Special Case Files of Rebirth


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Hei Xiao, who was a famous assassin, could never have imagined that one day, he would be shot in the head. This was retribution.

But he didn’t die.

When he opened his eyes, two men and a woman were gathered around the bed and kindly told him that he had ‘amnesia’: “You are our good, beloved coworker.”

Hei Xiao asked, “What’s our job?”

They replied, “The police~”

Hei Xiao was speechless.

Looking at the strangely pale and thin face in the mirror in front of him, Hei Xiao wished he could die again: God, although I’ve sinned a lot, you don’t have to play me like this!

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Little Cloud
New Little Cloud rated it
June 29, 2024
Status: --
When I first stumbled upon this novel, I was hesitant whether to read this or not. But at the moment where I finished the novel, I am very glad that I gave it a shot! Because this novel is very very interesting. The plot was filled with twists and turns that caught me off guard. But the story had a steady flow. I really like the novel setting and the cases solved by the special cases team are very unique. I love every character in this novel, including our main... more>> couple, the leader and his man (though he was bit arrogant and domineering person..) and their co workers. The romance in this novel may not the legendary romance we normally read, but nevertheless it was interesting. If you are thinking whether to read or not, I suggest you to give this novel a chance. You won't regret!

Many thanks for the auther who wrote this and the translator who brought this story for us!

Highly recommend! <<less
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Liter of Tears
Liter of Tears rated it
October 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly, the romance in this novel definitely ruined it for me. I had to vent it out to a friend before I could even finish the novel, during which I had to actively ignore the romance between the main "cp".

To start it off, I really enjoyed the cases in this novel. It was very creative and definitely not obvious regarding who the killer is. The killers all have their own motives that can be explained, which make this an enjoyable mystery read. I also enjoyed the translation so I would... more>> like to thank the translators for doing a good job.

HOWEVER, the romance was such a turn-off for me. I know the novel is marked as HE but honestly, since MC ended up with the "ML", it might as well be BE. I honestly don't understand how the MC ended up with the "ML", considering:

it turns out that "ML" was the one the ordered the hit on MC, hence MC dies and wakes up in another body


Honestly, what the "ML" did is not something that can be redeemed. Furthermore, he had already given me bad vibes in the beginning when he would always try to read the MC and manipulate him. He never asks for consent and always does things regardless of what the MC wants. Their "relationship" is just the ML one-sidedly forcing himself onto the MC and doing what he wants because OBVIOUSLY, love means to disregard your partner and satisfy your own needs and wants. "ML" never cares for what the MC wants, especially if it doesn't fall in line with what "ML" wants.

Furthermore, what I really hate is that the author tries to pass the ML's behavior off as love and that it was "cute" to be possessive and manipulative. IT ISN'T. Literally every character that talks to the MC about the ML basically tries to gaslight the readers and the MC into thinking that ML is truly in love with the MC and because of that, it excuses everything wrong that the ML does. I'm just mad that the MC still ended up with the ML in spite of all of this just because the author wanted them to be together. It honestly does not make any sense, especially since the ML doesn't even attempt to change how he is. I don't understand why MC can't just be single and be living his best life. ARE ALL SINGLE PEOPLE SO MISERABLE THAT THEY CAN'T POSSIBLY HAVE A HAPPY ENDING?

All in all, read it for the mystery and the cases but don't read it for the "romance". This isn't romantic. <<less
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yuzum979 rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: --
Read this danmei long ago, still one of my favorite. If you are a fan of crime-solving and strong protagonist, this is defo the one for you.

It's still a fiction nonetheless, many parts of the investigation are a bit exaggerated for entertainment purpose, but they won't take out the immersive experience.

Romance-wise, it's neither slow nor fast. It comes at the right time at right place, the progress goes naturally over the course of the story. Might be some dog blood then and there tho lol
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Nagisa rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: c90
The case solving part was really good and entertaining

... more>>

the romance on the other hand left me dissatisfied. Its not that its badly written but the ML was so manipulative to the point that the extreme yanderes from other danmei were much cuter in my eyes. (And I dont even like yandere MLs)

Like I personally just find it extremely unpleasant to read about how the psycologist ML uses his profession to emotionally manipulate the MC into loving him. And when it's revealed that hes the one who killed him he orchestrates a whole thing where he again emotionally manipulates the MC into forgiving him where he purposely lets the MC shoot him to vent. And he knows that after that even if he wants to hate him the MC will feel pity and guilt and both forgive him and accept him as his boyfriend. All while thinking that the man he killed was the mc's lover.

id rather read about a confinement type yandere ML over an Emotionally manipulative one. So if it wasent because how good the detective part of the story was id completely hate it.

