Song Dingxiang


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Burdened by the weight of her family’s responsibilities, Song Dingxiang worked herself to death. Upon reopening her eyes, she found herself reincarnated as a young maiden in an ancient farming household. Betrothed and then cruelly abandoned, her reputation in tatters, she faced a bleak future.

Gazing upon the spirited, handsome, and seemingly well-born young man before her, the never-married Song Dingxiang made a bold decision – she would marry him!

Before He Went to War:

Zhou Yinuo: “My wife, here’s the tiger I hunted. I’ll sell it and buy us a shop.”

Song Dingxiang: “Wow!”

After He Went to War:

General Zhou: “My wife, here are the honors I’ve earned, enough to buy you an entire street.”

General’s Wife: “Oh my!”

Genres: Transmigration

Keywords: Protagonists: Song Dingxiang, Zhou Yinuo

Associated Names
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A Transmigrated Soul's Prosperity in Ancient Times
Song Dingxiang
Song Family Lilac
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