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A cold and distant top matched with a person he hated on a dating app, and discovered that the other was even more clingy than he thought!

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Shèjiāo wēndù
Social Temperature
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remiss rated it
May 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Thank you to the translator! Unfortunately, this story was not my cup of tea, so I didn't really like it. Basically its a school setting with innocent x scum pairing. The shou is a student in an exhange program and takes classes and has lab. Gong is a grad student in charge of the lab.

The main conflict is basically (small spoiler) ... more>>

gong lying about his identity on the dating app, and then trying to reconcile with the shou


My critical rant/review: (big spoiler)


Main pairing is actually sensitive white lotus x rich emotionless scum gong. The shou is a damsel in distress who is always clumsy and coincidentally twists his ankle at convenient times. I can totally imagine this story as a shoujo romcom drama.

If the gong is homophobic, the shou is a closet. In the beginning, gong dislikes shou bc he's too girly, but then he later gets over it really quick, and the rest of the novel he's like in love. At times, he's got a random golden finger, and always knows where the shou goes without explanation. (Ie, shou ges a taxi to a diff hotel from gong, and somehow, gong still knows which hotel he went to as well as his room number.)

As for the shou, his character is contradictory. He's supposed to be super social and friendly, but then later, it's revealed he has no friends. (Ie, he was originally ostracized at the lab he works at bc the gong disliked him, but outside of the lab he doesn't talk to anyone. The shou is supposed to be popular who got confessions from both genders.) After the gong confesses his identity, the rest of the novel is basically dogblood of shou rejecting gong bc he hated gong's true identity so much. The shou gets ptsd symptoms bc of the shock and then there's a small timeskip where he avoids the gong. The gong lets shou has his space, then grovels to shou by being gentlemanly and stuff. The end.

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lettucu rated it
September 7, 2019
Status: Completed
The synopsis of the story is a bit misleading, the 'top' never really "hates" the other nor is homophobic. The main point of the story was resolved rather realistically.

The story is not bad but is definitely not my favourite either. If you're looking for a quick, casual reader, then this will be good.

Story aside, the translations are very good and easy to read. Thank you, TL.
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izayaYY rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: --
Loved it. Concise, realistic, modern, relatable, well written and well translated, a simple love story that started with deceit but ends well. I liked how the author resolved the conflict once the truth was out, with both MCs' reactions realistic and coherent and did not rush the conclusion.
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thisworldofmine1 rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm the first reader and reviewer! Yay!

Anyways, I got hooked by just the first few chapters, so why not try it?

It's short, realistic but sweet, just my cup of tea, and I'm sure most of you will like it!

The ML isn't really homophobic but rather unable to understand things about emotions more like, so there isn't too much angst if you expected a ton. And in my opinion, the ML's much more clingy. ^^
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Michelle-08 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
First and foremost the ML is not homophobic at all. It's more of that the ML was just not interested nor have any idea about same s*x type of relationship goes. A friend signed the ML's in a dating app. It started with the deceit but gradually he developed a feeling to our MC which ends well. The story's not too bad actually but it's not something that I'd re-read for sure.
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YellowNoodle rated it
December 31, 2019
Status: Completed
Well everyone, I now see why the ratings have gone down.

I remember seeing this novel rated quite highly and then all of the sudden it went to a 4.3. I've been holding off on reading this for a while because the summary of a "homophobic top" really made me apprehensive.

Is there going to be dog blood drama?

... more>> How in the world are the two protagonists going to papapa!? (Mind you I put this in my list mainly because of the adult and mature tag)

Anyways, I finally decided to read it and I finally understand why the rating dropped.

It's entirely anecdotal.

Let's address the elephant in the room, most of us would not forgive the gong so easily. Considering the fact that our shou literally had an extremely strong reaction after finding out the truth, the resolution was very rushed.

We'd all would have liked it to be fleshed out more and like I said, I personally felt the gong was let off to easily, hence the anecdotal part.

But it was realistic and it was consistent with the shou's optimistic characterization. Because of this realism, it makes you connect and relate to possible future events in life, but it is an unpopular choice since many people are vengeful. Due to this, it's more than enough to give it a 5 star.

Personally, I'm lukewarm towards the male lead but I understand the moral of the story.

Should you read it? Yes. It does pretty well for the amount of chapters and the choices of the protagonists warns and gives advice if this were ever to happen to and of the readers.

Is the shou too much of a saint? Idk, you decide.

