Spirit Conductor


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Spirit Conductor.

He was supreme. An existence who seized the law of space and time, living off the shadow as he strived for omnipotent powers; a rebel, a revolutionist, a poet, a fisher, masked heroes, and a cold and evil tyrant. The one who controlled everything under the heavens.

In Badril Village, a third-ranked village at Tiramikal Continent, lives a calm and carefree young man from Yashura Family. Another story about a coming-of-age supreme yet revealed.

Soon, the calm young man will learn what it means, and what it takes, to be the chosen one.

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Alavaladhi rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c14
This story has great potential but need polishing. I understand that you want to use the beginning cliche scene as a parody, but it fails to convey that to me. Maybe you will do so later in the story. But I felt like it ruins the beginning and gives a bad impression. Maybe you can make the spirit to say something like "Hoho here comes another Xiao Yan. Cancelling the engagement similar to the novels." or something that makes it different.
I like the idea of using spirits and spirit... more>> power. The story picks up after the cliche and it gets better. Maybe because some are edited.

Jhuji - the father's character
Sleep dialogue
Some conversations.
Lvling system.
(MC is little ambiguous but lazy sounds good)
The Blackwood girl sounds cute.

Cliche in the beginning
Need more descriptions
Narrative style needs improvements
Need proofreading done
MC's character and his laziness is not convincing enough
(Hard to tell he is the MC since he got not much scenes that make him special and all these scenes does not make him stand out unlike his dad character. May be he needs a monologue.)

Your story making is nice, but your writing skills need polishing. Not just English and grammar but the style of how you write a story. Maybe due to that, I feel my favorite scenario of Jhuji fighting back lack SOUL. May be you need more descriptive scenes and descriptions. <<less
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