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Lost Happiness
Lost Happiness rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: c120
Plot twist I didn't expect.

... more>>

ML was the person who caused MC to die. At first I thought it was ML's brother but turns out the brother was just a front, the true behind the scene mastermind is actually ML. The whole event was due to ML investigating a certain group boss called Duke and incurred his wrath who sent a hitman to kill ML, this is where we see MC before getting killed. ML had MC shoot him as he knows MC won't forgive him thus giving him an option to kill him. But later it was known that ML's heart isn't in the normal position. Thus MC knows this was all an act to gain forgiveness and redeem himself infront of MC.

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Pezwitch rated it
October 30, 2021
Status: c90
First the good: The translation is excellent and I cared about the assassin turned detective character. If this was a straight mystery instead of a romance it would have been 4 or 5 stars

Now the bad: I detested the romance. I disliked the psychiatrist character, he was manipulative and I never bought into the romance. I understand yandere characters, but this went beyond yandere. It was to the point where I hated reading any scene the psychiatrist was in because of the way he ignored what the detective wanted, for... more>> instance the assassin was a top, but the psycho decided the assassin/detective was a bottom and just brushed off the detectives preferences when told. It didn't matter what the detective expressed the psycho psychiatrist always knew what was better for him

And if hating one half of the main couple wasn't bad enough, the big reveal of the person who killed the original body ruined this novel for me, ruined it to the point where I stopped reading

I dropped the book and put it on my "Never Again" list



I found the psychiatrist an annoying character - I actively hated him, but I was enjoying the crime mysteries so I put up with it

THEN... The psycho psychiatrist turned out to be the person who killed the original body. Sure, the detective shot the psycho, but that was all part of the psycho's master plan to make the detective feel guilty enough to decide to live with him (the psycho's heart was off set, I would have shot him in the head) Then, as planned, the psycho lived AND DETECTIVE FORGAVE PSYCHO FOR KILLING HIS ORIGINAL BODY

Nope. No coming back from that

I hate this book

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lotuslilac rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: --

I regret, DEEPLY regret reading other peoples reviews because the negative comments are completely unjustified!!! Manipulation, bullying, unhealthy relationships? THOSS ARE ALL LIES!

this novel was truly amazing, the translation was perfect, the plot was FLAWLESS and each crime arc was perfectly conveyed and the romance/ comedic scenes were muahh *chefs kiss* 😘😘

The only thing is that now I want to cry because I want to forget everything so that I can read it all again!!! The 3 Lu brothers are so doting on their wives, I love them all... more>> aha Lu YunYang and Guan Jin are the main couple and they are so fkn cute!!! YunYang is NOT manipulative, he respects and loves little Jin with all his heart!! The best part about this novel is that for each couple (there’s like 3-4 bl couples) the shou is not weak!!! They are strong and equal to their gongs!

please read this novel, I finished it within 3 days! It is AMAZING/ MINDBLOWING! Please tag me if you have any similar novel suggestions <<less
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March 7, 2022
Status: --
Story was interesting at first and I liked crime solving.

However I was disappointed how MC from being an assassin became so soft hearted and easily manipulated by ML. Also I was angry about how they relationship turned out.

