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For a young man like Jason, not having a lover has never been a worry.

But why is it that his sweethearts are always forced to die by accident!

A mafia godfather, a top-notch killer, an evil doctor, a business elite and a federal agent…

Mixed in with all kinds of men, the temptation of hope and the shadow of death fall at the same time.

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Zhī zhū
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Sha Qing (Shared Universe)
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libelula rated it
December 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Hey, I'm the translator. I figured I should write some kind of review, as the summary (as most Chinese novels) won't offer a bigger picture, and I highly doubt this work will get enough attention for someone else to do it orz

Overall, this work is simple, that's why it's relatively short. However, make no mistake! It's riveting, hilarious and it provides background for a handful of characters in Sha Qing!

Spoilers will be tagged, and I'll exclude every possibility of rising unwanted plot doubts. I'm keeping it straight, so you may... more>> check the tags if you want something more, but out of spoilery context.

This novel follows a nonchalant Jason, a dude who eventually grows some kind of danger addiction and ends up fluttering around very shady and dangerous men, and they all end up not really okay.

The story takes place in New York (yes, American setting). Both MC (Jason) and ML (Adrian) are roommates. Jason's constantly unemployed, likes to play around; Adrian's a serious, kind of harsh informatics nerd who loves his creepers. Ever since chapter 1, they're really good friends and care a lot about each other.

Adrian isn't very happy about Jason's hazardous and lewd activities, and somehow ends up helping him out and scolding him, paying for medical fees, etc.

I've been trying to think about a clear plot line, but I guess there isn't one per se. There's this general line, (Jason getting in trouble because he's either horny or bored; Adrian helping him out or just scolding him), and the drama is kind of episodic till the latest arcs, where a federal agent and his upright sense of justice come into scene alongside the Great Revelation, aka the Plot Twist.

The Plot Twist; the true BOSS - MAJOR spoilers ahead


Jason's sweethearts (or basically any person he sleeps with) die not because of 'bad luck, ' but because of Adrian: Jason develops a personality disorder; there's Jason and there's Adrian inside of one body, and his roommate 'Adrian' is actually Spider (full name: Bluestar Spider), a perilous wanted hacker.

That was confusing, I know. There are two Adrians: one is Jason's other personality; the other's his rommate, whose real name is not revealed, but is known as Bluestar Spider. They just share the name because.

Spider is deeply in love with Jason (although he states he's actually okay with either of his personalities because both are Jason and he loves him that way) and murders every possible love interest of his using his superb hacking skills. Sometimes he needs a little help, though, so Adrian!Jason comes out and helps him carrying out the bloody while Jason 'sleeps.'

You'll notice how Adrian constantly tells Jason 'to sleep' and 'wake up to a new day.'

Anyway, that yandere-like thing of Adrian eventually escalates, obviously, and the FBI end up getting their eyes on Jason, who's always the one in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hence, when he's wanted for murder, Spider goes out of his way to clean up the mess he himself created (in which Jason is pretty much innocent and a victim) and eventually manages to brush the federal agent away.

By the end of the novel, apparently just Jason exists (temporarily or forever? Who knows) and Adrian 'sleeps.'

Likewise, by the end Jason seems to be aware about this personality disorder (it isn't textually stated, though. He probably found out along the way) and later he even suggests getting a different nickname for each of them (his second personality and Bluestar Spider), but at the end he just calls both of them 'Adrian/Adri.'

And, to everyone's sadness, you get to read Jason doing the nasty with literally everyone but ML. That, or I read some censured raws, which is highly unlikely as those were traditional, illegal, and actually R18.


Anyway, as you probably noticed, this isn't really a romance novel, but more like an action one, where the whole pseudo-harem (yes, THERE'S NO HAREM) and s*x are just plot devices building up for the Final Revelation, which is properly foreshadowed.

As for the author's writing, the whole American setting is, just as Sha Qing's, quite exaggerated and full of stereotypes you may see around AXN and the like, but still digestible and actually fun (coming from someone who's not American). Some dialogues were a bit cringe, though, not gonna lie, but I guess some lines might sound cool to foreigners, especially back in 2007, when this was originally written (Wu Yi's last editing was back in 2015, though!). Also, extra points for the research on streets' names, museums, cars, hotels, and whatnot, and featuring a small diversity of female characters you're probably not used to read in other danmei.

As for my translation, only you guys can judge. Similarly, if someone else thinks they can do better and wish to take over, please do so. Just let me know. And although you can't leave a comment on the site I'm hosting it, leaving a good review here is also great, as Wu Yi's a good author and their plots and characters are fresh and enthralling, yet their works don't bloom here on NU or danmei community as they deserve. <<less
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