What I feel personally? Well, I would have liked it to be extended a few more chapters with the shou making the gong wait 3 years before getting "together".

Of course, I understand the other sides point of view: forgiveness, complex human emotions, and misunderstandings. However, that's just me. Making the other party suffer a little more makes the reward sweeter.


Adieu and enjoi :)

P.s. This definitely would be the mould of a scum gong in a certain QT novel <<less
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LittleFlowerMJ rated it
July 1, 2019
Status: Completed
its so bittersweet that I cried. What I love the most here is the development of the MC and the ML's relationship. Its step-by-step and realistic. This story is so beautiful its worth the read.
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devils_dont_fly rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: --
The actual rating is between 2.5 and 3.

I actually really enjoyed the story at first, but the MC really fuvking annoys me so I am gonna rant about him.

... more>>

Okay so first of all he comes across as really s*upid. Like he is supposed to he quite smart cause he is in research area at a really good University so I am assuming he must be really intelligent. But he is so f*cking s*upid its pathetic. He books plane tickets to go see a f*cking stranger he hasn't even seen the face of, just chatted online with, and also goes to the hotel and immediately jumps on him for s*x. Keep in mind that ML keeps the lights off, so he actually still doesn't see his face. Does any normal person ever act so recklessly? Honestly, in real life he would be found murdered in some alleyway and would end up on the news "college student ends up dead after meeting with online friend". So overall really fuvking s*upid creature. Also wow, he is a whiny pathetic b*tch. After he finds MLs true identity, he fuvking acts as if ML killed his entire family or something. Such an over-reaction honestly. Yeah even if ML decieved him (come on, was he really expecting for a random person on the internet to spill true information about themselves? How naive.), it still felt like a major over-reaction. Why does he hate ML that much? They could be said to be normal classmates before that. So like what the hell? Does he have a few screws loose or what?


Overall, I related to MC at first, cause he feels lonely in a foreign environment, but afterwards he just annoyed and irritated me so much I wanted to strangle him through the screen.

Oh and some people saying his reaction was realistic after finding out the truth? No it wasn't. First of all, this story has little relation with realism cause of how the MC acted before (going alone to meet a stranger and whatever), so let's not pretend the author knows how to write realistic scenarios. His reaction was over-the-top and unnecessary. Far from realistic. I would get it if ML was the one who actually bullied the MC, but he didn't. He was also nice to the MC for some time before the big revelation, so all I can think is that MC was too far up his own ass to notice it. Now coming to the ML

I felt like he would be a scum, but I was wrong? He wasn't homophobic really, just cold, distant. Also he is okay overall. Except the decieving part (he didn't reveal his true identity to MC when talking online) , he was overall decent.


I actually like the ML. He was okay and decent. I don't understand people saying he needed to grovel more or that the resolution was too fast, cause like?? Yes it wasn't good of him to lie about his personal info from the start, but it's the internet. People aren't always honest, and it was naive of MC to assume everyone would be as truthful as him in the first place. And the MC over-reacted too much so whatever.

I don't get why ML would like MC that much, cause I personally would like to stay 10 feet away from that whiny mf (ugh the author really ruined his personality later on, he was good initially), but whatever, love is blind afterall.

I think it's okay to read this for a casual read. <<less
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Stray rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: c2
ML isn't homophobic, no idea why they even put that there. Plus, he never hated MC, he is just cold and distant towards everyone, and MC just assumed that ML hated him. It was basically a misunderstanding.

... more>>

There was a moment at the beginning where ML's friend teased him and asked him if he's gay, and he said "Gay? No, that's disgusting." And when friend said it's not disgusting, ML was like "It isn't?" and continued their conversation normally. That's it. It didn't even sound like he meant it, more like he was saying something that he thought another person expected him to say. No other signs of h*mophobia in his attitude or words until the rest of the novel.


Further, he was never in denial when he realized his feelings for MC, he didn't question his own sexuality and had no inner conflicts about liking another guy.

I really liked the first part of the story and how everything was going; the interaction between the characters and the way ML slowly started falling for MC. On the other hand, the way MC fell in love was quite unrealistic, considering that he knew absolutely nothing about ML (except the sound of his voice), but that could be due to his loneliness and isolation. His actions were really naive and reckless tho. I found that to be contradicting his description of someone who is super smart and excellent student.


