Song of Exile


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Born under a bad sign, little Cai Wenchang is blamed for an epidemic that killed his parents and over a hundred of his kinsmen in Cai Family Village.

Bullied, beaten, under-clothed and underfed, forced to work hard day in and day out, he ekes out a living the best he can.

A chance encounter with an old freak sets off a chain of events that will change his fate.

Having taken all the torment he can take, Wenchang decides to enter the jianghu and join the ranks of society’s seedy underbelly. He will walk his own path and show them that he is not a helpless lamb, that the years of abuse he received have been carved into his bones and engraved in his heart.

But once you enter the jianghu, it is not so easy to get out…

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doomeye1337 rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c42
As opposed to many other novels in the genre, SoE seems to eschew the power level structure focus and instead spends effort on interesting characters that all seem to be scheming around the MC.

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The MC himself, shunned from an early age, grew up keeping people and what good-will they may have at a distance. However, interestingly enough (or contrarily enough, depending on your view), he seems to have retained quite of bit of naivety as he begins to traverse the jianghu. On some level, it may be understandable that his lack of experience with people because of being a social outcast makes him an easy mark. However, he DID have prior experience to having a life threatening betrayal by someone from the jianghu when he was a kid, so one would expect him to be a bit more guarded.


As the pace of the story is also affected by it not being your typical power level structure focused story, the first 20ish chapters or so were more or less an introduction to the story, so I probably can't make too many conclusive statements about the story. So far though, it's an interesting read that seems to have been buried on nuf because of the influx of translations. I do hope though that the seemingly conflicting behavior of the MC is properly justified in the future, as inconsistent MCs seem to be a bugbear for many nuffians <<less
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