has a relationship with the girl he know.

Dude it’s your freaking enemy who try to kill you many time and you almost die!! MC can kill someone whom he does not know or someone just gave hostile behavior but cant do anything to the main enemy even after he got the power to payback?!

If it was a male and got nothing to do with the girl he know, will he behaved in the same way? The answer`s there is no f**king way he let them go!!
He just cut them down without blink his eyes even though they only try to harm him and not to take his life or even bring no harm to him at all.

If you like logic, consistency and good reasoning try to stay away from this novel. Sometimes I even wonder if this really Chinese novels or it`s Japanese novels because it more like Japanese novel to me. It's frustrating to read.

The MC has no fix character and it keep changing with plot story and it almost like he`s just nobody and just side character not the main character's.

The story has a good cultivation, materials, weapons, power system but when it come to MC combat, all this trow outside, no Martial Arts or Skill and all he got plot armor to survive or to win a fight, only know to trow out a f**king boom all around even though he got OP cultivation art or even make a breakthroughs he still the same as before, nothing..!

The story of this novel got to many "forced" element and its making this novel so boring, unnecessary
and frustrating to read. Forced Romance, Forced Plot armor etc. But still if you don’t have anything to read
you can try, well everyone has their own preference but for me nah.. I not really recommended.

To be honest there are many more I would like to say but let it end here. <<less
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beddedOtaku rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c211
This WN goes through one-too many identity crisis... if that's even a thing. It constantly jumps between trying to be your generic, everyday power-trip fantasy and this odd, 'deep' and complex story about... somethings and somethings more, that it never becomes anything good. It's not a decent power-trip fantasy because MC tends to lose quite a lot of battles, and it's not a good 'story' period because it's just... confused and bad.

The greatest issue with the novel, besides not knowing what it wants to be, is that the MC is... more>> just not interesting. He's your generic 'blank slate' meant for projection, and if that's your thing, go for it, but for me that's just a bad character. He goes back and forth between being a decent person and flat out psycho. It's been awhile since I've last read SR, but I'll try to summarize my opinion from what I remember of the novel.

  1. Villains in this novel are just plain bad. And not in the 'evil bad' kind of a way. Do you know those 'uuuh, he made my son cry once, I must cripple the bastard!' assholes? Or those 'uuuh his growth is some awesome derp berp I can't allow him to grow let's go massacre his entire family for no reason uuh' assholes? Yup, there you go, those are your villains. From what I remember, I've only read up to post-city-war parts, and there was no single decent villain anywhere to be found.
  2. It's standard xianxia while trying to be something more. As I said before, MC tends to lose from time to time (at least more than in your even more generic xianxias), but, well... his plot armor is still so thick even Juggernaut would have trouble piercing those walls. You know the type? Randomly walks into a shabby shop in the middle of nowhere, meets an old, grumpy guy who turns out to be holier-than-thou OP bastard that helps him. Oh, what is this? Bunch of strong factions are attacking us? Why oh my, let me just wake up this ancient demon that just so happens to be right in the sect's grounds and have him save us! How so not lucky and totally coincidental! MC is just far too talented in everything (except talking to women), that even when he's threatened and loses, my reaction was usually 'meh'.
  3. Constant need to keep adding 'realms'. You know, the standard xianxia sh*t. MC is progressing decently with his cultivation and is about to overtake the peers around him and bop, somebody pops out of butt-sh*t nowhere and introduces the whole new realm to him. This extends to sects as well, and it just never stops. From what I remember, they're separated into Copper, Silver and Gold or some sh*t levels, and it just never stops going up and up.
  4. Every single adult (that's against MC at least) in this novel doesn't have EQ. They get so easily pissed off by MC I haven't a butt of a clue as to how they didn't die of a heart attack beforehand. For an example; MC's chick one day gets stolen by some granny, MC swears to himself he'll kill that granny, the two meet way later and MC says sh*t like "hoho granny I'm gonna kill you you bitch" and the granny loses her sh*t. We're talking about a woman that's lived for dozens of years, getting pissed off by tantrum-throwing child. Oh. my. god.

Overall, Spirit Realm isn't the worse novel of the bunch, but it's just far too inconsistent with what it wants to be. Couple that with your plot-thickens armored MC, substandard villains and pointless side characters, and you've got yourself sub-par xianxia.

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Anonymousse rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c300
One of the most halfasses novel with a dragging habit which eventually become annoying as crap.

The author either doesnt know what to write or how to make a decent storyline.

For example: MC repeatedly changing personality, between a dumbass naive kid to a hysterical bloodthirst maniac. Dunno why some ppl review it as personality development, but I saw it as MC mental issues.

The story itself seems to had a habit of dragging an arc with one of the reason by MC`s habit of letting loose his enemies, altho sometimes MC maniac... more>> bloodthirst personality decision making take rules and voila!... a brainless massacre without thinking of consequences occured but it still cant help the storyline.