... more>>

I would have been much happier if ML died on the ship or MC left for America and didn't return, leaving ML to deal with consequences that his lies and actions caused


I wish there were more plot about MC seeking vengeance, it felt that it was not important and MC didn't care about it that much. <<less
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December 20, 2021
Status: c12
Up to chapter 3 at the moment and I'm wondering if this was written by a middle grader. Carrying a gun in a violin case? (I rolled my eyes so hard at that. What are we, in the 90's?) and how is an amnesiac able to go back to work at the special elite unit with no memories? Shouldn't he be at the hospital getting scan after scan, test after test? Maybe they're gonna refer back to it later, I hope? Not to even mention that grown ass women (police... more>> women) line up at the entrance of the school police station to admire the F4 coming to class work. Sigh. Imma stick to it just because of the rating. Hope I'm not too disappointed

Edit:up to c7

Le sigh. I really don't mind shallow mindless reads, but this... Now we have female cops fangirling on the job. Deep breath in..... aaanndd exhale.....2, 3, 4. I really feel like this was s'posed to be a novel set in highschoool, but then the author changed their mind halfway through and changed the setting without adjusting the characters. Sigh. Still gonna give it a few more chapters

Final chapter - 12. Story line remains interesting, but writing and plot seems a bit juvenile. Life is too short to be hate reading a novel, so imma leave it here with no star rating <<less
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crochet rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: c35
Enjoying the translation!

As a crime novel, I think the work could use more depth; however, as a light/BL novel I think things are just right. You don't have to think too hard about how things are going to work out, but you still understand that there's a big picture being built by all the smaller details you come across.

I sometimes find the MC a little whiny, but that's nothing unusual. I haven't looked into the OTP, just kind of letting things naturally mature, but all the MLs have beautiful potential.... more>> However things shake out, I don't think I'll be disappointed. <<less
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Dooka rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: c62
Dropping this because the "romance" makes me feel disgusting. I don't find manipulation and bullying cute, and it definitely doesn't make for a good and healthy relationship. I enjoy the mysteries, even if the detectives are really dumb and miss obvious clues all the time (especially as they're supposed to be elites🙄), but I can't stand the relationship anymore. The author also screws up timelines of finding clues etc., and the "psychology" 🤡🤡🤣 complete fabrication, even if coming from the Chinese, instead of Western, perspective of mental health.

And I really... more>> hate this whole 'forcing a top to be a bottom' trope, roles are a legitimate and distinct part of a person's sexuality, and forcing them into another role is dubious at best, fcking r*pey at worst. It's different if a person is naturally, or by choice, a switch. <<less
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Kuzo rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: Completed
Some of the storyline are not my cup of tea. They actually my cup of anger!

... more>>

Im quite disappointed that MC didnt lashed out his anger to the point ran away to state and become assassin again or something like that to the point ML felt so much guilt. I guess that what Author meant by saying he has soft heart. To the point, ML can even manipulated him. I means, he always lost in arguments or fight against ML.

There even scene where ML want MC to forget his past and a scene where he actually feel be grateful that he ordered people to kill MC which causing me to hate that Psychologist even more.


Anyways, the translation are great and the ending is okay. If only MC do more revenge, that would be nice. <<less
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ReadingSlime rated it
March 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Note for anyone hesitating on reading:

There is a top review that spoils a major plot point and for those who have read it, I just want to make some things clear. At the time, MC and ML didn't know each other, they never met, never spoke. MC was hired to kill a guy, and everything that happened after was just business. If you've ever played a videogame where you had to kill off a NPC, you understand. It was not malice, it was a job.... more>> I would like to get this out of the way because the popular review has an implication that MC should never forgive ML because it was done out of malevolence, implying they knew each other, and that almost put me off from reading.

Please don't miss out, Special Case Files of Rebirth is an amazing story that's extremely well written with significant world building and character growth. The romance is a bit of a slowburn because MC is a bit of a tsundere but ML really, truly, cares for him deeply. I love the side characters, I love the mu*der cases, I love the detective work, and I like reading about the dates that MC and ML goes on, and ML pursuing MC! <<less
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dee_ism rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: --
It's a good crime novel but not a romance one.

The ML did ruin it for me especially before the 'revelation' part. He's basically a manipulative person and force his ways to MC. Hello, consent please!

Also it doesn't help since the MC is a tsundere who even if he's already accept the ML advances, he never really said anything good to ML and always appears unwilling. And ain't the MC is a bit way too soft as an ex assassin (?)

But on later part I kinda 'forgive' ML as he's... more>> really treat our MC well, very doting and pampering. And MC actually can get what he desire the most: love and stability from ML.

