Sougen no Okite ~Shii Yatsu ga Moteru, Ii Buzoku ni Umarekawatta zo~


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A guy who reached the peak of martial arts died in an airplane accident. He is reborn into a tribe where in addition to the way of the bow and sword, magic rules. This is his everyday life.

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Grassland Law ~The strong guy is popular, reborn into a good tribe~
Sougen no Okite ~Tsuyoi Yatsu ga Moteru, Ii Buzoku ni Umarekawatta zo~
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ninthlite rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: --
This could of been a good novel. It uses the common tool of reincarnation however instead of a generic fantasy world he is reborn as a warrior in a golden horde like tribes. It could of been a interesting novel of how a warrior fights and unties tribes and then the world. However it starts to shed its focus on he MC and focuses on incredibly boring and generic s*x with his generic and boring wives. s*x is not interesting to read about without tension or backstory. The women he... more>> has s*x with are cardboard cutouts with nonexistent personalities. If the author wants to make a ero novel make the s*x and women interesting. All the novel has been so far is a story focused on a d*ck exiting and entering women A, then women B then women C.... Literally can't tell any of the women apart. <<less
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MomTheDemonQueen rated it
June 3, 2016
Status: v2c27
First of all let me say, the novel is good. It's really good. That is my opinion. It's easily 5 stars, but... Well that's what the review is for, huh? To explain why I gave it 4 instead.

Alright so, the MC is a master martial artist, Kenichi Master Level, and dies in a plane crash. Then he's reincarnated in another world and the story starts when he's just coming of age. He's a total bad ass and an alpha, so you can't relate, but he's against harming women so he's... more>> cool.

There's a lot of s*x in the story, and it's okay I guess; It certainly isn't BAD s*x, but it's either poorly translated or the japanese just focus on parts of s*x we don't. So, if you're reading just for the s*x, yeah you can pull your pud to this about as well as Road to Kingdom, but that's it. I write way better s*x in my fanfictions.

Now, he lives in a native-american-esque tribe, but for some reason or another they wear chinese clothes.

The story is more about his life in this tribe, his treatment of his household, and him being acknowledged as a warrior. This story is not about the s*x, it isn't about the battle, and it isn't slice of life. It's all of them put together, and instead of focusing on one and putting just a little of the others in like most novels it instead balances them very well.

Read it if that's your thing. If you like it, read Road to Kingdom. <<less
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Scholek rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: c33
Main character said he doesn't like to r*pe ugly girls like his fellow tribe members. In addition, he said he could care less about their screams...

From chapter 1 this story gave me complicated feelings. Love, hate relationship. There is only depression left behind. Women... I believe they are more than just subservient breeders. This was a long, drawn out, passionless, diary-esque hentai. It is certainly unique in a sense.

Loads of polygamy. Females are physically inferior, mentally inferior, magically inferior, socially inferior, feeble, docile, baby-factory breeders and are tradeable commodities in... more>> this story along with horses and livestock. Lots of s*ave wives who are only allowed to receive their master's seed from "obedient dog position". If a girl can't give birth she is deemed worthless and effectively banished in this tribe (Damn. That's awful.). If a girl only gives birth to more girls she is ashamed. Only men have strong magic power in this world. Women rarely, if ever, have significant magic power (I wonder if author really gets turned on by dominating feeble women? Maybe this was written as some kind of erotica?)

This is a reincarnation story, but the MC hardly ever uses his modern knowledge (If he has any knowledge at all. He was a 'martial artist street performer' before reincarnation. Modern knowledge?). He goes from being a physical meathead to being a distinguished tribal warrior and raider meathead. He's really not an intelligent reincarnator... I think that he's illiterate in his new world. <<less
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Overlord rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: v2c21
Plain, simple and totally repetitive, that's the best summary for this novel. The characters are so one-dimensional that one can call them stick figures, every single chapter reads the same.. I'm not joking here. And when you read about his new everyday life, it simply makes you wonder for what he's living in the first place.

It is not worth the time, not even as a filler read.