Overall, this novel is average and inconsistent with plot holes everywhere.

i really hope more bc this novel pick by a great tl group, unfortunately its doesnt fit my taste.

thx anyway. <<less
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CE-NEX rated it
April 6, 2017
Status: c334
The first 120 chapters are actually quite phenomenal. The author builds initial intrigue for the reader about the MC through the side characters, which is rarely done in wuxia novels. The intricacies of the character interactions and the story ties they represent are well thought out and surprisingly done in a realistic and convincing fashion. The first romance is built wonderfully. She's a sweetheart. A genuine kind character who, while not quite love, comes to build feelings for the MC despite his perceived mentally handicapped status. The best part is... more>> is that she's talented. She's not the commoner girl who has sympathy for the MC because she too struggles desperately in her life nor is she part of some fallen nobility who all the other characters look down on. No, she's a genuine 'ojou-sama' and she still managed to steal my heart. Her story develops into an interesting one in the later chapters.

The MC is also the likable type. He really couldn't care less what the people around him think. He's not the 'you insulted me so I'll exterminate nine generations' of your family' type. He's more along the lines of, 'you screw with me, I'll screw with you.' The biggest draw for me was that the MC isn't human and that's what really drives his potential. There's no ridiculous cultivation technique, special ancient artifact or disembodied teacher. Just a damn talented kid who's not afraid to get his hands dirty. Sadly, all of this degenerates past the 150 chapters mark. The author fall into the clichéd and repetitive plot system trap. It becomes damn predictable and the moment a character is introduced, you can tell which role he or she will fall into. Honestly, it becomes a tad bit boring. Alyschu is the translator so you know you're getting high-quality translations and formatting. No room for complaining on that front. All in all, this story would be a solid three if it weren't for the rather magnificent beginning. It's a great start that falls horribly into the average run-of-the-mill wuxia novel. <<less
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Warning101 rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c550

STAY FAR AWAY!! If you’re expecting an MC who is in control of the situation like emperors domination. This MC is one of the most frustrating characters I have read, he gives up things that play a big role to his cultivation for his ‘friends' (who tried to kill him in the past but couldn’t.) when they are in danger. His intelligence for an MC is average considering his ideas are created with the input of his friends. Plus, if you’re expecting an MC to dominate people by himself and be far above the rest then RUN. This MC has his friends around him always during the major moments to fight his battles. Lastly, forget about getting any satisfaction from the deaths of antagonists, especially when he’s not the one killing them (which is frequent), it becomes a pattern with him to find reasons not to take revenge or is too weak to take it. Overall, if you’re into xianxia, stay away from this novel or you’ll have a blood clot from all the rage and frustration this story induces in its readers.

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mrttao rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: c106
This started out interesting, but went pretty bad afterwards. It somehow manages to remain readable though. Which is a big surprise considering who the author is and how awful his other works are.

Everyone is extreme stupid here, the MC personality is inconsistent, the author keeps on forgetting stuff and changing his mind. (he goes into an infodump-rant about how thunder and lightning are two separate distinct elements, where lightning is the electrons flowing from the cloud and thunder is the sonic air vibrations caused by it that act like an... more>> explosion. then 2 chapters later they are one element again).

Unlike the author's other works where the MC is a remorseless villain, here he is aiming for a hero. So of course he (and literally everyone else actually) is a psycho killer. That being said, despite being psycho killers, MC and people of allied factions (he has many of those) are somewhat decent human beings overall, this is quite exceptional in xianxia (ex, some rich kids are about to be killed by monsters, MC comes, they run away and abandon him. Realize he hasn't immediately died and decide to come back to help him), or this one clan diligently takes care of the MC and keeps all their promises to his dead father even when they think of him as a worthless cripple, and they don't bully the infirm and actually treat them well.

Of course that gets all those "nice" (relatively) factions abused and taken advantage of constantly so that you feel pity for them but also so the MC can save them. Enemy clans or factions are of course filled with nothing but insanely stupidly evil people, every single one of those is a rapist, a retard, a monster, a bully, and moustache twirling villain. As bad as it sounds, it actually is the best thing about this story and what sets up miles above the author's other works!

The author's other works have the MC be Chaotic-Stupid-Evil rapist lolrandumb. Here the MC is supposed to be a hero, which means they are not detestable, and their bouts of stupidity are far less painful. It is far easier to forgive stupidity when it takes the form of an idealistic hero than it is in a character the author claims is a "cunning villain MC" who is actually a moron.

It honestly reads almost like shonen (think comics aimed at teenage boys). Not clever, but not awful, now have your Freedom, Justice, and the Ameri... I mean Chinese way. It is cheesy and maybe childish, but vastly superior to the alternative and the author's other works

Example 1: the soul devouring monster is breaking to tier 4, if it succeeds it will exterminate our clans! things are not looking good for the extermination team which means we are all going to die probably. The fighters from 3 normal clans try to rush to sacrifice themselves for aid. villain clan though? instead of plotting how to escape with their lives or help kill the beast to save their family, they plot treachery against the entire group so they can assassinate the MC, the tier 1 nobody who admittedly has talent but is far from actualizing it, at this crucial point in time. so what if it dooms our entire clans to extermination from the soul devouring monster!

