Single Aristocrat Enjoys A Different World ~ The Graceful Life Of A Man Who Never Gets Married ~


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Toshinori Dokuraba, 35 years old.

A so-called single aristocrat who enjoys a single life without wife and children, despite him being highly educated, tall, and having a high income.

One day, he dies alone at home.

However, the Solitary God, a God of another world took interest in him, and he was able to reincarnate in another world. Reborn as Zirc Louren with skills and blessings from the God, he started off with a new rosy life in a different world – then he turned 28 and enjoyed the single life again…

This is a story about the life of a single aristocrat who never gets married even when he reincarnates in another world.

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6 Reviews

Sep 08, 2022
Status: c120
tl;dr: he's commited to being alone, but he actually hangs out with quite a lot of people...

for those who enjoy your standard isekai SoLs, and like to read about a character eating, occasionally exploring, experiencing your typical fantasy world, this is a solid one.

however, for those who want more, there's definitely enough about this story that sets it apart from the other typical isekai SoLs.

firstly, the main character is fairly unique in his personality and thinking. he remains dedicated to his philosophy of staying alone and going about his life... more>> by himself without caring or letting himself be affected by those around him. those who see the appeal of this lifestyle will probably find the descriptions of his thoughts interesting, and it's a plus point for those who don't like unnccessary romance.

however, this doesn't mean that the main character is a loner. one of the good parts of this novel is his interactions with a extremely wide range of characters - some who can empathise with the main character, and some puzzled by him. these character interactions are well-written enough to make you feel like each character exists within this fantasy world with their own motivations rather than cardboard cut-outs for the main character to play with.

and this is enhanced by how the author remains true to the central premise of the novel - the main character as a aristocrat who specialises in making magic tools. unlike other stories where such features end up just being a character setting that is not expanded on, the author builds up the fantasy world from this setting. you read about the magic tools the main character makes, his employees and their jobs surrounding these tools, how these tools are received by the aristocratic society, his obligations as an aristocrat at odds with his family's wishes, etc. you get the feeling that position of the main character and the role he is reincarnated into is actually relevant to the story, not just a throwaway character setting that ends up unimportant because the character is so overpowered.

all in all, though it's a overcrowded genre, there's enough about it that's fresh for fans of such SoLs. <<less
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Sep 16, 2022
Status: --
Honestly this is so refreshing, the protagonist who "isn't interested in love" in most stories always ends up finding "the one". I'm glad in this story that doesn't happen I love how romantic love isn't treated as the most important thing like most media does, news flash it isn't. The protagonist has his own hobbies and interests as well as a rich cast of friends, he is so much more than most characters who's prime personality trait who they bang/fall in love with. Some reviewers are mad that he's boring... more>> because he doesn't fall in love, but honestly if you think love is what makes you interesting/whole then that's incredibly sad because love isn't what makes you good/whole it's you, your actions your interests you as a person not who you end up with, there's so much more beauty to life than love. (Also google amatonormativity). <<less
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Sep 19, 2022
Status: c9
I love the story so far....I am so tired of unnecessary romances in other isekai stories (most of them were about having harems) that this kind of MC who stands firm in his stance of being single for life, is a breath of fresh air... I hope the author would complete the story properly and not suddenly put it into haitus....
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Sep 22, 2022
Status: c8
So far yhis is a cooking novel with an MC that has the personality of 'Old man yellong at clouds' towards everything except making money and having modern conveniences (refrigerator for example) in a different world.

There is a 20 year timeskip also, which skips over the main point of having reincarnation as a story point.
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Sep 10, 2022
Status: --
i can understand on the author take of the concept "being single because of one volition" in addition to "single for more benefit than married" but then we as a human have "desire" "lust" and "love". It is a human thing to have and naturally good. In the case of this novel. The MC have zero interest in finding a (lover, bride/wife) especially marriage having a descendant. For 6 chapter, he does not budge or change his mind. Of course, this novel does upheld its title but this story and... more>> the main character is very plain. Plain akin to a white sheet of paper that consist only white pages with nothing special about.

For what it was presented, the MC was uninteresting to the core. He proclaim as it was for only benefit materialistic things for him to have. This MC is not a man or a boy but a useless machine that exist in a story. I did not care of what he thinks and on how he spent his so called "solitude" life. What a tr*sh character. <<less
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Sep 09, 2022
Status: c6
Cliché start but a fairly unique mindset of the main character stands out. No complaints about translation quality either. I can't exactly see where the author is going though. Shortish chapters and not much there to judge it so this is quite premature.
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