Sky Traversing Sword Master


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One sword flies through the sky, its master rises and falls. The youngster Jiang Chen fortuitously obtained a part of the Void Sword Body secret technique’s foundation, after this, his talent was no longer low, since then he walked on the legendary endless path of the martial Dao. Unrivalled fierce beasts, otherworldly mysterious creatures, legendary devilish spirits, this is merely the beginning…

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09/21/16 Wuxialovers c6
09/19/16 Wuxialovers c5
09/16/16 Wuxialovers c4
09/07/16 Wuxialovers c3
08/29/16 Wuxialovers c2
08/27/16 Wuxialovers c1
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Yoburi rated it
December 19, 2016
Status: --
From the same autor of Dominating Sword Immortal we got pretty much the same deal here but much more short.

The good is how the fights can be pretty fast and well made the bad is how swallow the characters are basic you just don`t give a damn about anyone in this novel even MC friends are just causing him problems.

This novel lacks the classic Xianxia cliches that we all love to see in DSI story the autor never tell us who the MC family is or give us a goal... more>> or even a decent bad guy to beat. <<less
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