ML refused to have video chat with him or reveal ANY information about himself, but MC still went ahead and booked an airplane ticket to go visit ML who was supposedly on a business trip in another city. ML did agree to meet him, but he planned to finally reveal his identity when they meet. However, he was waiting for him in a hotel room, with the lights off so MC couldn't see his face right away. MC entered, asked him why didn't he turn on the lights, but didn't try to question it too much, and instead made a move on ML, kissing him, touching him, asking him if he wants to "do it before they turn the lights on". Is that realistic? Normally, you'd freak out more if your blind date was waiting for you in a room with the lights off and was hesitant to show himself, you wouldn't just make a move on them without questioning the possibility of any danger.


I don't mind exaggerated stories, and I don't mind MC's unrealistic behavior and responses. What I mind is that part when he found out ML's real identity (god, I wish the author kept that part more "romanticized" as well pfft, like they did with all the before and after parts). His behavior before and after reveal was really unrealistic, but in the moment of reveal it was just too savage. I felt sorry for ML (I see that a lot of people are roasting ML, and wish that MC didn't forgive him that easily). However, while ML made many mistakes, he tried to deal with it the best he could and didn't try to take advantage of MC.


When MC made a move on him in the hotel room, asking if he wants to do it before turning the lights on, ML resisted the best he could, and said that they should turn the lights on first. Even when MC was persistent, kept touching him, kissing him and unbuttoned his pants, he still managed to regain his control (even though he was obviously affected) and stop it before anything happened, and turn on the lights. Like, he didn't want to take advantage of MC's reckless behavior and sleep with him before revealing his face.


After the reveal part, MC's reaction was really strong. You can't really blame him for that, considering that ML deceived him. However, it was difficult to enjoy the romance from that point on, because MC's reaction showed that he was really repulsed to see that his online date was his classmate. I mean,


he went to the bathroom and vomited. Then she showered and rubbed his skin red just to erase his touch and kisses. He couldn't bear ML touching him, being close to him, or looking at him. After that, he had trauma from hearing ML's voice etc.


Like, it seemed as MC really hated ML in real life, and while I can understand that he would dislike him (ML was really unapproachable), I can't understand the reason for such hatred and disgust. ML never bullied him, he was just cold and distant, and didn't pay attention to him before the dating app. Again, don't get me wrong - MC's reaction was really realistic and understandable. But if we are to be realistic, no normal person would get together again with someone who pretended to be another person. Since MC did eventually get together with ML, I just wish that author handled this reveal part a bit differently, so it would make sense that MC forgave him because he had feelings for him.

ML tried to get close to MC outside of dating app, but MC utterly rejected him; he never even started liking ML in real life. There was no point where he thought "Ah, this guy isn't as bad as I thought he is". He just didn't want to do anything with ML, didn't even want to give him a chance. After the reveal, MC was clearly disgusted by ML's real identity and decided he doesn't want to ever see him again. But then he suddenly decided to forgive him, and his disgust disappeared and he was suddenly attracted to ML?


Even though he threw up because ML kissed him?


And last, I really don't think that MC could be called an "social outcast". True, he didn't fit well with his classmates at new university, but I feel like "social outcast" is a bit exaggerated. He was described as someone cheerful and with likeable personality, someone who is good looking, loved and admired by everyone. People liked him, and he was met with struggles at new place only because of misunderstanding. On the other hand, ML is supposedly popular, even though he is cold, distant and socially awkward (it's so obvious that he isn't good with socializing with people, and gets really stiff and awkward when talking to MC).

I can't say this novel was bad, just maybe not my cup of tea. <<less
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mayangel7 rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: Completed
The first two-thirds of the novel seems to fly by. Overall, it's a fairly light and easy read. Some of the scenes are unnecessarily dramatic, especially during the redemption arc. The resolution felt a bit rushed, but it's not unforgivable, given the length of the story.

I actually empathized with Fang Zhaomu (MC) quite a bit, especially his feelings of utter loneliness in an unfamiliar environment. (Not sure how much of this was conveyed in the translation, but it's fairly amusing reading about where Fang Zhaomu was doing his exchange studies.)... more>> Also, I must argue that the using the epithet "homophobic" to describe Song Yuanxun is a serious stretch.

Side note: I started reading this novel because the manhwa adaptation is currently being released. The plot remains fairly true to the novel so far, and the art is beautiful. <<less
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c.decora rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: --
The MC is surprisingly narcissistic (?) and self-centered (?). Like another reviewer said, he's a bit too "fragile" without much backing his character except his good looks (?). Seriously... not everyone has to like you. Not liking someone doesn't mean they hate you. For someone that's cold and aloof to not stepping in when others ostracize you, it's completely normal. Making this a grudge is a choice.