The good and best part is the plot and the mysteries. And I stay till end for that <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 31, 2021
Status: --
MC doesn't want people to find out he is not the owner of the body but keeps doing things that is opposite to the original's personality. He doesn't even try to cover it up but. Just straight up make himself OP with all the knowledge and experience he had. The gun shooting with their team and he keeps getting 10pts. I literally can't. And just a bunch of people interested with MC because he is so different or he is their type. Wew, I can't.

MC is an assassin so that... more>> means he also have killed people. He should have been prepared to die so I don't get his investigating on why he died. He got a new identity so why put the argo on yourself. The author makes his personality revolve around his assassin profession but real assassins still have morals so whenever he stays things that it shouldn't concern him because blah blah before, it doesn't make sense. Too many illogical sequence. <<less
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Peachyxist rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: c31
This is actually good to read and all the crime mystery stuff just hooks you in. Definitely a good read.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dreamland54 rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: c90
The mystery part of these novel was honestly my favourite. The story were really nice to just see being solved, I don't really see the other police officers as being as helpully as they should be (as elites), other than the captain. Yet the relationship between the ML and the MC? I hate it with my whole body.

... more>>

"The male lead is so pampering!!" "Everything the MC says is right for him!""I love how all the Lu brothers pamper their wives!"

No. Everything is without the MC's consent. The only reason I can see the MC actually liking him for is because he shows that damn love of his.

The disgust increased when I saw what he did the the MC in his past life, honestly why did the MC just.. Forgive him From what I can tell so far is that the MC pays back tenfolds if someone does something mean to him. But for the ML he doesn't. Why? Because he f*cking manipulated him. The MC is in the grasps of his hands, hes literally playing with his feelings at this point its not even cute. Id rather watch a yandere ML who just keeps the MC at home or never far than him, rather than a ML who just manipulates him to be his dog in the name of 'love'

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ennuye rated it
March 21, 2024
Status: c45
Story: 3 stars

Translation: 5 stars

I feel like this is one of those novels that is OK, but I've read other stories of this kind so it feels kind of meh. I don't remember any titles, but I'm pretty sure I've read something very similar before, with the difference that the ML was the head of the police team and there was one single couple.

Anyway, this story is a weird combination of good and bad, because at first it gives off the impression of being something quite special, but when you... more>> pay attention, there are actually a lot of improbable elements. First, the fact that there are not just one, or two, but three gay pairings. In the same team. This kept pulling me away from my sense of disbelief, a certain author's words "These two are the only gay mandarin ducks in my universe because more wouldn't be realistic" echoing in my head. If this were a silly, comedic story maybe it would be fine, but the setting of this novel is too serious for absurd elements.

There are a few more things I thought were a bit of a stretch, like the MC being the "best assassin in the world", or the number of times people were just getting bullets in their heads, or the number of serial killings happening in one single city. Maybe I've watched too much Hannibal, but the sort of cases they deal with feel like something that should be happening in a more widespread manner, like nation-wide, rather than city-wide. How many mu*ders can justifiably happen in one single city?

But my biggest complaint is the relationship dynamics between the MC and ML. I was bored with them by chapter 30. I think these relationship and power dynamics have been overdone. The weak MC who wants to top the bigger guy, and obviously never gets to. The ML who basically falls in love at first sight and decides their whole future together in his head and doesn't accept any no's from the MC and proceeds to be annoying to the MC throughout the rest of the story...I could go on. Maybe someone more new to BL will find this interesting, but I've read too many versions of this story. It's boring, so I'm dropping it here. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sindea rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: Completed
I liked it.

Your enjoyment will really vary depending on how you interpret/feel about the MAJOR spoiler already mentioned by many of the top reviews.

The romance burns pretty slowly, and develops pretty naturally, which I liked. I usually love mysteries, but wasn't fully able to get into the detective work and the 'who dunnit' mysteries. I think I just prefer more fantasy, sci-fi, transmigration, wuxia/xianxia type of settings. But it was still pretty well written, and objectively, I think it was good.

Now as many reviewers have mentioned, how you feel about... more>> the major spoiler point will really effect how much youll enjoy this probably. I agreed with both sides of the reviews arguments (those who liked it AND those who didn't).


The top reviewer mentions that the ML kills the MC in the previews life, but that it was before they knew each other, so it wasn't personal, so it shouldn't affect their relationship too much.

I both agree and disagree with this.

