Soaring of Galaxia


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In China’s modern martial arts society, Wu Xinghe was history’s youngest grandmaster of martial arts. He was invincible. Because of a strange incident, he was reincarnated as Qin Wushuang, a poor aristocratic boy in an entirely different world with its own set of rules. With his strong will and passion, he began his journey to pursue the highest peak of martial arts!

The main character’s beliefs are:

Never comply with the aristocrats or the rich people, regardless of any situation. To only depend on your own strength because, eventually, you will have the power to be invincible.

Rise! Soar through the Galaxia!

Soaring of Galaxia average rating 3.5/5 - 153 user ratings
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Qì chōng xīnghé
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New pomoli rated it
November 23, 2017
Status: c219
Not bad at all.


MC is a good dude, even if he's really ruthless. He knows when to hide his power too.
He has friends and family, and they count through the story.
While many antagonists are clichés, some of them become allies after a while, really surprising.
Powerful but wise characters exist!


Way too much repetition and useless paragraphs.
Has all the classic cons of such a story.
No romance.
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Tarlos rated it
June 10, 2017
Status: c40
This author's Dao of Filler has truly reached unprecedented heights. Feels like a third of the text I'm reading is stuff like "Wow the MC is so amazing!"or "MC is super badass" and another third is the peanut gallery making useless comments like "Did the MC really challenge him?! Nooo wayy" and "There's now way the MC can do that!" etc. Seems like there's a crowd of bored people just follows the MC around commenting on everything he does. (Like seriously, do these people not have their own things to... more>> do?) Taking away all that filler and you're left with an unoriginal and uninteresting plot filled with cliches. Really can't justify giving this more than 2. Hopefully it gets better in the future. <<less
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Jaehaerys rated it
May 9, 2017
Status: c45
I really like this novel. I really do, but there is aproblem with it. First, there is way too much useless information and filler. I'm waiting for the main plot to continue and day after day, each translated chapter is about anything but the main storyline. At least 7-8 (edit** 14) chapters have passed where the main character gets into conflicts for no apparent reason and fights with other noble children but doesn't contain information about the main story. They hyped up a battle between the MC's family and an... more>> opponent family, and after the usual trash talk and looking down on MC's family when they announced the fight, the story takes a whole bunch of chapter where the MC is running around doing anything but the main fight that was being presented. I'm ok with filler and the like, but only after the major plot point that was introduced was completed and not right before the climax of said plot point. I'm so frustrated, I just want to freaking see the MC beat the living crap out of the opponent family. And because they haven't fought yet, MC still has a reason to get in pointless conflicts with noble children that would have otherwise left him alone if he finished the fight. Sorry for the rant, but sometimes authors take it too far... <<less
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Ignus rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: c29
Good premise that falls short on delivery. More time is spent discussing over and over again the family standings and basic noble social structure than on plot. It wouldn't be so bad if the plot wasn't as shallow as it is. ... more>>

Meditating at night, hears footsteps, assassin, captures him, threatens him with broken fingers, he speaks, Evil guy wants to rape MC sister... Expand this to half a chapter, which isn't much, and it reads almost as dryly as listing it out.

Throw in a few inconsistencies... subtle ones, including MC choices made often to move the plot rather than show his intelligence.

I can also swear that I have read this exact story line before, but with additional events and deeper plots from another story (A few key details are different). Correct me if I am wrong, because I know what is happening before it happens. Unless this story was translated before and got thrown out... <<less
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selweron rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c136
Review given after reading 59->136 chapters all at once.

Please do not look at the bad reviews this novel receives. The only downside is that the chapters feel quite short because the things get more explanations, so people call the novel "filler". But if you binge read it, the actual story progress is quite fast and you can see there's always a higher sky! A very enjoyable read that I haven't seen in a long time. It follows the old nice parts about OP MC and his rise in power, caring... more>> about his family, but it is done in a great way and the flow is amazing. There also some unique parts to MC's personality and thoughts, he also doesn't forget his past life.

If you liked the tournaments from Swallowed Star, or the bashing MC gives in IGE/Chaotic Sword God then this story does that in a very similar way!

So far the novel has been pretty staightforward, with the MC having an advantage over his peers and people higher in status, so there's not much tension about him losing, but it slowly diminishes as the secular world arcs slowly end. That doesn't mean it's the same for his family.. He can jump one or two levels in stage, but only one against one. He himself realises he's not match if he's paired against 6 opponents of the same stage as him.

Not every enemy of MC needs to be slaughtered. Unless they do something unforgivable, like harming his relatives, he can pardon them. And they do still appear in the story after they changed their attitude.

I'll end it with the usual saying, if this novel claimed to be second in ranking, then no other novel would claim first place. Like if you agree, this needs more love! <<less
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arnadar rated it
June 27, 2017
Status: c69
First few chapters the story starts out really fast - basically, in the first 20 chapters or so 4 years go by. In the following 50 chapters there's so much freakin' filler it feels tedious and boring. Plot seems sufficiently entertaining, if not very generic. The pace ruins it completely for me, the last 10 chapters I've read I was skipping most of the chapters because nothing is happening.
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acoleman2 rated it
March 24, 2017
Status: c13
Edit 6/5/2017: Mediocre novel as of c68.

Repetition is already obvious only 60 chapters in.

The thing that really ruins it for me is the way the author goes about trying to glorify the MC through words rather than deeds.

... more>> For example, it'll be something like the MC defeats a strong opponent, but rather than describing an epic fight, the author writes a mediocre fight followed by lines like "MC is so incredible" "he's the ultimate genius" "he'll lead the generation" "he's the hope of the nation" coming from people around the MC.

Even if there was a cool fight, it would be ruined by that in my opinion.

Just about done with this one.

Original: Good. I can't think of a great comparison. Like PMG, it's a reincarnation story, but different cultivation system. Previous body owner was cowardly and weak before new body owner reincarnated/transmigrated. Lots of conflicts with typically stupid villains. Class system, and MC is part of a lower class group than others. Kinda like Forty Milleniums of Cultivation in the sense that the school feels like an adversary in this story, because they side with the rich students. <<less
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bullistic rated it
April 8, 2017
Status: c22
I don't particularly like most Chinese novels because I am unfamiliar with the whole "cultivation" style of writing and get confused with some of the terminology.

This novel, on the other hand, is easy to read and follow. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to read a good weak-to-strong story. I just wish there were more chapters already!
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MondoX rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c153
It is not a bad novel, but it is not good enough to keep me interested. So far, the novel had two interesting arcs, and now another boring arc has been going on for a few chapters. The way the second interesting arc ended was anti-clamatic. It seems like the author wanted the MC to have a strong enemy for later, but now I do not care if MC kills him. The MC has trained and hunted more than anything else, while I am trying to figure the plot. If... more>> the plot is only to become stronger, then it makes sense. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c124
When I expect the plot to be kingdom building, or clan building. I hope to see war, army building, or how family member are working together. But so far, I only see MC power gap different too much compare to its clan. The clan become a burden, instead of a clan. From his father, sister, even his army, need MC protection.

The school or nobility competition is not challanging, because the MC is OP. If there is no family or clan as his background, I bet he MC already ignore this... more>> status seeking adveture, and seek more practical strength.

The other problem is how the author drop halfway of things that could be game changing. Such as his first two friends that he teach, who somewhat disappear. The sick grandmother he help, turnout just as only ordinary grandma and dissapear. His army division left behind to his uncle and father, no idea What they are for. (The good thing is, the author also drop halfway the school arc, because they are boring)

At least the MC is still likable, killing people easily, always head to head with patriach, (replacing his father job) and no harem. The story has potential. <<less
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