... more>>

Now you might be interested in the novel, because of the mature tag. Sry, don't get your hopes up, the s*x scenes read uninspired and profane. In addition, he is only allowed to do his wives in two different s*xual positions. Can it get even duller?

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Justcallmejust rated it
August 3, 2016
Status: c34
Interesting read. It's a snusnu novel right? The h scene is just ordinary. But the slice of life is quite good. I might be biased because I like traditional culture in a novel, whether it's made up or based on a real culture.

What I love the most from this novel is the way author specifically explain the culture in this world. Also the events are interesting. Insight and the strategy of war is quite awesome too, although it's still need more action. Hoping for more war, or give us some... more>> more political conflict, please. We, well at least I like it.... <<less
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mukkaar rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: v1c12
Well... kind of a even as ero novel its kind of bad. Story isn't interesting and even s*x isn't that interesting. Even girls doesn't seem to be something special.
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joelout rated it
February 18, 2017
Status: v2c24
Man dies and reincarnates into what is basically a Mongol tribe, but with magic. The magic is more of a support ability than a combat and there haven't been any pure magician warriors atleast so far.

You'll almost instantly forget that the MC is an reincarnated individual as he never uses any knowledge from his previous life and his personality is completley that of a relatively nice and popular teenager. The story also skips the whole child stage and starts when the MC is about to turn 15.

The story is considered... more>> R18 but the s*x is quite light and not at all the main focus of the story. Personally I'd say it's more like a R15 story but where the MC does goes all the way at night. I think it's a good thing as it's completely unrealistic for a 15 y.o male to have a harem and not try to get inside their panties.

The main cons are as mentioned, that it completely skips out on the whole reincarnation story and it's more like we get to follow a teen that just grew up in that world. This is not necessarily a bad thing imo but it's perhaps not what you would expect. Another thing is that it can get pretty confusing with all the rules of the tribe at times. Don't know if that's because of the author or the TL tho. The MC is also quite a Sue, stronger than all his peers and wanted by alll the women. Finally the story is set in a world similar to the mongol hordes with the culture of mongol hordes. That means that women are completely treated as items similar to a horse or a sheep. They are the property of their husband/father. So if you're a SJW this is most definitely not for you. <<less
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May 5, 2016
Status: --
Review at Chapter 20.

It's... Slow?

Like the blurb said, MC is martial master who died young (virg*n!), so when he reincarnated in the grasslands with its Mongol style laws and rules, he decides to splurge on his base desires on a wives and s*aves harem... Not.

Despite being pretty randy, he seems rather picky and considerate to his wives. Two of them are basically chosen for him, two he picked out of war compensation (tribe who loses war gives their treasure, herd, and females of marriageable age), and one as... more>> a reward from a rescue.

World-wise, it feels rather unfinished, since MC didn't seem to want to look farther than the grasslands and its warring tribes.

He is content to herd sheep and horses, hunt wolves and birds, make war, and sleep with his wives.

Oh, well. <<less
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Shizaki rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
There is some NTR in the first chapter but leaves you with no big impact from it as it’s only mentioned quickly and with no drama in it, and soon goes to the reincarnation part which is quite original and good, which I recommend to all ero/reincarnate fans out there.
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TypeFantasyHeart rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: --
Some say that there is NTR at the start but thats WRONG! It just that the bit*h wife didn't want to have s*x with her husband for whatever excuse she said and then was found to be pregnant by another dude she was cheating the MC with just a sh*t excuse of a woman and then divorced the MC where he went travel the world.

Well... The story its more like about a martial artist that is reincarnated in a period where no technology or knowledge about science. Its a period... more>> with tribes and tribes war, something life before medieval ages so no stone houses or cities. Life expectations are short due to lack of hygiene but I’m expecting MC to make soap at least but nothing so far c6.

Lets see... Blacksmith is basic at best but they get help with magic which is also basic LOL. There is no such thing as schools or big cities with restaurants. Basically its just like if you were to reincarnate here on earth but 3000 years before christ. So if you wanna be an adventurer then GG, you leave your tribe and you are guaranteed to die LOL. So what we can expect of this is the life and death of the MC in a 300 people or so tribe.

