Sleeping Beast


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One day, I picked up a person who lost his memory. He is very big and he has a devilishly beautiful face, but he behaved like a seven-year-old child. I thought he was abandoned because of his condition. I brought him home and took care of him sincerely. At first, he caused many accidents like a troublemaker, but he became more precious to me day by day.

As their bond grew stronger, a man chasing after the whereabouts of the child appeared in a small county estate. In a desperate attempt to escape and in order to save the child, he pays the witch a price to save the child…
And so, the child’s identity was exposed as the ‘cursed prince’.

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슬리핑 비스트
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Date Group Release
01/30/22 Sleepy Translations c6 part2
01/25/22 Sleepy Translations c6 part1
01/19/22 Sleepy Translations c5 part2
01/16/22 Sleepy Translations c5 part1
01/03/22 Sleepy Translations c4 part2
12/18/21 Sleepy Translations c3 part1
12/10/21 Sleepy Translations c2 part2
11/27/21 Sleepy Translations c2 part1
10/06/21 Sleepy Translations c1
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Resplendor rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: c6.2
This is a twisted fairy tale sort of trope. It has Rupunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and The Beast elements so far.

The teaser blurb doesn't do it justice.
Very cute so far, but it's early yet
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