Singing Spring Melody


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Hahaha, this little girl is just too amusing!

When other people come to beg the Godly Doctor for help they kneel outside anxiously for three days. But she’s actually enjoying it! She even hunted a pigeon and spit roasted it over the fire.

When other people see the Godly Doctor they bow down low with their heads on the ground, plea, cry, beg, and do everything they can.

She on the other hand,  overwhelmed by the charm and pheromones, started to drool when she saw him!

Although he always hated these excessively kind and selfless idiots, this little beauty’s “lustful” and ditzy ways are just too hilarious!

A little peck on the mouth from time to time, a touch of her hands, an arm around her waist, makes him very happy ….

UNTIL, he found out that he’s getting charged for all of that!?

According to her profiteering ways of calculation he’s going to go bankrupt before the wedding night!

Heh heh heh, since his future sister-in-law is going to play dirty and play the badger game with him then he’s not holding back anymore. He’s going to use his invincible honey trap to make sure they lose oh so completely ….

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dysry rated it
March 3, 2016
Status: --
A cynical and hardened doctor unwilling to treat patients and unable to value life, meets a naive and kind girl with a personality that's his exact opposite. Finding her amusing he keeps her around, eventually falling for her. Not much else happens. And the plot is just the two of them getting together.

The guy is very standard for tyrant type male leads, but not over the top so he's still tolerable. The female lead's personality is... harder to accept. The premise is she's so kind she can't overlook anyone's... more>> suffering and will give everything she has - that includes her family's food and lives... Usually when someone is equally caring to everyone it means they don't hold strong feelings for anyone in particular, so really those close to her tend to suffer. In terms of character development, male lead becomes more kind, female lead finally starts to value someone above others.

I felt like this could've been longer and more developed, but since there was a flaw in the female lead's character the story itself is not particularly believable and even annoying at the start. There's also not much humour, drama or... any strong feelings evoked, aside from some frustration at the female lead.

Also @nixxara, Nineteen was 19 when he came to the manor, and is now well over 20. The third sister is 10. Unlikely to have a pairing unless the story spanned several years. <<less
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nixxara rated it
December 28, 2015
Status: --
A short and sweet story. Female lead is quite honest and cares about the wellbeing of others... Maybe to the extent of having that trait be annoying... The majority of her personality is pretty decent, despite how gullible she is. Main male lead was decent, he loved to joke around and tease the female lead which I thought was pretty cute.

I had a feeling Nineteen was going to start a relationship with the sister-in-law... (Que something.., but idk)

Overall, it was a good read! If you want something short... more>> but heartwarming, I recommend this! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Serena12195 rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: c1
I loved this story. The FL is a little weak hearted but it is a story of her growth. ML is kind of cold and very selfish and very underhanded. However they are the two perfect opposites that attract. The story is funny, touching, and a happy ending. Definately loved it! This is book that I will reread throughout the years.
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August 21, 2018
Status: free talk
If you're tired of dramatic story, then read this. It's a light-read romantic book, simple with comedic flavor. The first chapter may aggravate you to the point of dropping this book. That was what I intended to do, but I decided to be more patient. And I'm glad that that sliver of patient was paid off.

Read it leisurely. It's like a breeze of fresh air.

... more>>

The story is quite simple. It has adorable feels in it. The storyline goes to a ML was bullying MC just because he's taken interest of MC. Yes, the behavior is like kindergarten boy bullied the person he liked but in this story they're grown up people. Still, it's quite cute.

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maiha-sama rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a cute story that hits the right spots. Short series that you can breeze through.

Theres no surprise plot wise and things pretty much flow from start to finish. The female lead's character feels just too contrived - she's is too kind and stupid. But her sincerity shines through for the most part. The ML is another handsome jerk but you warm up to him soon.

I read this one after marathoning one of the

convoluted time-travel-revenge stories, so the simple plot was a welcome change for me. One of those... more>> series you can stockpile for when your'e about to pull out your hair from the frustration :) <<less
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Kittybear rated it
September 8, 2016
Status: free talk
I love this novel. It makes it to the top 5 romance stories, including all manga, books, and animes I have seen. It's a little stupid that the female lead is kinda dumb and is easily tricked by are male lead who is clever.

She's dumb in the sense that she is extremely giving, to the point where strangers are worth more than her own family. She even tries being "selfish" once and then she literally could not eat or sleep. It was extremely worrying to us readers and showed how caring she is. This also serves as the perfect time to show the male lead's affections for her, although he was being pretty obvious about it earlier. This brings about some touching moments between the two of them.

Even though the female lead is incredibly dense, the male lead's love gets through and they flirt quite a bit. The story at one point divulges a bit from romance at one point and goes into the male lead's past a bit.
All in all, this is a wonderful story that is definitely worth your time. Spare a couple hours, really get into it.

Fair warning though, this story really curries pity for the female lead, so be prepare for a bit of heartache for our little female lead.

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