NOTE: 50 years old is considered an old man ready to die <<less
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neoshadow rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: v1c34
This novel is one of the few p*rn with plots (pwp) novels on Novel Updates. Its a slow plot novel, so don't believe the low reviews about characters being boring--they stop only a 10-20 chapters in. If your looking for something to fap to, don't read this novel. If you into prehistoric novels or novels about adventure and dialogue of plots within plots, then read this novel.

Its plot is better than most R-18 novels, but its not what makes it exceptional. What makes it exceptional is more its unique take... more>> on the harem and adventure genre. Its sad to see though that this novel was dropped, because of how bland the xxx scenes are.

1) The dialogue and complex connections between characters is so intense that I orginally though this was a chinese Wuxia novel. Laugh if you want, but you may find yourself having to draw character webs by chapter 20 if your not used to novels with a complicated social web of characters.
2) The attention to detail about surviving in a pre-iron age nomadic culture. This novel has a great prehistoric nomadic vibe to it. This is interesting for a fantasy novel because while magic is involved, it is simply an extension of the prehistoric technology. For example, there are not psychic telephones using wind magic, but magically enhanced birds are used.
4) The plot is well-rounded: Even though the main character comes from an "op" previous life, he is simply a strong warrior in his tribe, not some "op" badass who going to reach godhod and reminds you of Conan the Barbarian. The story appeals to many genre as another reviewer
MomTheDemonQueen notes: "The story is more about his life in this tribe, his treatment of his household, and him being acknowledged as a warrior. This story is not about the s*x, it isn't about the battle, and it isn't slice of life. It's all of them put together, and instead of focusing on one and putting just a little of the others in like most novels it instead balances them very well."
5) Female leads ARE NOT COOKIE CUTTER BUILDS of tropes or memes, but each have a personality and desires that are unique. In simpler terms, the characters don't fill some moe-category. Compared to other stories about large harem--its refreshing to see non-protagonists have character that cannot be defined as "the tsundere, the glasses girl, the maid, etc." If you a harem reader, you should read this novel for simple how unique its characters are.
6) Characters stay involved and interesting well after they are introduced. This is the upside of the fact that alot personality and unique backgrounds behind different characters are revealed as the story progresses.

1) The 18+ scenes are a little bit bland and tame compared to other novels. Don't read this novel expecting to fap. In fact, they are so boring, the original group translating this novel dropped it.
2) This novel is not recommend for people not used to complicated dialogue. The plot is slow to develop. There's alot of action in the story that is happening outside of the perspective of the MC, which the story only mentions in passing (at wrap-up chapters for story arcs) or by dropping clues here and there. Thus, the character differences are often subtle and hard for people not used to "dialogue" novels to pick up on. This is the downside of the fact that alot personality and unique backgrounds behind different characters are revealed as the story progresses.
3) For example, the MC perspective and gender social class difference often limits the exposure that for many of the females leads to really shine in the novel. In fact, often his later wives' character differences often show up in dialogue written in the the past tense--in other words through how they affect other characters and things that the MC may mention in the past tense. P.S. I wanted to follow up MomTheDemonQueen great review, because I think this novel deserves a second chance. <<less
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Skool rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: --
Firstly, I had quite the reserve about chapter 0 NTR (a little bit spoilerish for you ntr hater out there, skip chp 0) but after deciding to continue reading this I quite like this. He’s living in a tribe, it’s a curious theme.

Obviously I can’t say much from reading 6 chapter but mc’s accept his new life without questioning much about it, straightforward personality, I assume from his martial arts way with a fact that he got nothing going on in his previous life and it goes along with the... more>> story.

Where he lose his reserve from his previous life and enjoy a new life with more freedom than a restricting one on his past life with a little bit of plus side of his martial arts experience and of course an H-scene is just a topping on top.

Would read again!

All and all a solid 4.7/5 <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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