... more>>

You're also the one that's coming onto someone else! What gives you the right to look down on someone that loves you?



"Everyone wanted a return for their efforts. People who liked Fang Zhaomu liked his appearance, his character, and would write Fang Zhaomu's name into their diaries, and recite it lovingly.

Even if Song Yuanxun was not the s*upidest one out of all his admirers, but he should be the one with the least hopes. He was barbaric, wilful, and had greatly offended Fang Zhaomu. Logically speaking, for them to never interact again would be Fang Zhaomu's greatest pardon for him.

Still, even though Song Yuanxun was so inferior, he was always that one whom Fang Zhaomu never pushed away.



tl;dr MC complains a lot because he feel victimized. He's dramatic in his reactions. Feels like he expects everyone to love him at first sight.

For those that have read counterattacking novels, this novel is a good story that upon counterattacking one would would find a hidden plotline. This relationship doesn't seem very sincere/real. This MC... It's not impossible for this to be a seduction. <<less
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dee_ism rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: --
Starts with misunderstanding.

ML certainly not hate MC and never really do anything bad, but the MC think ML hate him just because he's a bit cold towards him.

When the facts revealed, MC reaction is way too fkin dramatic. He's supposed to be smart college student yet he act like an emo baby.

Average rating at most :/
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Kei-Em03 rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I agree with some of the reviews, especially the term- 'a school setting with innocent x scum pairing'

I feel bad for MC, so much, I really dont like them bullying MC. I dont like that the ML was forgiven so easily.
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seasaltblue rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a gem. It’s short, sweet, realistic, a bit heartbreaking. What I love is the aesthetic of the story. The interactions between the MC and ML were poignant but also touching.

Summary (minor spoilers for chapter 1 and 2)

... more>>

The MC and ML talk through the dating app but the MC doesn’t know that the ML goes to his school. The MC is ostracized by his classmates, so he avoids them. The ML knows the MC is the guy in his class and doesn’t initially put effort into talking online (he’s straight but ends up on this app) but slowly their relationship changes.


For me, their conversations are the best part of this story. The MC opens his heart to the ML online and even though the ML doesn’t want to reveal too much, the MC isn’t pushy or whinny about it and is mature but also innocent in his interactions. The ML’s growth, how he deals with his feelings, and how he slowly begins to open up is what pulls the story along and brings in conflict and heartache.

The story isn’t anything crazy or dramatic, the charm is in the realism and simplicity. For that reason, the story feels fresh and touching. <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: Completed
A cute story that was really well translated. The resolution came a bit quick considering how angsty it was getting. Pure fluff.
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Enchida rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: --
Reading this novel was heartbreaking for me.

It's story of two guys matching on dating app. MC who is lonely due to being ostracized by his classmates, and ML who is reason behind MC being excluded.

ML pretends to be someone else and it is painful reading about MC being so happy when speaking with this fake persona, without knowing that person on the other side is his classmate responsible for him being ostracized.

... more>>

Story ended with main characters getting together. Normally I would count it as happy ending, but not this time. Personally I think it would have been better for them to separate.

Maybe if revelation of truth was done differently I wouldn't mind them ending together, but way it was handled by ML made me disgusted with him.

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CandyApples rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: c27
3.5 from me. I feel like this had potential, somewhere. But tbh, the ML is a creep. If I was in the MC's shoes, I probably would not forgive him.

... more>>

The ML catfishes the MC, pretending to be a mechanical engineer who is 9 years older. He even makes up a fake business trip. The ML stalks MC home, tailing him in a car and the MC is scared and nearly calls the cops, only to instead call the ML- who is tailing him- for help instead. Talk about misplaced trust. The ML by some fault of his friend arranges to meet up with MC in Seattle (where he's meant to be on the fake business trip, but he isn't actually there, so it's a big wasted trip for both of them to meet up, instead of idk coming clean and not getting on a flight to Seattle). ML even makes out with MC and nearly agrees to s*x in a dark room with MC (while hiding his identity). Of course when MC found out he was disgusted. What did you expect? What bugs me the most is the ML's attitude that is creepy. The ML seems to think he's in the right most of the time? Like, he was just watching the MC to "keep him safe" and pushes most of the blame for catfishing onto his friend when ML could have come clean at any moment. I expected the ML to have a breakdown and cry to the MC in the dark room and confess everything. Instead, the ML explains nothing until the next day, and after being thoroughly rejected, still calls after him and tails the MC around like a creep who can't let go and move on. Like, he can't even feel guilty enough to respect the MC's choice and just stay away? He shows surprisingly little remorse for his actions, and that's unsettling.


