Slow Life Villainess Doesn’t Notice the Prince’s Fondness


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I am Liz, daughter of a Duke, had my Prince fiance cheat on me, my engagement abandoned, and was eventually labeled as a villainess. I have nothing against this Prince, but I can’t forgive the proud smile of the woman he was cheating with and the aristocrats who laughed at me. Now then, what should I do. For the time being, I’ll start with plain revenge. …… This is the story of the Duke’s daughter Liz who was labeled as a villainess’ slow life, enjoying making delicious cakes, and being loved by another Prince without knowing it.

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Slow Life Akuyaku Reijou wa, Ouji no Dekiai ni Kizukanai.
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New dlt111 rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c20
The chapters are VERY short and the writing seems rushed. There's almost NO detail going into what is happening. That being said, if you approach this as a good way to relax and waste time, not taking it too seriously, it's a good read. You can tell the ML is serious about the FL and that he's sweet to her and a bit scary to others, so super doting! Very sweet and cute, but be aware that their 20 chapters feel more like a normal novel's 2-4 chapters so this... more>> may change rapidly (especially since they seem to be aiming at baking being a main theme). Interested to see how this develops, but definitely do NOT approach it looking for good writing or solid plot. Fluffy and sweet is the name of the game here with about as much substance as cotton candy! <<less
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