I mean yes, it wasn't personal, and it had nothing to do with the ML's love for the MC. But that STILL doesnt change the fact that it happened.

When you read a work of fiction, usually as the reader you root for and feel for the MC, and everything is for the pov of the MC. Like when you read books about scrupulous, evil, manipulating MC, you still root for them and its fun and refreshing how powerful they are. You dont stop to think, like 'oh this is fked up, what about this 2ndary and 3rd character.'

Since were reading from the MC's pov here, it stills feels aggravating and upsetting towards the person who killed him.

Thats like saying, oh my wallet got stolen, but you know, it wasn't PERSONAL, the thief didn't do it with malicious intent, he probably needed money to feed al his siblings at home, so I'm not upset that he stole my wallet.

Obviously, im still gonna be upset my wallet was stole, regardless of the thief's situation.

Same deal here.

They dont resolve it super quick or super easy, but at the same time, if I had to love someone who killed me previously, id probably have WAY more internal conflict and don't even know if I actually could love them, and if so, it would probably take me a LONG time to eventually forgive let alone love them.


Hence, the resolution does feel quite lukewarm and anti-climacti when they just move on and progress their relationship just as smoothly as before without much change.

It was also super weird to me how we kept getting chapters from the secondary paring. I dont know, ppl liked it, but it just felt weird to me. Their chapters had nothing to do with the plot, and just felt like fillers.

But at the same time, other than the extra, their chapters didnt have any character development either. It was mostly just showing how h**ny the top was for the uke.. Like what? Why would I care?

