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Jinhyuk, a gaming Nutuber, was the only person who saw the ending of the game [Tower of Trials].

However, when the game’s popularity declined, it became difficult for him to continue making a living as a gaming Nutuber.

Since he already saw the ending of the game, he was about to quit playing. But that day, [Tower of Trials] became reality, and Jinhyuk, who knew about every single thing in the game, took over everything faster than anyone possibly could! “I’ll show you what a true pro is like.”

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I'm the Max-Level Newbie!
I'm The Only-Maxed Level Newbie
I Am The Top Ranker Newbie
나 혼자 만렙 뉴비
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Bagust rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: c180
Yeah, MC is smartass who looked for every nook and cranny in the game for some s*upid reason. Now he is op alpha male who dominates everyone just because he is MC. No character development, tower creatures are just NPCs that work as stepping stones for our MC to shine. MC is just a s*upid clockwork soldier who speedruns some s*upid real life game that he began himself.
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penek rated it
December 26, 2022
Status: c584
First ~100-200 chapters are 4/5

then it not even go downhill, its flying towards bottom on the 9mach rocket.

Novel feels like rip off from Kings Avatar, Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World, Tales of Demons and Gods.

About Tower, its a place that have all stuff and beings that are considered myths and legends, like gods and beings from greek\northern europe\egypt\asia, then religion beings from christianity and other (god and angels, demons and devils, hindu gods) and many many others and ... more>>

on top of the tower sit most powerful primordial beings from lovecraftian works about cthulhu


We have MC who finished super duper hard vr game where you need climb some tower (where 99% didn't even reach middle) and after he done that, it appeared in real life with a condition that if people dont clear floor in 90 days, world ends, and when floor cleared (even if happen sooner then 90 days) - you have same condition to clear that next floor in same 90 days.
And because game was super duper hard, most people don't know anything about tower, but well, it have riches and power so lots of corporations and even governments joined tower.
And here comes the first bothersome thing. Unlike game, people dying here for real.. and imagine hundreds of people are like worse then cannon fodder rushing to tower and dying there, also there was some "pro's" who completed some levels in game and they become like "zomg great leader\guy" who help guild and corps to run higher (but... they always dying and dying in mass, but there seems appear more and more pros who even better then previous ones, then they die, and there appear more "better pro's" - so while all this happening this sounds more then dumb, because (where the heck they getting all this people) its pure meatgrinder.

And to spoilers:


MC like in most "reincarnation" crap, are op,
1) he only one who finished tower, and the way he did its was - he constantly tried all possible variants of doing quests, fusing stuff, crafting stuff etc, he also "know" attack patterns and habbits of 99% beings there like he tried all by dying and getting there again until learning perfect way to complete thing (pretty much he done so much stuff that it would have taken thousands of years to anyone, but he somehow done it in 11 years or so), so he know every crook and cranny that exist in tower, and know more then anyone in it, even its inhabitants and "operators" (about who later)

2) because of 1, and finishing tower he got impossible perks like one that allow him copy everyone else abilities and perks, being allow fusing almost all and any skills and perks, and getting the best possible loot every time (meaning he getting always getting loot that pretty much impossible to obtain), so he cheating his way buy stealing perks combining them in to OP stuff and getting OP gear so even if his skills (like reaction and other) not best, but he still always win in the end

3) but somehow, no one except operators know that it was he - who conquered tower and thats why he know all that stuff.

And as MC climb, we find that inhabitants of tower are are find interest in him, some try to get him to join them, some try to kill him because he or declined them, or they find him as a threat.

The further he climb, the stronger foes appear, and pretty much since first few floors gods from 30-late40's floors try to kill him (and always can't do that). So we have inhabitants of tower who want to kill MC, then we have outside of tower people who want to kill him (yeah, its best logic to kill person who not once saved world outside, just because you envy him, yep), even thought they themselves suck, and if not MC they would we died already many times.

So gods and people inside tower want to kill MC, people outside want to kill MC - you would thing that this is all? Nope, we found that tower are managed by beings called "managers", who divided by inferior, middle and supervising ones, with different amount of the authority, and that managers are supposed to be neutral and keep balance of the tower and... keep cthulhu company (aka primordial beings) that sit on 50th (top) floor at bay, barring them from leaving their floor and influencing lower ones.

