Sleeping Scholar of the Forest


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One week ago, Shuuji Shiraishi’s lover, Koutarou, died in a traffic accident. Shuuji lives through empty day after empty day, overwhelmed with a deep sense of loss. Koutarou wasn’t good with people, and was known as an aloof but genius scientist, but no one knew what he was researching. Looking for memories, Shuuji heads to the private research lab Koutarou left behind. The lab ought to be deserted, but when Shuuji find a man there to greet him, he sucks in a frightened breath. “Sorry about that, I surprised you. I must have died, right?” How is this Koutarou’s smiling face, the same as ever—!?

Includes a newly written short story “My Future is All Yours”

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