Solo Swordmaster


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Times change, and nothing lasts forever. Dragons and magic became legends, and heroes faded into the pages of history.

It was now the age of players that were gifted immense power and skills by Constellations.

“But is this power really free? …I protected this world for centuries, and this is what I get in return?!”

I had all my assets seized and the only friend I had left killed.

But now, humanity’s last Swordmaster—a man out of time—must pick up the blade once again to fight against a new threat to mankind—the arrival of constellations that now seek to invade the world. Will his new alliance with the longtime enemies of humanity, the Seven Princesses of the Seven Dragons Association, be able to defeat the very Constellations that bestowed humanity with their powers?

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나 혼자 소드마스터
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1 Review

New colorless3t
Sep 21, 2022
Status: c10
Only read 10 chapters as of now, but let me tell you what the synopsis and the tags don't. This is a "Regression" novel. Just that it takes 10 chapters to properly show that to us.

The author does a really good job at keeping my interest in the novel. There's some mystery which makes you think what's going to happen next so you keep reading, the plot like is said is regression but executed nicely, the MC has just somewhat realized that he has done this before. The MC is... more>> also OP from the start, not because he regressed but because he is a 100+ years old monster who saved the world before. Everyone knows that but think the new players are stronger, so he is undermined.

Translation wise, as of 10 chapters, I think the TL's are doing a great job, the flow of the novel isn't lost (it doesn't feel bland), I've read some manhwa and novels which are grammatically correct but reading the translation is frustrating (you can't feel what's wrong but you know something is). Sometimes the TL does mix up present and past tenses but eh it's passable.

I'm giving it a 5/5 rn since only 11 chapters are released. What I'd like to say is that don't read it now and let it stockpile. As of now it's one of those stories which you want to read more and more. <<less
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