But like always, managers are corrupt, and 1 (and later more and more) start separately (like dude A dont know about dude B) working for said floor 50. But what dumb, factions from tower want to reach higher floors, and attack 50th one and become rulers (or maybe just more power), and they remotely aware about beings on top and their threat, but they end working with corrupt managers, fully knowing who they work for, and so they start wars and massacres with other factions and floors. So such managers find MC threat as well, and try to kill him with thus "corrupted" factions.
And they fail. And managers who fail become fired\killed, and their place take others, and they continue trying to kill MC. Then 50th floor guy nyarlathotep come and deal with managers and factions separately from managers who already work for 50th floor (like why??) and find MC threat (what surprise) and first try to kill MC with help of bribed managers and factions (in addition to managers and factions that trying to do so), then trying to send personnel from 50th floor (some "op" people who feared by even gods and still die to mc), and..

Then appear operators, some people from outside tower "with weird powers" and who "made tower" but somehow can't do a thing or fix things inside. Then operators some try to help MC, but most try to kill him, and work with some "first operator" or climber who also want to rule tower, he so powerful, everyone fear him, but somehow he can't do a jack and send operators do the work. Then we see said "first operator" somehow ordering nyarlathotep to do jobs there and there, and give orders to kill Alice, when they fail then try to break her contract and send to kill MC (we find that she was was not killed and sent to that dungeon for a reason so that player free her, but she was poisoned way, that she would want kill\suck MC dry of blood), then that also fail. And question... why the heck they wanted kill Alice first because "she a threat", and then same person try to not kill her but use to kill mc?

And that just made whole thing a mess, where super op beings, that said can't do a thing, then they somehow do anything they want, and they can't kill mortal person... nyarlathotep alone can kill MC by almost flick of a fingers, but.. he don't do so, he still send people... first operator same, gods same... that operators as well.


Structure how it written also bad, we have part
MC go to a place, its a trap by OP beings, they almost kill him because they OP, but, they lose and die or run away.

Then go mini fillers almost between all arcs where someone start "event" where person who catch or win MC, can have him as a s*ave or marry him, harem and "friends" and pets try to get him for themselves (as a husband or s*ave), but always fail, then MC make them suffer for that attempt. But people just do learn so new arc, they try same crap again.

Characters just become more and more op, but don't change in any other way (ie not become smarter or change how they act)

So its uber repetitive and ugly (story wise), it have some funny gigs, but thats all. <<less
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September 10, 2021
Status: c197
NuTuber MC Jinhyuk manages to reach the ending of the hardest game Tower of Trials. After finishing the game, the game makes an update making the game reality, where humans must beat the tower or else the world is destroyed. Using his knowledge of beating the game no one else has, he climbs the tower.

I read the webtoon that came out first and then mtl binged the novel to c197ish due to wanting to reach a certain spoiler.... more>>

I was interested in seeing how this novel would incorporate Plant vs Zombies game into it; since CN novels have but wanted to see KR spin on it. But I ended up reading beyond that part tho since I liked some of the ideas the author brought up.


  • And I think it's a rather promising novel as the author introduces ideas that are trendy atm & I can see why this got to be adapted into a manhwa/webtoon; however unsure if this novel will go all over the place & be chaotic further chapters [so may update my review when I read more]
If you enjoy the following novels, Solo Max Level Newbie may interest you:

    • Tomb Raider King | relics+gods
    • & The World After the Fall / Omniscent Reader's Viewpoint |stream clips! Though writing style is not complex like World After the Fall & ORV, this novel is more similar to World after the Fall in premise though.
    • & Solo Leveling | vibes of non-complex casual writing style but solo max-level newbie has more complicated plot
    • & Return of the Frozen Player |Use of 2 identities: a hidden identity & known identity -- Like I believe there is probably a better novel fitting this but idk if Ark or A Monster Who Levels Up would be better..? (If I remember which novel will update this part but this is what I think fits)
A little minor warning of occasional hate remarks, the author/MC does jab at the Chinese over their handling of the virus situation (besides disliking them for plot reasons which I will spoil below).

The Chinese allied themselves with Murim & MC does not join Murim [ppl who live on the 21st dungeon floor] who are recruiting players, so they are enemies. During a fight with MC in an Aladdin's Cave of Wonders esque area, MC conceals the truth about a horn item's usage which ends up bringing a disaster on China and destroys it

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