Special Forces Spirit


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Having served in the Northeast Field Army, Ye Tianming, once called an “extremely dangerous person”, was chosen for the Blue Sword Special Forces to his surprise. He’s crafty, c*cky, prideful, yet possesses talent and planning above others. He’s walked on the front line, leading his teammates in Blue Sword to erase the invasion attempt by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam; he chose elites and dealt a huge blow to the opponent in a military exercise; he is neither good nor evil, and openly defied orders to save his teammates; he went overseas, and entered terrible trouble in order to save his fellow citizens… Desert breakthrough, wilderness sniping, escape through Gobi, hunting overseas…

After a series of tests through blood and flames, the fresh troops led by Ye Tianming grew up quickly, and became an iron-willed lion. They have the speed of cougars, the power of lions, the craftiness of foxes, and the stealth of a snake. In front of evil, they have an aura fill of murderous intent; in front of justice, they seem to show the hot blooded spirit of special forces. They have no unit designation, no honor, and even no gravestones, in the age of peace, they composed a soul-stirring song of generosity!

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faerro rated it
January 20, 2017
Status: c20
Read up to chapter 20. The WN was pretty good up to this point, but seemed to go right off the deep end all of a sudden.

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1. MC is sent on first mission with fellow troops while still in training. Does Delta Force send its trainees out on missions before they even prove they are worthy to be in the field?
2. MC selects Sniper Rifle as his main weapon only to give it to someone else to use during the mission, leaving the MC with his side arm and knives only. If you aren't going to use the rifle, why did you oggle over it for 10 minutes as if you were going to r*pe the entire jungle with it?
3. Eliminate terrorists only to have f*cking American and Japanese special forces come out of nowhere to surround and ambush Chinese special forces. Like American and Japanese special forces have nothing better to do in the world than use terrorists to lure Chinese SF out for the sole purpose of starting a good old fashioned special forces team deathmatch. I think perhaps the author just wanted to write about the Chinese curb stomping Americans and Japanese in a very powerwank type way. Unrealistic and over the top dumb.

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ScreamingZombie rated it
January 26, 2017
Status: c65
I have followed this series since it started being translated and I love it. This story revolves around the MC who is a rouge whose profession happens to be soldier. His superiors can't control him, his peers either love him or fear him, and his subordinates love him. The beginning of the novel starts out with a random battle but essentially this story is like that - starting out in the middle. Some people might not like it but eh... author's choice.

This MC is along the lines of Zhang... more>> Ye (I'm Really a Superstar MC) and other MC's that give no face and only take it. <<less
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Kasuka rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c76
For what I have read so far, the novel is really cool. It's a novel with no cultivation at all, so that's good. I also don't understand the issue that the other reviewer has with the novel. It's fiction, it doesn't have to be completely realistic.

Anyways, the MC seems quite shameless, but seems very cool. He's someone that is intelligent and not just powerful.
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