Rant incoming (keep in mind this is a ch 27 rant so I haven't quite finished the story at this stage, it could get better for here on) :


I don't hate flawed characters- in fact, most of the ML's catfishing in the plot would have made for something amazing if he showed more depth and complexity and maybe growth. But instead of finding his actions believable and realistic, I just think it's creepy and unsettling.

Honestly, the story wouldn't be too bad if the ML seemed a little more human to me- being extremely guilty while texting MC, intending to either end it or tell MC the truth while putting it off because he is unable to let go of MC out of love, he knows he has to but he keeps procrastinating and delaying it, because he selfishly wants the MC to love him like he loves MC. If he broke down under the weight of his guilt and confessed it all to the MC, if he broke down because he genuinely felt remorse that he wronged the MC. If he confessed his feelings over and over in desperation that night before accepting the MC's choice not to see him again and disappearing. If he at least felt a little self-loathing and reflected over his actions and how horrible he had been.

Instead, what the ML actually does is put off telling MC because he wants MC to be happy living a dream (honestly he seemed to want keep going forever without making a definite plan on exactly how to end it). He lets the MC find out but is surprised at the MC's extreme disgust (rather than thinking he deserved it). He then doesn't repect the MC's refusal and keeps being persistent. He doesn't reflect on his actions or show as much guilt as I feel he should. It's almost like he doesn't really think through his actions or their consequences and he somewhat lacking a conscience.

It just feels half done and a little off in delivery- like it just wasn't expressed the best that it could be. It's like, the shell is there, with a few extra details and tweaks it could have been great, but instead I feel it falls just a little flat.

Also, the MC is a little silly for falling for it. He never actually video called the ML and you should know that strangers online can be catfishes, you should always be careful. Why in the world would he fly to another country for someone he's never met or even seen a proper photo of? People can get pulled in like this all the time, what if he captured MC in the hotel room and sold him off in human trafficking?it could have gone so badly. The unwritten rules of meeting an online friend are 1. Always confirm they are real (by video chat or smth) 2. Make sure to meet them in a safe public place with lots of people around. 3. Confirm they are exactly who they say they are-this is where you so the final check to see if you were catfished. Always have a phone on hand just in case.

MC failed all 3 times. He's too trusting, he should know better.

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Raven Tan
Raven Tan rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: Completed
it's okayyy.. 3.5 then. Mc's emotion was too much exaggerated for my taste. The author portrayed MC as oh so fragile and feminine (his heart) , and here's some inconsistencies or maybe it's author's misunderstanding about gay. He's gay, not transvestite. He's still a man. And even if he's a girl... please, he's too much fragile, like a mary sue or white lotus. Author portrayed MC as smart but it's the MC himself that made initiative to have s*x with a man that he even didnt know his face, with... more>> so much hope and love (oh pleaseee, only idiots would do that). Would a 'purehearted' person do thattt???? s*x with someone they met online and without knowing other's face? Hahahaa, if u have gay friend, ask them, I'm sure they will call u idiot or u might even offend them. Futhermore, his dislike to ML is too exaggerated. It's not ML who bully him and ML already gave him 'friendly signal', so many times, but he kept disregard it. MC even wasn't homophobic. Well, the translator did a good job, though. I appreciate it. <<less
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pinkumilkuu rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: Completed
My cup of tea. I've always liked misunderstandings as the main theme of quick bl novels. This one didn't have much conflict but it was well written and translated.
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tomr1 rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: Completed
A solid 3.5 starts to 4 stars! A cute story about an “innocent, yet proactive MC x looks like scum, is actually socially awkward and immature ML” in University setting.

The novel is short but it establishes the main characters very quickly and clearly, we have a solid grasp on their motivations and foils. The story has it’s moments of unadulterated fluff, which was very welcome. At the same time, the conflict was intense and moved me to tears. The MC’s reaction to the betrayal he faced was visceral and entirely... more>> realistic, relatable.

My only issue with this story is that: due to the it’s short length, it felt like the conflict was wrapped up too quickly; I feel like the MC should’ve made the ML gravel a lot more before forgiving him.

Recommended for a quick read. Excellent translation. <<less
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