And the secondary pairing were the same tropes as the MC and ML pretty much (overbearing possessive top, clever capable tsundere), only better/more strongly? So it felt weird to have chapters of the secondary pairing that tried to outshine the main pairing? <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ran_Kudo rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I just wanna say I Liked/Loved the story (normally I would say absolutely loved the story but I'm more of a fluffy with other gener.... type of person so this isn't the kind of novel I Normally read which has a Tsunder MC.... but well I do love mystery and Cute and hilarious and Romance... all in one,.... so I can say I loved the combination part of all this in the novel a lot).

~~~ Now no hating here,.... the below is just my opinion of this story, no offense... more>> to anyone alright.... ~~~

Ok now comming to the MC & ML, I must say I loved those two... Yes seriously I loved those two together... I mean yeah the ML is a bit no ok well he is a big manipulator but the fact is he loves the MC a lot and I am just giving my personal opinion that... Seriously only the ML can handle the MC ok...

The MC Guan Jin and ML Lu Yunyang are a perfect fit for each other.

Like the MC is totally Tsunder he never admits he likes something or someone no matter the occasion ok and to love a person like that only the ML can do that by acting soo shamelessly in love in MC....

I don't know how many times I felt annoyed at the MC for this behaviour of his but well (As I said before I like the fluffy kinda things so I felt different) ... I later thought that well this is what the MC is and that's who he'll be and the ML loved him just as he was without have the MC change in any way,... just a lot cuters side can be seen of the MC.

And I have read a lot of jerk MLs (who are not really the ML of the novel... I'm basically talking about Quick transmigration stories) but this guy our ML who is a bad guys for most people, a crazy person, A manipulating genius, etc,... but there is one redeeming thing about him and that is he really loves the MC like a lot...



Ok see ML actually makes the MC shoot him... Just so that the MC can finally, you know let it off his heart the anger of knowing that the person who killed his previous self is the ML. ML knew the kinda person MC is and if he really let the MC be just as it is... The MC really would have actually left him.... I mean I read the story carefully... The MC had really fallen for the ML no matter how many times he says otherwise... So if he had to forgive the ML and unable to get revenge he would just run away from the MLs life......

I know people would say this and that, well that's their opinion I won't say anything about the ML manipulating the MC to kill him and all.... And that ML is bad, worst, jerk, etc...... But not to me....

If you read from a different perspective you will find that ML did what he had to do.... He had a reason to kill the assassin who was going to come after his life.... Any person would defend themselves so did the ML. Not to forget the fact he is not for a normal background, so duh he has a dominant personality.

ML didn't know the the fact that he killed MC in his original body but he cared for the MC throughout everything... Even unknowingly he became the support of our MC....

Like at the start our MC is all unable to atjust in his new life of police being in the other side of the law... But many of the times when people say bad things about a criminal that would resonate with the MC.... The MC unconsciously gets hurt or one can say gets mad or something of a bad kinda emotions but one word from our ML makes him weird mood calm down..... I mean come on anyone who reads this novel can find how important the ML was to the MC emotional life....

The part I loved a lot is how open and free these two are with each other tell them everthing about themselves to one another...

I mean the MC who is supposedly the cold hearted assassin tell, the ML openly that he wants to kill someone when the ML finds out MCs weapon (well the one he wants to kill is the ML he later finds out cause of the clues)....

And Even through the MC is all like I don't like ML at all but when he did shoot the ML he actually broke down only comming alive when he found out that ML is alive...

And no matter how angry MC was at ML,... well he knows much more better than anyone that MLs love towards him is true, and although ML is faulty, he care for him and pampers and dots on him a lot and would continue to do so for the rest of their lives together..😍😍😍

That's why they end up together...❤️


Thats why I said what I said these two are perfect for each other with the flaws an all.

The story as I kept reading I really liked it a lot... Like the side characters and their romance n all was sooo adorable!!!!

The Duke part, Oh my... their love is hot!!🔥🔥🔥

And then the Tsunder Le Fan and the puppy Jin are too cute!!❤️

Also the ML Lu Yunyang's family members are soo sweet and cute!!!❤️🔥🤣

Like all three Lu Brothers are a doting hubbys to their respective wife's.!!😍😍😘😘❤️🤣🔥

OH MY GOSH!!! I loved every moment of the story!!!❤️❤️❤️

I must say the author made the story soo beautiful and lovely and mysterious and hilarious and adorable, that even a person like me who mostly only like the fluffy kinda story love it.... Ok it's not the kind of novel I'll read again and again but it's still lovely the first time... and who know I maaayy bbeee wanna read it a second time but now for now......❤️

Oh and the translator did and amazing job with the Novel, So thank you soo much for the translation!!!!❤️❤️❤️ <<less
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klarinha123 rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I LOVED IT. I've always liked crime and investigation series and being a yaoi, it was all a perfect combination. If you, like me, love yaoi and investigation, READ IT. You will not regret.

The cases were great, what I liked the most was that the author gives clues during the cases and if you, the reader, are smart and put these clues together, you can get an accurate guess as to who is to blame before the work says who is (of course, this isn't always or at least I... more>> didn't pick up the clues).

And it has a good plot twist, don't do like me and read spoilers here in the comments, even if it was by accident.

About the romance, I liked it a lot and I didn't understand why people were angry with ML (when in doubt, ML is the psychologist, Lu YunYang).

Right at the beginning of reading I came in the comments, they were killing ML and I almost give up reading it, I thought I wouldn't like it, since I don't like it very much when ML is an as*hole and the author doesn't care and they still do the MC and ML stay together.


Yes, the ML is manipulative, I have no doubts about that, and he has manipulated the MC several times, but the MC is fully aware of the ML's personality, he knows that he is manipulative and likes to control, he knows that he has been manipulated at times, he makes this clear during the work and still decides to stay with him.

Speaking of manipulation, it seems a lot that ML is a tough and serious man, but guys, ML always doing everything to please the MC, anything the MC asks for, he's already he's running to get it and a lot of the manipulations have to do with that,

like when ML took the MC to the movies and the MC only realized that it was a date when he got home


Don't forget that the MC was one of the best killers, if he really didn't want anything to do with ML and didn't like ML at all, it doesn't matter that he was in a weaker body than his old one, I'm sure he would find a way to get rid of the ML.

About the plot twist.

I advise those who haven't read the book, don't read this, seriously, you might lose some of the fun while reading.

I was very satisfied with how it was done and I think that was the best way.

When that bet appeared, I was sure that the ML was protected and that it was all his performance, I was very angry, because I didn't want everything to end this easy. But when I found out that ML really faced the situation head on and that even though he had prepared certain things in advance, it was not guaranteed that everything would go well for him or that there would be no sequel, it was really a gamble and he took the risk, I thought it was soooo good, I thought it was the best way for the whole past to be resolved and for the two of them to be together.

The author was amazing to have thought of it.

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