Example 2: evil mcbadguy hates some people from the MC's faction for daring to defend themselves when they tried to slaughter everyone to keep a mine a secret. They are both subordinates of another faction and are told to work together. Being a cunning person who plots well (informed ability) they go "the supervisors are out of our immediate sight (they are not, they are looking), let's murder them all in front of a bunch of witnesses" (other subordinate clans who have no reason to cover up for them). This is not a plot, nor is it cunning. It is just stupidly and openly murdering in front of witnesses

MC of course is OP. And there is this entire "MC is the messiah" thing as well as tons of filler. Where you would have paragraph after paragraph of people dissing the MC, then being shocked by him and praising him. And the MC keeps on saving the day in improbable ways that smack of plot armor. (breakthrough just when he needs to which somehow lets him easily kill a monster at least 2 full realms above him because his cultivation method is specifically that of holy lightning that is the bane of Evil magics) <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
December 2, 2016
Status: c600
I think this is a fine novel. It keeps itself interesting and doesn't try to push itself in any incredibly odd directions. Female characters are nice to read as well, which recently has become a thing I look for.

The major qualm I have, and this is the only one I'll say in this review, is how the author plans out his events. He has serious issues about making the MC act first and instead makes him react all the damn time.

I guess that would be confusing. Here, let me give... more>> a few scenes.

The main character is thought dead and is trapped in another world, so his enemies have begun to move against his friends and fiancee. When he returns, he finds out that this happened. Of course, he's angry, so you'd think he'd rush over there and help his friends and fiancee out, right? Nope, he takes a detour and reminisces about the past, just so that the author can introduce a new plot point which, of course, could have easily been done AFTER he saved his friends and family.

Second one is where he is in possession of POWERFUL tools and is in the midst of a civil war between one side he says he will help and the other side which is basically his enemies. Both sides don't really care about him, so there's no real danger there. The side he wants to help is so because of a woman he thinks of as an elder sister. When the fighting starts, she's the first to be injured, and guess what the MC does when everything beings. NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. He fricken waits and waits and waits until some indeterminate time the author decides was proper and then launches his OP tools. Nothing was given to suggest that this was a good idea.


TL;DR, author sucks at proper tension building and relieving. He'll build up a scene and just ruin it with weird choices. MC is strong, but he doesn't do crap until some random time because of this. It's not a fun thing to read. <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
February 8, 2019
Status: c200
This novel is literally a waste of time. You read it, and a hundred or two chapters later, you are left wondering why you are even reading this garbage. You try to analyze what part of the novel is keeping you entertained, and end up with the answer that there is literally nothing interesting or engaging about the novel.

This is not a hyperbole, this novel is worse that Martial God Asura. At least MGA fooled me into reading 1k+ chaps. This novel fails in all aspects.

  1. Cheat skill - really really boring and really weak, its almost a detriment to the story
  2. Plot - the author is incapable of stringing together a coherent plot line that can engage the audience
  3. MC personality - absolute garbage, generic, boring, weird, incomprehensible, all of the above
  4. Romance - the females are all annoying, their dialogue is annoying, their behavior is annoying
  5. Enemies - literally just terrible, can't even bother to read
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Titan LLS
Titan LLS rated it
August 19, 2018
Status: c1032
I am writing this for all those who have read the negative reviews about MC disposition and turned away from this diamond as I once did because of it. I am not going to talk much, only say as with any novel the MC has a starting point and grows from then on, it is to be expected.

this is from Chapter 675 a section that shows his growth in character best. I have edited out info to make it as spoiler free as possible.

... more>>

He never thought that (Girl A) would turn down one proposal after another for two years straight, seemingly waiting for him all this time.

He suddenly felt a bout of strange amusement.

Back then, he, a ripe greenhorn who entered (Place), was given no attention by (Girl A) at all. Moreover, he was often scorned against and attacked repeatedly by her.

But after he grew stronger at (Place B), experienced a breakthrough in realm and encountered (Girl A) once more, he only needed to switch a face and an identity to easily win (Girl A) ’s heart. He had caused (Girl A) to lose two years of her life in a false relationship; one that she was so deep in that she couldn’t walk away.

The two points of interaction between (Girl A) and him were as different as heaven and earth.

“Why is that?” Qin Lie thought to himself.

A long time later, he gradually came to understood why.

(Girl A) had never changed. She had always been the way she was be it in terms of identity, behavior, appearance, or realm. She had never changed.

But he himself had changed completely.

When he first entered (Place A), he was wooden, shy, weak and introvert. He possessed neither an outstanding identity nor any self-confidence.

The second time he encountered (Girl A), he was arrogant, brash, powerful and full of confidence. He had also picked up a brand new identity.

Although in both cases it was still him, his time at (Place c), his battles in the Realm A, and his experience as a foreign delegate had increased his charisma by leaps and bounds when he encountered (Girl A) once more. He was a far better man, which was why (Girl A) had looked favorably upon him and fell for him easily.

“Change and the improvement of one’s insight, mind and strength would naturally cause someone to exude a completely different aura. So that’s why...” Qin Lie abruptly came to realization.

It was at this moment he experienced a magical feeling of enlightenment, deepening his knowledge.

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