Special Relationship


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Have you ever dreamed of saving a *Sick Jiao? [Heaven’s Pride has fallen into the mortal world, and life is nothing but a struggle. Can our special relationship give you some solace? 】

Yan Zhuo was a volunteer at a suburban nursing home. One day he heard that 108 was admitted to a beautiful man with a bad temper. The man was cold and mysterious, making him hateful and curious at the same time.

Song Yan, a well-known painter, was admitted to a nursing home due to an accidental blindness. While waiting in line for donations, he met a sunshine volunteer. With the death of his friend and the departure of his girlfriend, he gradually became a paranoid patient. Song Yan was tired of the volunteer who always showed up when he was the most embarrassed, but he could only feel alive when he was in his warm embrace.

Q: How many steps does it take to fall in love with a man?

Yan Zhuo: If he is handsome, one step is enough.

Note :
sick Jiao = sick and arrogant

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